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  • NEW iPhone firmware seeded - iPhone coming to more countries?

    Our friends over at theiphoneproject.org have gotten ahold of the latest firmware 2.0 build that Apple released (5A240D), and have found some interesting info - SEVEN additional languages are now in the firmware. Among the new additions are ALL of Scandinavia, Korea, and Portuguese. Irish

    This could mean the iPhone has release plans for many additional countries, or of course they COULD just be adding support for additional languages. Looks good for all you international folks, though.

    The new firmware is also a huge increase in size - 200 MB, a 30% increase from its previous 158 MB size in 5A225C. This definitely speaks to an international focus, as the languages are the biggest change in this new firmware, and a 40MB increase in size.

    A closer look at /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/ shows that support for Ireland’s O2 carrier has finally been added, but that aside from the language support for the 7 new countries, Apple has not yet added Carrier Bundles for them, so we can’t really tell which carriers have been chosen by Apple, but we can guess that they will be the ones with the largest customer base in their respective countries.
    For you developers, Apple has also released a new version of the SDK, which now has documentation for the interface builder (!), as well as the Celestial and Foundation frameworks getting updated. Looks like developers are getting a little more love from Apple, after being locked out of their iPhones with the PSOD, heh.

    This is all good news, folks - Apple is really filling out the offerings for iPhone developers!

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    1. mariotheotaku's Avatar
      mariotheotaku -
      what about spanish? I heard that the iphone was coming to Mexico in June
    1. Reako's Avatar
      Reako -
      Wrong place to ask that question. We know nothing concrete about that new firmware, (What will be released) until it is in fact released. So this may just mean they are adding additional language supports as previously said.

    1. njosnavelin's Avatar
      njosnavelin -
      I dunno if this means anything i mean like there is Italian available as a language already but no the italiens haven't seen any iPhone
    1. smiska2's Avatar
      smiska2 -
      Speaking as an iPhone user in Sweden I hope it is a sign of it's Swedish release.
    1. innovaciones's Avatar
      innovaciones -
      Quote Originally Posted by mariotheotaku View Post
      what about spanish? I heard that the iphone was coming to Mexico in June
      So you are from Mexico too? great!

      the iPhone will come to Telcel here in Mexico, but i dont know if june will be the official date, there a lot of rumors about this.
    1. Cherrysoda_zx's Avatar
      Cherrysoda_zx -
      So this new firmware is only available to registered devs, right? Hopefully it has support for MMS, and video recording...
    1. Th3Chos3n0n3's Avatar
      Th3Chos3n0n3 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Cherrysoda_zx View Post
      So this new firmware is only available to registered devs, right? Hopefully it has support for MMS, and video recording...
      No, I don't think it has...
    1. bdk184's Avatar
      bdk184 -
      sorry to say but i "obtained" (you know how) build 5A225C and that build had all of those keyboards and they all worked so I dont what kind of build the iphoneproject.org got!
    1. zoolander369's Avatar
      zoolander369 -
      The iPhone WILL TAKE OVER!!!

      Quote Originally Posted by Th3Chos3n0n3 View Post
      No, I don't think it has...
    1. nadiasortiz's Avatar
      nadiasortiz -
      The new iPhone will have infineon's SGOLD3 according to ziphone.org which i am sure will have video recording and all that great stuff that this iphone isnt really capable in doing.....heres a link to what infineons sgold3 is capable of doing.....

    1. fmg00's Avatar
      fmg00 -
      but there are some problems with the iphone in Mexico, no Itunes (store) , that means not app store... also the rumor was started by a local newspaper and has no fundaments whatsoever...
    1. xande123's Avatar
      xande123 -
      I am living in USA but so glad to see "finalmente em portugues do Brasil"
    1. pingwhen's Avatar
      pingwhen -
      well at least apple is doing something....
    1. andrewebs's Avatar
      andrewebs -
      what about spanish!!! ******* apple!!!!! SPANISH capullos!!!

      no se lo que pasa que no nos ponen el espaņol en el iphone eh!!
    1. muccaeppollo's Avatar
      muccaeppollo -
      it seems that another good feature is the ability to search contacts ...
    1. tomtom's Avatar
      tomtom -
      strange is....

      Korea hasn't got GSM... they use another standard, so they don't get any SIM Cards!

      That means they have to build a new iPhone? And that wouldn't be hackable, because you can't insert another SIM

    1. danielw719's Avatar
      danielw719 -
      Also all iPhones illegally running the previous firmware are scheduled to be remotely deactivated by Apple, so unless you have the newest version, restore QUICK!
    1. marc_1968's Avatar
      marc_1968 -
      doesn't everything happen manyana in Spain, LOL ; - )

      danielw719 what would stop you activating it again using PwnageTool
    1. KeviN | NiveK's Avatar
      KeviN | NiveK -
      they think that
      the spanish people wont buy iphones lol
      i would want an iphone thats in spanish
      i thought i've seen them but ehh
      .. its not there on firm 2.0
      cant wait for firm 2.0
    1. iFilipino's Avatar
      iFilipino -
      Way to add more people.