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  • Apple to Dev Applicants - NO MEANS NO

    Tons of devs excited about the new SDK are being turned down by Apple. The way the SDK is set up, you cannot publish any apps until you have applied, been accepted, and paid for ($99) the iPhone Developer program.

    Over 100,000 people have downloaded the SDK already, and no one has been able to track down someone who has been accepted - although rejection letters are being handed out like free toothbrushes at the dentist. Here's what it looks like:

    Dear Registered iPhone Developer, Thank you for expressing interest in the iPhone Developer Program. We have received your enrollment request. As this time, the iPhone Developer Program is available to a limited number of developers and we plan to expand during the beta period. We will contact you again regarding your enrollment status at the appropriate time. Thank you for applying.

    Best regards, iPhone Developer Program
    Looks like they may just not have the ability to grant dev certs yet, and are covering for it? Apple hasn't said anything yet about the situation.

    If you've been accepted (as in paid your $99/$299, the whole 9 yards), let us know, as yet no one has been found that has.

    TUAW and others
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    1. TJ-Shocker's Avatar
      TJ-Shocker -
      I hope they come around soon. I'm really excited to try out the LocoGPS when they release that as compatible with 2.0. True GPS instead of the wifi/cell based locating.

      I just hope Apple sees the light of all of the customers they could get if they added that 1 magic feature.
    1. timliora's Avatar
      timliora -
      Good 'ol apple. The apps we have now will probably be better than those sold on itunes.
    1. B1naryBand1t's Avatar
      B1naryBand1t -
      SDK what SDK, long live installer !!
    1. castellano.nilo's Avatar
      castellano.nilo -
      they are just mad because the dev team and many others figure out the phone better then apple inc. Hey google come out with phone with t-mobile show them how you make a phone. This people at apple inc don't know how to make a phone.
    1. DoerrFan's Avatar
      DoerrFan -
      Ouch, i got DENIED!
      Oh well, jailbreaking FTW!
    1. gameviper's Avatar
      gameviper -
      thats retarted... lets put a sdk out but lets not allow hadly anybody to submit apps! hey yeah that'll be a great idea! idiots...
    1. runningwild's Avatar
      runningwild -
      The developer program is in a "Beta period"?
    1. ajl917's Avatar
      ajl917 -
      This makes no sense, now Apple is just strengthening the desire to jailbreak for many more firmwares to come...
    1. agentfubu's Avatar
      agentfubu -
      I like the one of the comments on TUAW:

      Maybe it is only for Steve's immediate family
    1. Ximpostrxx's Avatar
      Ximpostrxx -
      wow... if theyre gonna publish an SDK and deny some of the most talented developers with *unofficial* tools (imagine what could be done with official tools) then why have it at all?
    1. boksa02's Avatar
      boksa02 -
      What is the benefit of using apple a-store when you have to pay for stuff? I'll buy girl a drink if I offer her one and not if she asks for one ~. Which means I'll much rather donate to installer devs than buy stuff from apple. We already payed way too much for the iPhone to give them more money. I have iPhone since it came out and I haven't installed one official apple ap. They just can't live with the fact that there are much smarter ppl in the world than the ppl that work for apple. We have army of 13 and 16 year old devs all the way to 60 years old devs. So kind a question to Steve regarding unlock tools on his a-store pretty much came like slap in his face(Rick James biotch LOL )

      Keep up with great work we didn't have a-store b4. So why would we need it now???
    1. reppin4you's Avatar
      reppin4you -
      why the hell is apple being so GAY! Hey guys lets release an SDK and not let some good developers work on it.
    1. pouncer11's Avatar
      pouncer11 -
      they do the same damn thing with sidekicks. its just promoting and fueling our hacking. besides i like ghetto rigging my phone to be badass, if anyone can pay for apps and have the same thing as me, i dont want it because its not cool. i take pride in working to get my phone right. it turns me on almost as much as when i compile my wireless drivers on my laptop
    1. wine_guy's Avatar
      wine_guy -
      At least the dev team has already jailbroken the 2.0 firmware, lol.

      Take that, steve!
    1. techgirl's Avatar
      techgirl -
      It's like a super sad last ditch effort of trying to have control. It's gone! As I download from Installer and Cydia... Is Steve a short guy? Maybe Napoleonic? Ha Ha. The Pinkys are squashing the Brain!!! Yeah
    1. auburnguy32's Avatar
      auburnguy32 -
      I think Steve's got some trust issues, maybe his parents beat him as a child
    1. riku98523's Avatar
      riku98523 -
      Wait do they still have to pay the $99 or do they get refunded lol I can see apple being like you paid for the chance to be a dev LMAO.
    1. MgNate's Avatar
      MgNate -
      Wow this is ridiculous. Apple presents themselves as this great company, as a company of innovation but the chip on their shoulder is too big to allow all of us to help. I watched the whole video of their presentation and it's all crap.

      Apple failed us. At least they mad a good platform. We'll continue to develop it better than Apple has just as we've been doing so far!
    1. Reako's Avatar
      Reako -
      Guys, we still have several months before the actual release. Who knows what will happen by then...

    1. huntor's Avatar
      huntor -
      i thought the 2.0 fw was released only with the iPhone Developer Program..
      if thats right then how did that guy get his hands on the 2.0 fw to jailbreak it?