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  • ITS BEEN PWNED!!!!! | Release of PwnageTool OSX + Windows
    We have been talking about PwnageTool for what seems like ages now. It is finally here! The Dev Team has done an amazing job and released this tool allowing a safer jailbreak for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. We recommend you switch to this method for freeing your Device.

    Note: the steve jobs cartoon bit and the pineapple of the above image are by Sal

    Full OSX Usage Guide with Instructions for 2.0 Beta

    OSX Download from ModMyI | Official download from theiphoneproject.org
    Windows Coming Soon . . .

    Why choose PwnageTool? Unlike other previous jailbreak methods that exploit the iPhone, PwnageTool modifies the iPhone to accept unsigned .ipsw files allowing for a safer Jailbreak using the tried and true iTunes restore. The OSX Version of PwnageTool Not only will pwn your phone but also allows for the creation of custom .ipsw files to load via iTunes.

    OSX Version Features:
    • iPwner - Pwns your iPhone, the safer jailbreak
    • IPSW Builder - Lets you create custom firmware to load to you pwnd phone including unlocking, neutering, custom pictures, activation, and bootloade upgrade/downgrade.
    • Bootneuter: A neutered bootloader survives iTunes updates, even updates to 1.2.0 (aka 2.0). Unlike unlocking which requires a new patch for each firmware version, you only need to neuter once.

    Windows Version Features:
    • Coming Soon

    Once again awesome job Dev Team

    i will get rid of you swiftly and permanently if you ignore me -cash
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    1. theguyz's Avatar
      theguyz -
      This is great news, but still awaiting info on payloads ( aka fixes for 1.1.3/1.1.4 )

      Cause if a custom firmware can be made with all patches already included for either 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 its time i upgrade with a all-in-one fix.
    1. mifont88's Avatar
      mifont88 -
      Quote Originally Posted by joeyjoe View Post
      Here's what I assume from what I've read & seen around forums & the tool. :-
      I havent actually tried updating to 1.2 (2.0)
      What I am thinking is that this just activates 1.2 (2.0) but doesnt actually jailbreak it.
      As I do not see any way of getting installer or any kind of ssh server on the device.
      Further, I think this does not update the baseband to the one that comes with 1.2 (2.0)
      So, if you're unlocked on 1.1.4 you stay unlocked on 1.2 (2.0) with 4.04.05_G baseband. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

      If my above assumption as actually correct...could someone please verify that the microsoft exchange support is not baseband dependant ?

      Also, could someone please confirm that the pwning process is reversible ?
      baseband does not update!!!!
      ipsw builder in the tool does not let you check any boxes except for activation & custom logos from dev team.

      NO APPSTORE OR MUSIC STORE even without p controls.

      bugs from time to time.

      not really worth it except for scienific calculator.
    1. Chase817's Avatar
      Chase817 -
      can u unlock 2.0 to accept at&t??? cause I want to try it really bad!!!
      btw: this tool is freaking sweet!!!!!!!
    1. iCity11's Avatar
      iCity11 -
      Sounds Like Sweet Action To Me.....I Cant Wait Til Tha Windows Version Hits....One Question Tho...After Pwn-ing Your iPhone, Can You Use Older Versions Of Firmware?
    1. ckolibab's Avatar
      ckolibab -
      Can someone that has pwn'd to 2.0 or 1.2/2.0 give those desperately interested in ActiveSync / Exchange some insight on their findings. This is the piece I am desperately following.

      2 Items concerned me from the photos and videos and they were

      1 - no Domain filed --- common field for any DirectPush implementation
      2 - Security Policy handling --- many corp accts enforce a security password dload

      I would very much appreciate the take and view on ActiveSync now that people are getting these running. I have searched for weeks and there is NADA.

      Thanks much!!!
    1. AotW's Avatar
      AotW -
      Quote Originally Posted by jiggio90 View Post
      gre8 stuff...kudos to the dev team
      waiting for the windows release

      Thanks guys for your great work!

      Cant wait for the Windows release!
    1. alex1015's Avatar
      alex1015 -
      Pwnage is great but I unfortunately have to wait for the Windows version. I think I am more impressed by the WiFi fix. Anyone try it or have any comments about it?
    1. Taniban's Avatar
      Taniban -
      OK.. i have done all this.. now I have a PWNed iPhone on 1.1.4... how do you now customise the stock pics now... coz I would love to change the pineapple logo... lol.
    1. mrnet_01's Avatar
      mrnet_01 -
    1. Rustynuts's Avatar
      Rustynuts -
      Sorry if this has already been asked, i have read the full thread but as im at work i might have missed it. lol

      Will this fix the issue of the downgraded baseband that Ziphone made??????
    1. invulse's Avatar
      invulse -
      Is it possible to undo the jailbreaking done by the Pwnage tool if you wish to at a later time?
    1. KingShorty's Avatar
      KingShorty -
      how many people that already have a jailbroken 1.1.4 will use this tool to re-jailbreak their phone?

      how many people will wait until 1.2(2.0) is released to use this tool?
    1. bmasti's Avatar
      bmasti -
      here is 2 files if u need

      As stated in the opening post, no warez!
    1. jtesnani's Avatar
      jtesnani -
      Quote Originally Posted by invulse View Post
      Is it possible to undo the jailbreaking done by the Pwnage tool if you wish to at a later time?
      yes you can simply undo the jailbreak by restoring to the stock restore.ipsw
    1. pgazda's Avatar
      pgazda -
      Quote Originally Posted by KingShorty View Post
      how many people that already have a jailbroken 1.1.4 will use this tool to re-jailbreak their phone?
      Ok, so this tool has the option to just jailbreak?
    1. Avalanchenut's Avatar
      Avalanchenut -
      With using the pwn tool and upgrading to the latest 2.0 can you use ATT as I am an Att customer and have no need to unlock will 2.0 work and allow me to call people. I saw 2.0 get upgraded to a OTB 1.1.3 phone that was upgraded to 1.1.4 phone then pwned with custom 1.1.4 with unlock and jailbreak using a T-mobile sim and then pwned again to the latest 2.0 firmware made custom that everyone has and tmobile worked fine will an att sim work?

      Need to know this before trying to go to 2.0 on an ATT sim.
    1. wine_guy's Avatar
      wine_guy -
      Quote Originally Posted by pgazda View Post
      Ok, so this tool has the option to just jailbreak?
      There is no "jailbreak" option, it's just part of the pwn process.

      And there is no installer in the 2.0 firware.
    1. nysom's Avatar
      nysom -
      i had 2.0 fully functional on tmobile if that helps anybody....2.0 seems very buggy though...its only beta....already went back to 1.1.4 and upgraded the baseband to 4.6 since i had used ziphone 2.6 prior....downloaded hwinfo and it does show my baseband at 4.6 now.....so far seems great...the phone seems like its moving alot smoother also but that might just be me....if you do choose to go with 2.0 what i experienced was a sparatic signal alot of "no service" and the screen seemed to lag to the touch and theres no installer with 2.0....no issues on 1.1.4 at all though...everything running smooth....big up to the dev team
    1. ih8mispace's Avatar
      ih8mispace -
      hey you guys im currently waiting on the win version of pwn lol cant wait. uuhhhh i have a question. i used ziphone to unlock my 1.1.4. it downgraded the bootloader to 3.9.
      so if i use pwn to unlock jailbreak and activate my phone. will i be able to upgrade the bootloader back to 4.6????
    1. pgazda's Avatar
      pgazda -
      Quote Originally Posted by wine_guy View Post
      There is no "jailbreak" option, it's just part of the pwn process.
      Thanks! Looks like need to restore from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4 and pwn my phone!