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  • [Spoiler] Hacked iPhone 2.0 Video
    Check out the vid of the completely hacked 2.0 iPhone. Reportedly not jailbroken but completely hacked allowing for the use of any carrier and any app.

    [ame="http://youtube.com/watch?v=JW5wwc9Pa8w"]YouTube - iPhone 2.0 unlock[/ame]

    Whats new? Visible changes are:
    Exchange Support finally
    Parental Controls
    SDK Support
    Calculator is more advanced
    CISCO VPN support
    Mail mass deletion finally

    The spotlight search is not included

    [via gizmodo]

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    1. Aiyo's Avatar
      Aiyo -
      Quote Originally Posted by wst_75 View Post
      Does the exchange support mean that we can send and receive files by bluetooth from and to any device including mobiles and notebooks??
      no...Dude really? are you freaking serious?! LOOK THROUGH THE THREAD!

      Anyway, this is very cool and all, but isn't it bad? I bet someone will probably make their own "customise" and "summerboard." I bet that most of all the applications we have now will actually be made for the iphone "legally" with out jailbreaking. For the most part, we just might use it for other carriers, but I heard from apple that they were going to unlock them for all people(cell phone companies) to use. So if that happened, whats the point of having a iphone hacking community after the 1.2(2.0) release?
    1. LeathaFace's Avatar
      LeathaFace -
    1. skeredmobile's Avatar
      skeredmobile -
      Quote Originally Posted by King Chronic View Post
      thanks.... ill dl it and check it out
    1. huntor's Avatar
      huntor -
      Quote Originally Posted by ARCHA1C View Post
      How HUGE was that guy's hand???
      Am I the only person who thinks that iPhone looks VERY small under that guy's fingers???
      your a moron.
      it's called having big hands.
    1. shinihshi kudo's Avatar
      shinihshi kudo -
      thanks for the torrent link
    1. luiz's Avatar
      luiz -
      it was fast at the beginning till 50%, now sloooooowww!!!

      [the torrent]
    1. GravityEyes's Avatar
      GravityEyes -
      Chronic - dude .... why a 1.2gig, 7 minute video ?!!?!?!

      Compress it !!!! You have Quicktime pro ??? Export it with H.24 codec
    1. luiz's Avatar
      luiz -
      7 Minutes??? I Thought I Was Getting Like 30 Minute Footage..

      im uploadin it to utube for all u nonetorrents ppl...

      [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb82r5VFwws"]YouTube - iPhone fw 1.2 preview![/ame]

      ^^ video is on youtube!!
    1. Alexdyce's Avatar
      Alexdyce -
      tight vid, i especially like the "impeachbush" wifi network
    1. phirvonen's Avatar
      phirvonen -
      Yes!! Awesome piece of work there, again!!

      Does anyone know if the exchange support is FULL in FW 2.0 i.e. including calendars and contacts or just the mail? Hate it if it's only the mail client, cause I'm waiting to get rid of my Nokia E61i as my business phone. Nothing exactly wrong with Nokia, but you guys know how it is..
    1. luiz's Avatar
      luiz -
      full, inlcudin mail and contacts... and calendar
    1. mizdachubz's Avatar
      mizdachubz -
      I'm a noob, but whats full exchange? Lol
    1. Rescuer's Avatar
      Rescuer -
      Quote Originally Posted by huntor View Post
      your a moron.
      it's called having big hands.
      I'm sure you meant "you're a moron" not "your"

      you see, "you're" means "you are"

      "your" is possessive, as in "your book"

      so when you call somebody an idiot or a moron, be sure that you yourself aren't a moron and actually have a bit of an education