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  • [ FIRST VIEW ] OpenSource iPhone? iBoot

    cmw (you may know him as niacin, co-author of the tiff exploit, aka jailbreakme.com) has released iBoot, a tool which lets you access the iPhone bootloader via a console.

    Whats it mean? An important first step towards porting other OS's to the iPhone. cmw has already got iPhoneLinux.org up and running, and is actively porting Linux at the moment.

    Using the dev teams nor hack i managed to patch all of my bootloader code directly into iBoot and build a kernel driver that lets you mount the nand on Linux.
    ModMyI.com teamed up with NegriElectronics.com to get cmw an iPhone to play around with and get that Linux port going, so look for some cool news on that soon.

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    1. lightmaster's Avatar
      lightmaster -
      Quote Originally Posted by erdcaged View Post
      iPhone's got a 620MHz ARM
      damn. assuming the iTouch has the same processor, then my iTouch is more powerful than my laptop that I'm using right now. My laptop running on an 333MHz Intel. Man do I need a new laptop.
    1. r00t4rd3d's Avatar
      r00t4rd3d -
      /me dreams of iPhone running Ubuntu Mobile.

      Looks better if you click on it.
    1. Reako's Avatar
      Reako -
      I'll keep my eyes open..

    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      Agreed; I want to see Ubuntu Mobile on the iPhone as well.
      Well, I want to see any non-Apple OS on it... This is a big step.

      Android would be kind of cool as well, I guess. Ubuntu Mobile is designed for touch screens though, so it would probably be more fun
    1. erdcaged's Avatar
      erdcaged -
      UME would have to be entirely ported unfortunately. ARM has never been supported (excluding Ubuntu Embedded). As long as something is ported, we could possibly have an iPhone with the iPhone OSX, Linux Flavor, and Android. If android does manage to get on the iPhone, it will be a really nice stepping stone for android and show other companies how powerful it may or may not be when it has a community surrounding it.
    1. darkrom's Avatar
      darkrom -
      Linux with phone capabilities.....I would NEVER switch back. I can't even imagine it being possible, I just wanna see linux on it either way! So happy!
    1. MMSiphone's Avatar
      MMSiphone -
      Damn, can't wait for some crazy os's on iphone. Windows Mobile 6?
    1. imode's Avatar
      imode -
      Quote Originally Posted by MMSiphone View Post
      Damn, can't wait for some crazy os's on iphone. Windows Mobile 6?
      Several posts already that state Windows ME doesn't run on ARM
    1. ddfilms's Avatar
      ddfilms -
      Why would you want to run Windows on an iPhone??

      This could be interesting!
    1. Napoleon_PhoneApart's Avatar
      Napoleon_PhoneApart -
      Yeah, baby! CPM!
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      Quote Originally Posted by gameviper View Post
      what would really **** apple off is if we put windows on there!!!! haha


      we better not **** with stuff we don't understand.

    1. iFilipino's Avatar
      iFilipino -
      Beautiful. Considering the technology now, almost anything is possible. From my standpoint, it is truly amazing seeing an OS ported to the iPhone, even though it has not even been out for a year. Just imagine how customizable it will be two years from now. Kudos to the developers.
    1. iBlade's Avatar
      iBlade -
      Quote Originally Posted by LilJohn View Post
      how bout ubuntu mobile on the iPhone?
      I already started a thread about ubuntu mobile on the iphone, it is been worked on.
    1. iFilipino's Avatar
      iFilipino -
      Want to post a link señor iBlade?
    1. iBlade's Avatar
      iBlade -
      Quote Originally Posted by iFilipino View Post
      Want to post a link señor iBlade?
      Here you go señor iFilipino
      http://www.ubuntu.com/products/mobile and this is my post: http://www.modmyi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65731
    1. Gamezilla's Avatar
      Gamezilla -
      what I'd really like to see come out of this project is a completely custom firmware, I hope this new tool will make that possible
    1. erdcaged's Avatar
      erdcaged -
      UME isnt being worked on. As stated, UME is x86 while the iPhone is ARM based
    1. Emir S.'s Avatar
      Emir S. -
      Quote Originally Posted by erdcaged View Post
      UME isnt being worked on. As stated, UME is x86 while the iPhone is ARM based
      The beauty Nix is that it can be ported and compiled for other platforms easier then many other things. All it takes is the ability to put it on the iPhone and trust me, it will be ported.

      With iBoot, the ability is (almost) there. Give it a few months and I'm sure we're going to see work being done for the ARM. (Well people are already working on it as we speak but not too many AFAIK)

      With UME, sky literally is the limit....from integrated flash to productivity software to....whatever.
    1. erdcaged's Avatar
      erdcaged -
      sure it can be ported. its just a matter of doing it since it was made for x86 and a lot would have to be changed. cmw is working on a linux already apart from the bootloader. he has a lot of experience with creating linux flavors so we should start hearing a lot in the coming months/weeks .

      Fix wifi gray out update - http://www.iphonelinux.org/#update_3_19_08
    1. darkrom's Avatar
      darkrom -
      I love how there are only 4 pages about LINUX on the iphone, yet there are more pages when Sonic for Sega gets released LOL.

      Not to flame....but apparently most of you are hardcore apple fan boys or just simply can't grasp the power of linux.

      More importantly....can it run doom?

      FYI...take this lightly and have a laugh not a hissy fit.