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  • pwnage available tomorrow
    We've told you it was coming. Tomorrow is the day. Watch out for the release of pwnage.

    Video Link
    • The software is a self contained application (for MacOS 10.4.x and 10.5.x) that allows all current models of the iPhone device to be “Pwned”. This term (in relation to this software) refers to the patching of the stock bootloader so that it will allow the execution of unsigned code and circumvent code-signing checks. “Pwnage” only needs to be performed once to allow the additional features on the iPhone.
    • The application also processes and modifies existing Apple archives so that unique, custom rolled firmware bundles can be installed onto the “Pwned” iPhone directly from iTunes.
    • These ”.ipsw” files can be created and patched by the application to allow third-party modifications such as activation, application installation, baseband modification, custom phone graphics etc.
    • The tool works automatically on box-fresh (OTB) 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 iPhones and requires minimal interaction from the user.
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    1. lillewis51's Avatar
      lillewis51 -
      Quote Originally Posted by jktrelos View Post
      Quick questions. For those that used ZIPHONE and had their bootloader downgraded to 3.9. Will pwanage upgrade BL to 4.6?
      if you noticed in the video pwnage installed bootnuter which gave him the option to quick flash the bootloader to 4.6 and 3.9 along with the baseband
    1. zevot's Avatar
      zevot -
      why not just get leopard on ur pc??? i did it 3weeks ago....
      now i can either boot into leopard or xp on my ibm t43 3-yr-old laptop!!!
      all info can be found at

      lets get the party started DD
    1. iPhoneArizona's Avatar
      iPhoneArizona -
      At the end of the video it shows a skinny Jobs, what is he saying in Russian?

    1. aziatiklover's Avatar
      aziatiklover -
      awesome glad that i have a mac at home as well hahaha
    1. jktrelos's Avatar
      jktrelos -
      Thanks, I did not see the video until after I posted
    1. dooley19's Avatar
      dooley19 -
      man, I have windows vista!
    1. mdwsta4's Avatar
      mdwsta4 -
      but i wonder what will happen to those that have used ziphone/iplus/etc to unlock/activate/jailbreak our phones? i have a bunch of icons and all that changed. will this reset all that?
      but having the latest firmware before June will be pretty awesome!

      and sorry if this is a stupid question, but what's the difference between bootloaders?
    1. echo's Avatar
      echo -
      Great work. Still remember the first software unlock... we've come a long way since then.

      What about for those of us that don't have a 1.1.3/4 otb iPhone? I take it it will work as well? I guess we'll find out tomorrow.
    1. iPhonedme's Avatar
      iPhonedme -
      Like many other users have asked... What about those of us who have used Ziphone to unlock? Can we just put it into restore mode, use the Pwn application and then option+restore to 1.1.4 (or even 1.2) with the crazy Pwn tool?

      This is incredible.
    1. Absolute's Avatar
      Absolute -
      Too bad for me using Windows
    1. iFilipino's Avatar
      iFilipino -
      Ooh! Can't wait, waiting for the iPod version.
    1. Sadow's Avatar
      Sadow -
    1. GoIrish's Avatar
      GoIrish -
      Two things about this video rocked...

      1. Pwnage is absolutely awesome!

      2. Axe Murderer Wanderlei Silva's entry music. He knows pwnage of his own.

      WTG Guys can't wait for the windoze version.
    1. the sr5's Avatar
      the sr5 -
      wow, the potential of this device is getting better and better starting to remind me of the days of creating our own ROMs for windows mobile PDAs haha... great job guys, cant wait to see what i can do with this, my other two devices arrived the other day! YAY! time to break them and sidetalker i know its been a while sence i said i was getting these but now i have them lol a month later haha... but lets start playing!!!
    1. ursa08's Avatar
      ursa08 -
      Quote Originally Posted by iPhoneArizona View Post
      At the end of the video it shows a skinny Jobs, what is he saying in Russian?

      He said "HELLO" with bad American accent
    1. Pl4ter's Avatar
      Pl4ter -
      wow...nice..cant wait!
    1. ursa08's Avatar
      ursa08 -
    1. Numberzz's Avatar
      Numberzz -
      Quote Originally Posted by ursa08 View Post
      He said "HELLO" with bad American accent
      How can you have an accent with written language?
    1. ursa08's Avatar
      ursa08 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Numberzz View Post
      How can you have an accent with written language?
      It's like saying "Hilla"

      Hello in Russian-"Привет" (it's actually stands for "HI")
      Jobs said - "Превед"
    1. b-ballstyle's Avatar
      b-ballstyle -
      Oh man wtf... Why they dont wait until 2.0 come out because now apple will block this for newer firmwares!!