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  • pwnage available tomorrow
    We've told you it was coming. Tomorrow is the day. Watch out for the release of pwnage.

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    • The software is a self contained application (for MacOS 10.4.x and 10.5.x) that allows all current models of the iPhone device to be “Pwned”. This term (in relation to this software) refers to the patching of the stock bootloader so that it will allow the execution of unsigned code and circumvent code-signing checks. “Pwnage” only needs to be performed once to allow the additional features on the iPhone.
    • The application also processes and modifies existing Apple archives so that unique, custom rolled firmware bundles can be installed onto the “Pwned” iPhone directly from iTunes.
    • These ”.ipsw” files can be created and patched by the application to allow third-party modifications such as activation, application installation, baseband modification, custom phone graphics etc.
    • The tool works automatically on box-fresh (OTB) 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 iPhones and requires minimal interaction from the user.
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    1. kylekincer's Avatar
      kylekincer -
    1. ianzerotwo's Avatar
      ianzerotwo -
      Awesome ^_^.
    1. nirav464's Avatar
      nirav464 -
      what about us windows geeks out there??
    1. mihajmis's Avatar
      mihajmis -
      waiting for 2.0
      just waiting and waiting... :-)
    1. brokentwice's Avatar
      brokentwice -
      im sure this will make its way to windows once people can have a better look at how its done
    1. KeviN | NiveK's Avatar
      KeviN | NiveK -
      So not fair.
      now the window geeks cant do it until like a month later.
      omg but i loved that video. it look soo raw.
    1. iCity11's Avatar
      iCity11 -
      Sweet Action....Too Bad I Got Windows Vista Ultimate
    1. mfleigle's Avatar
      mfleigle -
      I am guessing someone can upload the custom firmware for us windows people. Engadget is reporting 2.0 will be released shortly along with pwned
    1. Hollow Ichigo's Avatar
      Hollow Ichigo -
      wow thats was cool

      i love the old-mac logo

      great job guys +++
    1. jorgeduhart's Avatar
      jorgeduhart -
      Can't wait for it sweet
    1. techguy1's Avatar
      techguy1 -
    1. jktrelos's Avatar
      jktrelos -
      Quick questions. For those that used ZIPHONE and had their bootloader downgraded to 3.9. Will pwanage upgrade BL to 4.6?
    1. secretmrx's Avatar
      secretmrx -
      windows! i really hope the release a windows version within the next week
    1. pingwhen's Avatar
      pingwhen -
      Read on engadget can wait for a windows release

      will it be reversable??
    1. Numberzz's Avatar
      Numberzz -
      Finally! This is gonna be awesome
    1. heath_rox's Avatar
      heath_rox -
      this is gonna change game
    1. evojoey's Avatar
      evojoey -
      omg awesome sant wait for a windows release
    1. ghostrider's Avatar
      ghostrider -
      Sweettttttttttttttt !!!!!!
      Iphone Dev team u guys rock!

      Always wanted the classic rainbow apple.
      Hope theres a Windows version soon. Or I'll have to buy myself a Mac.
      Great work, keep up the good fight.

    1. djnikk's Avatar
      djnikk -
      was about time, announced more then a month ago....
    1. BecomingxInsane's Avatar
      BecomingxInsane -
      Haha this is sick!
      I agree with every Windows user here too, can't wait for it's release on Windows.
      but still very awesome.
      So what is it now... Apple - 1 (the iPhone of course)
      and Dev Team - like 4,000?

      Haha, go Dev Team!!!!