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  • ITS BEEN PWNED!!!!! | Release of PwnageTool OSX + Windows
    We have been talking about PwnageTool for what seems like ages now. It is finally here! The Dev Team has done an amazing job and released this tool allowing a safer jailbreak for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. We recommend you switch to this method for freeing your Device.

    Note: the steve jobs cartoon bit and the pineapple of the above image are by Sal

    Full OSX Usage Guide with Instructions for 2.0 Beta

    OSX Download from ModMyI | Official download from theiphoneproject.org
    Windows Coming Soon . . .

    Why choose PwnageTool? Unlike other previous jailbreak methods that exploit the iPhone, PwnageTool modifies the iPhone to accept unsigned .ipsw files allowing for a safer Jailbreak using the tried and true iTunes restore. The OSX Version of PwnageTool Not only will pwn your phone but also allows for the creation of custom .ipsw files to load via iTunes.

    OSX Version Features:
    • iPwner - Pwns your iPhone, the safer jailbreak
    • IPSW Builder - Lets you create custom firmware to load to you pwnd phone including unlocking, neutering, custom pictures, activation, and bootloade upgrade/downgrade.
    • Bootneuter: A neutered bootloader survives iTunes updates, even updates to 1.2.0 (aka 2.0). Unlike unlocking which requires a new patch for each firmware version, you only need to neuter once.

    Windows Version Features:
    • Coming Soon

    Once again awesome job Dev Team

    i will get rid of you swiftly and permanently if you ignore me -cash
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    1. spyboy_1's Avatar
      spyboy_1 -
      delete this!
    1. haibane's Avatar
      haibane -
      Quote Originally Posted by spyboy_1 View Post
      i know why that happens.. its because you messed up your Baseband.
      I had that problem too and solved it manually

      download the bb files from here
      http://www.iphone-hacks.com/page/2/ (on the bottom)
      n follow instructions
      just stop comm center n run ieraser, then bbupdater, then start comm center , when thats done u can just use ziphone to unlock it.. i heard it now has a wifi-fix included so try that n it works great.. if not.. try wut i told u
      That reply has nothing to do with that quote
    1. ckolibab's Avatar
      ckolibab -
      Quote Originally Posted by eazyc10 View Post
      pwned to 2.0, however I assume this isn't jailbroken?

      Active Sync worked but took a little time to sync Calendar and Contacts. Emails came in quite quick though. No reason for me to stay on 2.0 if it's not jailbroken however.

      Easy - can you comment on 2 items for me as I am still holding for the Win app before I can do anything.

      1 - Does your Exchange provider enforce security policy dloads with passwords - and if yes did the iPhone handle this ok. I am just seeming this had to be baked in?

      2 - In all of the videos and screenshots I never saw the standard field for "DOMAIN" name.... This is pretty much a standard ActiveSync param and curious if I just did not see a pic with it - or if it did indeed exist.

      Would much appreciate your comments.

      thanks -
    1. wabibito's Avatar
      wabibito -
      I don't see there are any domain name field. Strangely enough I still can connect to my corp exchange server through SSL. As for jailbreak, I think the phone is indeed jailbreaked. I can SSH into the 1.2 iphone fine.
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      Quote Originally Posted by GregTheWang View Post
      Hey I already jailbroke using a differnet method. Can i just restore and use Pwnage?
      You can but there is no reason to if you're phone is working properly. The only thing you gain is a nice pineapple when you boot up. There is no way to load a custom boot image or attach apps to your custom firmware yet.
    1. ckolibab's Avatar
      ckolibab -
      Quote Originally Posted by wabibito View Post
      I don't see there are any domain name field. Strangely enough I still can connect to my corp exchange server through SSL. As for jailbreak, I think the phone is indeed jailbreaked. I can SSH into the 1.2 iphone fine.
      I just don't get that --- but THANKS for commenting. I looked like crazy at every video / image and never saw it. This is a very common field unless someone is assuming or documenting that it should be


      For some reason I just have to believe this piece of the code is relatively tight - as it's a port.

      Pleas keep me posted but this was sad / but informative stuff. I can't do anything without the Winapp - but feared this.

      My next concern is the password piece for ActiveSync which again is very very very common and comes from the Blackberry BES world and curious how the iPhone will handle this.

      PLEASE let us know what you find as personally I am blind to this at the moment - but love to know...

      Heck I'd even work side-bar with my account to have you access for me if you would be willing? Without this 2.0 is no need currently.
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      Quote Originally Posted by mattylee View Post
      is there a way to hide bootneuter? dont want my friends messing with it...
      Download Poof from installer and use that to hide the app.
    1. gwarf420's Avatar
      gwarf420 -
      I seem to be getting an error that I've not seen anywhere else. I've already perused endless forums looking for someone with similar issues. If anyone has seen this error or knows how to help it would be greatly appreciated.
      2008-04-03 20:09:32 - Making Core Files Installation.
      2008-04-03 20:09:39 - OK
      2008-04-03 20:09:39 - Making Filesystem Jailbreak.
      2008-04-03 20:09:39 - OK
      2008-04-03 20:09:39 - Making Phone Activation.
      2008-04-03 20:09:39 - OK
      2008-04-03 20:09:39 - Making Baseband Update.
      2008-04-03 20:09:43 - FAIL
      2008-04-03 20:09:43 - Detaching root filesystem from '/Volumes/LittleBear4A102.UserBundle'.
      2008-04-03 20:09:53 - OK
      2008-04-03 20:09:53 - Failed to build custom .ipsw file.
    1. joseruinyc's Avatar
      joseruinyc -
      plug it in to a power outlet and press the power button

      Quote Originally Posted by zinjen View Post
      Calm Down. Plug the phone into your USB -- Open iTunes -- and Run it in DFU Restore Mode. Done.
      plug it in to a power outlet and turn it on. i had the same problem and the worked for me.
    1. haibane's Avatar
      haibane -
      For windows users... try using this to emulate OSX... ITs not a warez link its a guide.


      You may need to find a legal copy of mac x86 version from a mac friend... or just use their mac... that's easy too
    1. Dezful's Avatar
      Dezful -
      Hey guys, I bought a 1.1.4 OTB and used ziphone 2.6b to jailbreak and unlock. How do I check to make sure I am still at 4.6?
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      you arent on 4.6 if you used ziphone to unlock it
    1. macintoshpie's Avatar
      macintoshpie -
      yess it worked!! sweet!
    1. Dezful's Avatar
      Dezful -
      Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post
      you arent on 4.6 if you used ziphone to unlock it
      thanks for the reply. should i upgrade to 4.6 using bootnueter?
    1. surfer01's Avatar
      surfer01 -
      4gb ipsf org unlock, PWNED worked awesome
      16gb ziphone, PWNED worked awesome
      Love this tool you guys rock!!!!!
    1. lillewis51's Avatar
      lillewis51 -
      Quote Originally Posted by lillewis51 View Post
      so to get this strait.. if you are on an at&t plan do you need to install bootneuter and unlock your phone to get service?
      anyone know????????
    1. ajl917's Avatar
      ajl917 -
      Just a question for the future. If you want to do the 2.0 firmware activation with Pwnage you need to pwn 1.1.4 first? So if I would do this for fun, I would have to restore 1.1.4, make the new firmware, do that, then do the 2.0 Pwnage?
    1. ian_frs's Avatar
      ian_frs -
      Some have had luck not unlocking, but most have had to unlock from what I have been hearing. You can always just make 2 firmware files and if one doesn't work install the other.
    1. JedixJarf's Avatar
      JedixJarf -
      Unlocking mine made it work with 2.0
    1. That-Kid's Avatar
      That-Kid -
      this is a question to all the pros i did the pwned method on my ipod because i wasnt to sure about doing it on my iphone and now my ipod wont turn on at all cash what to do?
      1.guys i switched the usb
      2.i plugged it into the wall
      3.i held the buttons to turn it into restore mode nothing at all
      so i set up a meeting with apple and make up a story to get another one will they know that i did the pwned or anything since i cant even get it on or is there a way to fix this please help.