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  • Interface Builder support now in the new SDK

    The new iPhone SDK which is available now to registered devs includes support for iPhone Interface builder - devs have been waiting for this!

    What does it mean? Drag and drop UI building for devs.

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      imode -
      Quote Originally Posted by evilp8ntballer7 View Post
      the firmware as been unlocked if you look on the front page or the news section
      hmmm... with the exception of pwnage, the only claims I have seen (having also browsed the 'news' section) are for a jailbroken 1.2 firmware. This is not the same as an unlock. Regardless, this is moot since 1.2 isn't available to the general public until July.
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      renzo75 -
      Just a quickie..
      Is there a way to install the iphone toolchain on Leopard, as people have done previously, then integrate the UserInterface from the official apple SDK?