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  • ZiPhone 2.5 for 1.1.4 Firmware Has Been Released
    Yes Zibri has released ZiPhone 2.5 to the world. This is for full functionality on all firmware versions (iPhone only atm). He also released this to everyone at the same time instead of the initial plan of releasing to donators first. Read on for download links.

    ZiPhone 2.5 is now on download site for
    you all to enjoy.
    I decided to release it for everyone since MANY
    are helping supporting sponsors.
    And it would not have been fair to them.
    I suggest you to do a restore to 1.1.4
    not an update. Because installer keeps old
    installed apps in it's cache and you would have problems.
    Hoping people at conceited software resolve that soon.
    After restore to 1.1.4, just use "ziphone -Z Y" or the first
    button on GUI versions.

    Have fun !
    And thanks to everyone for supporting and caring!

    Stay tuned ! More interesting things are coming up on this site!

    OS X Download | Download
    Windows Download | Download
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    1. kepple85's Avatar
      kepple85 -
      my icons wont start to wiggle and i am running 1.1.4. why wont my itouch let me do this?
    1. ericidle's Avatar
      ericidle -
      Quote Originally Posted by jelenak9 View Post
      i had 1.0.2 and just updated to 1.1.4 via iTunes and unlock/activate/jailbreak via ZiPhone and works.....jailbreak is still giving me problems tho....iphonebrowser wont recognize it as jailbroken???
      add i.unlock.no to installer sources and install ZiPhone iBrikr Fix, it fixes the problem where iBrickr or iPhoneBrowser still thinks the phone is jailed

      Quote Originally Posted by weedenbc View Post
      If you go a google search or read through this read, you will find that Summerboard and Customize don't support 1.1.4, they only work up until 1.1.3.

      You have two choices. Either wait for those apps to be updated to work with 1.1.4 or use this technique to make trick them into working with your 1.1.4 phone:

      add http://********************/repository

      and you will get access to the latest Summerboard release for 1.1.4 and all the latest themes, they are released here first
    1. accordboyv6's Avatar
      accordboyv6 -
      Quote Originally Posted by exterminat25 View Post
      for people that are having problems with their mail.app crashing , as i was, you can ssh into your phone with winscp and open up putty login then write

      chown -R mobile:mobile /private/var/mobile

      and then close putty close winscp and then restart your phone and then it mail.app should be working... btw doesnt need to be putty through winscp it could be the phone terminal or any terminal i just happened to use the winscp putty

      was having the same problem... this worked!!!
    1. markieparkie's Avatar
      markieparkie -
      Used this software...

      Awesome. I am on T-Mobile.

      Restored in iTunes to 1.1.4 then ran this. Worked like a charm!

      Guessing I don't need a Turbo SIM using this either now?
    1. shizumi's Avatar
      shizumi -
      I'm having some problem, i just purchased my iphone and used the program to unlock all
      but after it's completed nothing work
      my baseband is 04.04.05_G
      i connected to a wireless but cannot suref, googlemap, youtube or connect to installer. Could anyone guide me > .<
    1. jthspace's Avatar
      jthspace -
      OK, took the plunge and did the update / unlock

      I have the following set-up

      Unlocked / Jailbroken 1.1.1 phone on t-mobile UK

      Downloaded 1.1.3 update

      Did an iTunes RESTORE to 1.1.3 (Shift / Restore)

      Phone was locked / Emergency Calls Only

      Opened Ziphone and pressed the top left icon (jailbreak / unlock / Activate)

      Waited until the phone rebooted and "voilŠ" my iPhone now has 1.1.3 and is unlocked, jailbroken, activated and working on T-Mobile UK.

      All I had to do was re-enter the T-Mobile Edge settings and was online with YouTube and Safari with no problems on WiFi, although YouTube is complaining about needing an Edge connection - one to work on. Safari works with WiFi and Edge.

      Google Maps work O.K. as does "locate" function.

      Totally painless - this service is being offered in the UK on the web for anything up to £90 / USD 170 and here you can find it for a lot less!

      Will update to 1.1.4. when some of the add-ons are available

      Donation has been made!

    1. meagain's Avatar
      meagain -
      What I'm questioning is if Apple will release yet another firmware Thursday for the SDK or if 1.1.4 is "it". I'd hate to go through the jailbreak process both on my husband's phone and mine - only to do it again in a week.
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      You don't HAVE to upgrade every time a new firmware comes out. There is no super benefit to 1.1.4 other than a few programing bug fixes. I'm still on 1.1.3 with the DEV soft upgrade and have seen no reason to restore my phone to re jailbreak/unlock with ziphone or any other method. I know people that are still on 1.1.1 and are just fine and dandy. Don't feel obligated to upgrade the second there is a new method or firmware. If you are happy with your current setup then stick with it until a REAL upgrade comes with features you just can't live without.
    1. crs0ph4's Avatar
      crs0ph4 -
      iPhone 16GB 1.1.3 OOtb with 4.6 BL.
      Now 1.1.4 Jailbroken and activated with AT&T, using ZiPhone 2.5, everything works like a charm!
      My list of working apps:
      Customize (Version 1.21 (custom), 2)

      ...and many more!!!
      PS: you need "1.1.4 Compatibility Patch" for some of this apps to work on 1.1.4, (this is found in Tweaks 1.1.4 by iSpazio.net).
    1. icelandr's Avatar
      icelandr -
      Worked like a charm!
      I followed instrucions and am now happy as fly on sh!t !!!
      Hugs & kisses to you involved making this happen!

      I have one question...
      Why does the clock in the top banner stay at 9:42 AM? Is there a fix for this?
    1. charlesjorlando's Avatar
      charlesjorlando -
      'morning, all:

      I have an unlocked/jailbroken 1.1.2 OTB Iphone on 1.1.3 version working PERFECTLY with a Turbosim (on T*Mobile) . Do I still use ZiPhone I update it to 1.1.4?

      And, yes... a noob here.

    1. apizuorno54's Avatar
      apizuorno54 -
      sorry men can i do this with an 1.1.4 otb with no problems?
      also do i have to downgrade the bootloader? can i leave the 4.6 or do i must downgrade it to a 3.8?
    1. mobilexile's Avatar
      mobilexile -
      Don't know about others but I gladly gave a donation in thanks for the effort put into this app. We should all give 'em a little something for the super-human effort.

      You should be able to use this on your phone.
    1. sodasamson's Avatar
      sodasamson -
      I've read the thread and decided to take the plunge and go for it... and now I'm sitting here endlessly waiting for iTunes to restore my iPhone?

      Just to clarify:

      I have iTunes 7.6.1 on Leopard - I've downloaded ZiPhone and I'm ready to go... so I plug my iPhone into my cpu and sync with iTunes one last time, then hit RESTORE. The prompts take me through varies warnings and questions... one of which was would you like to Back Up your phone, which I said yes too. Now I'm sitting here watching as my computer seems to be stuck? "Preparing iPhone for restore..."

      So while I'm waiting I read this...


      Am I screwed?

      8GB 1.1.2 OTB, 4.6BL
      Running on Stealthsim

      Any suggestions anyone?
    1. Boricuapapi908's Avatar
      Boricuapapi908 -
      My "youtube" and "mail" arent working , am i missing something?
      I did the "reset all settings" with no success.
      anyone with solutions?
    1. ardalan's Avatar
      ardalan -
      this program do it for you .
      all the things that you must do is:
      1) restore your iphone to 1.1.4 with iTunes.
      2)open the program and click on the first button.
      3)have good time with your 1.1.4 iphone

      good luck
    1. cubbiemolly's Avatar
      cubbiemolly -
      I would also like to know of the success with OTB 1.1.4 as I plan to buy my iphone nest week but don't want to waste the journey, time and money if I will not be able to unlock it properly and use it. Anyone out there have experience with OTB 1.1.4?

    1. sentient_robot's Avatar
      sentient_robot -
      Just wanted to inform everyone of the process I used to get a perfectly working 1.1.4 phone.

      What I Had:
      Computer: MacBook running OS X 10.5.2
      iTunes: 7.6 (automatic sync and updates OFF)
      iPhone Environment: 1.1.2 jailbroken, activated, unlocked (anysim 1.1.2u)


      1) Backed up iPhone (manually got my notes, app prefs, summerboard themes, etc through SSH FTP)

      2) In iTunes with my iPhone connected, I clicked update, it searched for the 1.1.4 update and began downloading it. I disconncted my phone and waited for it to finish. It gave me an error because it wanted to update my phone but I had removed it.

      3) Plugged in my phone again, and did an option+restore to 1.1.4.

      4) When it finished, I put the phone into DFU mode and restored once more.

      5) When it was finished and iTunes said that my phone had an invalid SIM, I left iTunes open and opened ZiPhone 2.5 (OSX).

      6) Clicked 'do it all' (jailbreak, activate & unlock)

      7) In a few minutes (holy crap!) it was done! I quit iTunes, disconnected my phone, and set my General iPhone prefs.

      8) Went to installer and installed BSD subsystem, restarted installer, then installed openSSH, added iClarified, CopyCoders & Planet-iPhone sources, and Community Sources

      9) Synced as A NEW PHONE in iTunes (only my mail, contacts, bookmarks & calendars)

      10) Tested out all the apps- No issues in any apps (NO problems with YouTube OR Mail) but there was an issue with Safari. Safari had the same bug as in 1.1.3, where you have to SSH to /private/var/mobile/Library/Cookies and change the permissions on the folder to 777 (or 755, if you're frugal) to have Safari store cookies properly.

      11) Copied my notes back over to the phone, and again, you need to change the ownership to mobile from root to edit it, or simply give it a 777 file permission (I suspect this is because of the 1.1.2 setup I had). Same goes for other backed up files- give mobile the permissions or change the file/folder permissions to 777 and everything will be fine.

      12) Installed several apps in installer, and changed my system version when needed to get and test 1.1.3 apps (ssh to /System/Library/CoreServices) and edit the SystemVersion.plist file to show 1.1.3 in a file-encoding sensitive text editor (I used TextWrangler). Install the 1.1.3 apps, and then change it back and reboot.

      13) Used the 1.1.4 modified Summerboard available at ********************, installed themes easily- no issues

      14) App list (so far):
      - AFP with Bonjour
      - weDict
      - iSolitaire
      - SendPics
      - Apollo (installed the IM Chat 1.1.3 Fix)
      - Summerboard + themes
      - Taskbar Notifier (1.1.3 & 1.1.4 version)
      - Lockbox
      - MobileFinder
      - Contacts | HomeScreen
      - Weather Icon Fix (to be able to have the Weather.app icon change when themes change)
      - ScreenShot
      - BossPrefs 1.55 (& AFP Control, Screenshot Control)
      - DropCopy
      - Poof
      - SysInfo

      15) Finished syncing the rest of my media... and I was done!

      Hope this helps others!

      Below: My 1.1.4 Phone on Fido in Canada with the Chalkwork theme installed:
    1. jelenak9's Avatar
      jelenak9 -
      i did the whole process with ziphone after updating to 1.1.4 and everything works perfect...except for jailbreak!!

      now i cant use my iphonebrowser or ibrickr

      yes i know there's something u need to install from installer (i.unlock.no source...i read every thread possible) but since im in serbia i dont have edge settings, i tried over wifi too and nothing.....so installer is completely out of the question with helping.

      anybody know how to jailbreak 1.1.4 any other way???
    1. PunkyPurple's Avatar
      PunkyPurple -
      Quote Originally Posted by soldoutluck View Post
      sorry, my bad bro. we can't all be tech geeks in this world... oh yeah and if we were we wouldn't need ziphone to jailbreak this sh1t for us, huh genius!
      Quote Originally Posted by soldoutluck View Post
      Thanks, i feel stupid now
      but thanks for the help, i dunno why i thought it would be harder...
      Hey, be a little considerate. You owe Zibri(author of ZiPhone) for unlocking your phone so don't call it a damn web clip. Got it!