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  • iLibertyX - Premier iPhone/iTouch Jailbreaking, Unlocking, Activation for OS X
    We are happy to introduce the newest and shiniest OSX software for releasing iPhone or iPod Touch into your control. What is is called? iLibertyX. It is the culmination of the great work put into iLiberty and iPlus to bring you the best in modding.

    Guide | Download | theiphoneproject | Download from theiphoneproject

    iLibertyX does it all, jailbreaks, activates and unlocks firmware up to 1.1.4 for all bootloader versions of the iPhone and easily jailbreaks your iPod Touch. Another cool feature available is the packages console. With this you can easily install pre made third party payloads onto your iPhone / iPod Touch like dropbear ssh and a payload to reflash the wifi / edge / bluetooth. iLibertyX will even upgrade the bootloader on 3.9 b/l phones if you so desire (note the bootloader upgrade does not work on ziphone unlocked phones). Oh and you can't help but love the great looking GUI .

    A full usage guide can be found here.

    Windows version here.

    Big credit goes out to francis, pepijn, George Zhu, AViegas, cmw, w__, Baalbeck, bgm, cRAKn, GeoHot, MuscleNerd, pumpkin, SoLoR, sunny, tjcarter, and the iPhoneDev Team.
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    1. axlr8_ppv's Avatar
      axlr8_ppv -
      thanks for giving an estimated time limit... for the process.... i thought that after a while my mac hanged... it seemed like it crashed in phase 2

      still having problems... doesn't seem like it wants to move beyond phase 2

      what could be the problem...

      using 1.1.4 originally bought as 1.0.2 upgraded to 1.1.2 then accidentally to 1.1.4

      previous versions have been unlocked...
    1. punisher's Avatar
      punisher -
      How long did it hang for?

      Stage 2 did take a bit longer...i was watching TV at the time so didnt notice...is it more than 15 minutes?
    1. mmartinez's Avatar
      mmartinez -
      Quote Originally Posted by marcoiac View Post
      From this it looks like you may want to use iLibertyX only on FW 1.1.4

      However, the iphoneproject website says "Whether it be using older jailbreaking methods for phones pre-1.1.4, or setting your new phones free for the first time, you can do it all simply by checking a box." This suggests one can use iLibertyX on all sorts of iPhones.

      The information is a bit in conflict here. What's the answer?

      I have a JB 1.1.3 with Nate's softupgrade from 1.1.1. I'd rather use iLibertyX without restoring to 1.1.4. Can I? Which FW do I end up with if I don't restore, 1.1.3 or 1.1.4?

      Also, what's the point of the reflash EDGE/WiFi/Bluetooth payload? After Nate's JB, my WiFi is fine, but my EDGE is a bit buggy (I think it works, I see EDGE's IP address but the icon does not show and I can't use YouTube on EDGE, only on WiFi.) Would it be helpful in my case to use this payload (I am an ATT customer, so I only jailbreak)?

      Thanks a lot.
      I am also have ATT 1.1.4 and I just used LibertyX, I selected the reflash EDGE/WiFi/Bluetooth, I am having trouble connecting with my wireless network.
      Is there a way to restore the old WiFi?
      Thank you
    1. punisher's Avatar
      punisher -
      I can seem to find a straight answer on the below;

      Do you, or dont you, need to install the international payload for phone being used in unsupported countries with iLibertyX?

      I thought this was only needed for iplus?

      If you do need it, where do u get it from?
    1. cscho0415's Avatar
      cscho0415 -
      does this work with 2.0 beta???
    1. spoolin's Avatar
      spoolin -
      Thank you!

      Had 1.1.1 installed. I restored & upgraded to 1.1.4 and ran iLibertyX!

      It has become so much easier! Took about 1/2 an hour for the whole process (downloading firmware and iLibertyX)

      Thanks once again and keep up the awesome work.

    1. qualimech73's Avatar
      qualimech73 -
      Hi everybody!!

      Last sunday I used ilibertyx to unlock a 1.1.4 OTB 16GB iphone, evertyhing worked out perfect, except for youtube. When i try to play a video I get a message sayin´ that youtube requires an EDGE or WIFI connection. EDGE actually works fine, since I can use safari, maps etc. I have not try WIFI so far. The problem comes when I try to install the youtube activation fix for 1.1.4, I always get the message "main script execution failed". It´s strange cause it lets me install all the other applications. After unlocking and jailibreaking I installed manually OpenSSH and BSD Subsystem, BSD Subsystem and iSim.

      Can anyone help, please?
    1. RonMexico's Avatar
      RonMexico -
      "download failed" when downloading payloads
    1. kanariya's Avatar
      kanariya -
      Hi, i need some help over here. I successfully(it says 'Enjoy' and success) jailbreak/unlock my iphone with iLibertyX but the phone cannot search for any network! That's 'no service' after i put in my sim card. Also got wifi problem. This is the 1st time i unlock my phone with 1.1.4. Please help T_T
    1. icolinirie's Avatar
      icolinirie -
      Im about to use this to attempt to get my wifi, bluetooth, and battery life back in my iphone. I am going to attach the custom payload which has all the necessary files for swifi and vterm100. I just want to know if there is any certain way I should go about installing this stuff. Should I first just do a Jailbreak and then go back and do a unlock (i use tmobile) and install the payload at that point. I have already took the liberty of returning my phone to standard 1.1.4 via iphone software restore. I really want to fix this issue i've been having once and for all. Any advise please?
    1. Hanydafar's Avatar
      Hanydafar -
      if my iphone 1.1.1 8G is jailbreaked and i want to upgrade to 1.1.4 how can i do this
      if so step by step plzzzzzzzzz
    1. philfree33's Avatar
      philfree33 -
      hi , i' ve installed ilibertyx, an clicked on jailbreak activate and unlock...it's been more than one hour now, and the process is not complete yet ( 50% roughly looking at the blue bar). am i freaking out too quickly ?

      cheers and thanks