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  • Photos - from Safari to Camera Roll, and Beyond
    The latest build of the 2.0 firmware (now at 240d), now includes the option to save photos straight from Safari to your camera roll.

    Simply tap and hold an image for a couple seconds, and a window will scroll up asking if you'd like to Save Photo or Go To URL. Save, and the photo shows up in your camera roll!

    A perfect addition to our iPhone wallpapers section, browse to one you'd like, and save for use.

    The 2.0 firmware will be released in June, but versions of it are floating around the net (don't link to them here, thanks) and can be applied and unlocked/jailbroken to your iPhone using the Pwnage Tool.

    What other little new secrets are in the latest firmware? Find one? Let us know by shooting me a pm with a screenshot...

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    1. Jay316's Avatar
      Jay316 -
      Yet again Apple fix something that should have been there from the start.
    1. T4R06's Avatar
      T4R06 -
      i have already the 240d but the pwnage wont recognized the file....
      am i missing something?
    1. luiz's Avatar
      luiz -
      second ...
      WOW nice!

    1. Thorsten Gehrig's Avatar
      Thorsten Gehrig -
      @T4R06: same here - pwnge dont recognized it. ive read someting about an automatic online update of the tool - but i dont know when its released.

      Update: update is here - it works with actual beta - but no baseband is available (phone stays at old baseband).
      now i try to set up my exchange-account :-)

    1. matt.superman's Avatar
      matt.superman -
      Finally able to save pics from the web. June here i come!!!
    1. spyboy_1's Avatar
      spyboy_1 -
      They stole mah idea. i suggested it a while back

      Edit: lets hope winpwn can do the trick!
    1. Dust Busta's Avatar
      Dust Busta -
      This will be great for setting contact images and wallpapers too!
    1. Eiswritsat's Avatar
      Eiswritsat -
      i guess 3.0 will have MMS in 2009, lol
    1. oscar25's Avatar
      oscar25 -
      Quote Originally Posted by matt.superman View Post
      Finally able to save pics from the web. June here i come!!!
      What about saving photos that are e-mailed to you to your camera roll? Anyone know if that is supported?
    1. McGeeTM's Avatar
      McGeeTM -
    1. LeathaFace's Avatar
      LeathaFace -
      this is a very very good thing!!!
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      I don't know if this was in the last build but there is an option in settings to import SIM contacts which is awesome.
    1. itszig's Avatar
      itszig -
      anyone know if this works on the ipod too?
    1. ronin2046's Avatar
      ronin2046 -
      You can now search contacts in the Phonebook and the scrolling is functional again.
    1. DARKSLAYER's Avatar
      awesome! now i hope they make a copy and paste feature
    1. mirceahr's Avatar
      mirceahr -
      The new beta 2.0 can take screenshots (without modifying the .plist), it just does, as it should have been doing since it's original launch in june '07.
      What you have to do: PRESS THE HOME BUTTON & SLEEP/WAKE BUTTON at the same time and hold them for 2 seconds, the release them simultaneously and it takes the screenshot and saves it to the camera roll (just like in 1.1.4 after modifying the .plist)
      I think i am the first one to discover this!
    1. Cynikal.Mindset's Avatar
      Cynikal.Mindset -
      is this version as slow and buggy as the others?

      I wish I had a second iPhone just to play with
    1. TheSharpster's Avatar
      TheSharpster -
      They where going on about syncing with .mac account is this true in 2.0?
    1. techgirl's Avatar
      techgirl -
      A weird thing though... There are a couple of blank spaces in my address book. Must be a glitch. There is no contact attached and when I hit the space it gives me the above contact.
    1. Taniban's Avatar
      Taniban -
      yes!!! now i can save porno pics on my iphone...