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  • The Next Step in Modding - IPSWTool
    With the release of PwnageTool we now have the ability to load unsigned firmware onto the iPhone / iPod Touch allowing for great advances in taking control. This is the next step created by theiphoneproject.

    We are happy to announce that IPSWTool is coming to your computer soon. Video below!

    IPSWTool is the next step of building custom firmwares with the style and grace of iLiberty+. With IPSWTool you can create custom firmwares packaged will all the goodies already downloaded and inserted into the IPSW. These custom firmwares can be restored onto iPhones and iTouchs that have already been Pwnd. As you can see from the video / screenshots there are already some great application compilations to install with the BigBoss and CrashX AppPacks. Furthermore there are the thing you'd expect: BSD subsystem, SSH, Installer, and of course Cydia.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZN92GCdb_U"]YouTube - iPlus and iLiberty+ get PWNED[/ame]

    Another very cool feature that we hope is implemented in the final release of IPSWTool is the ability to change the OS and Media partition sizes. Why? It would allow you to restore a firmware onto your iPhone / iPod Touch that already has plenty of free space for all the cool Applications that have been developed; getting rid of the need to move your Applications, Ringtones, etc around.

    Look forward to this great Application!
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    1. iphonemagic12345's Avatar
      iphonemagic12345 -

      The IPSW Tool works great!!!! but I want to know if 1.2 (5A147p) custom firmware will be released.

      is there a way to put all the files in to restore to that firmware.
      5A240d isn't expired can I restore to it regularly or have to use PWNAGE Tool to make a custom firmware.

      I had 5A240d but Itunes couldn't Sync all my music a pop up came up for 2.0 (5A240d) saying your iphone software is to old go to summary tab and get the latest iphone software. Can I disable that
      Wi?ll it have PSOD for the regular one

      1.2 (5A147p) released on torrents

      for use with PWNAGE Tool.

      The 5A225c and 5A240d are on torrent websites without the itunes store or appstore

      where do I go on itunes to iphone summary tab and then latest software update. how can you disable it from being updated.

      What happens to the iphone build when their expired

      I'm on 5A240d it says some music can't be synced your iphone software is to old get the latest software update i'm on 2.0 (5A240d) bb 04.04.05 and it says that

      what does it mean when you decrypt a firmware


      5A255c and 5A240d are out on torrents any luck on 1.2 5A147p

      comes with itunes store and appstore

      King Chronic - what's the new SDK Beta 4 build
    1. King Chronic's Avatar
      King Chronic -
      @iphonemagic12345: New build is iPhone1,1_2.0_5A258f_Restore.ipsw
    1. iphonemagic12345's Avatar
      iphonemagic12345 -
      I wish I can find iPhone1,1_2.0_5A258f_Restore.ipsw and iPhone1,1_2.0_5A147p_Restore.ipsw on torrents. will there be any soon using a PWNED one

      that says comes with iTunes Store and App Store
    1. twistedjedi's Avatar
      twistedjedi -
      any time frame of when this thing is coming out? you said more than two weeks ago that it would be out within a week. i dont mean to sound impatient, im just wondering about how much longer it will be...
    1. iphonemagic12345's Avatar
      iphonemagic12345 -
      type iphone 1.2 5A147p on google page 4 index/IPSW download using safari - not sure if it works I'm downloading write now

      type it on firefox page 4 them drag it to the search bar in safari and download it

      while it download click the search button and drag iphone-5A147p.ipsw.zip.download to desktop

      that's what I do

      how do I put all the files to create the firmware

      download it from safari on windows then rename it.

      Mobileaddressbook.app doesn't appear

      sorry not on a mac. but I sent it through my email to my mac
    1. zib_redlektab's Avatar
      zib_redlektab -
      Any news on this thing? I really need it...
    1. antholyhotdamn's Avatar
      antholyhotdamn -
      5a258f is out there, here is a hint "walk the plank"
    1. skyywalker85's Avatar
      skyywalker85 -
      where's the apps??
      i've been waiting....
    1. okra128's Avatar
      okra128 -
      Well, I do hope to se sometime soon the apps.... and I also hope to be as great as iliberty+