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  • iPhone software development to be locked down by Apple?
    It was only a matter of time till the serious iPhone SDK rumors started flying, and with Apple's Town Hall event next Thursday, it's possible some of what we're hearing is right on. If that's the case, prepare to be letdown in a major way. According to iLounge, Apple will be severely restricting access on software for the iPhone and iPod touch, only allowing apps to be downloaded through iTunes, hand-picking which applications will make it to the store, and cutting off developer's access to accessories which interface with the dock connector. Of course, this is just about what we expected from Steve, since he's already lauded Nokia for its S60 verification scheme. Additionally, the report claims that the SDK we see next week will be an incomplete beta, with the full version rolling out in June to coincide with the WWDC. Thinking of any good reasons to keep jailbreaking your phone? Yeah, us too.
    source: http://www.engadget.com/2008/02/29/i...down-by-apple/

    PF EDIT: An update from Electronista looks like this method of delivery for apps will only be adhered to by Apple in regards to FOR PAY apps. Free apps will not have to be released through iTunes, nor will they be subject to the same scrutinizing and approval from Apple.
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    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Well, your prose is eloquent.

      But yah, I suppose this was an obvious move - I never thought it would be any other way. They're too tight on the security on the iPhone/iPod Touch to go from "no third party apps" to "anyone can make anything and deliver it however they'd like". That may come down the road, but this was the obvious step for them.
    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      in my opinion the very issue lies in the fact that so many people not only expected this but seem to find of acceptable. If nobody makes a stink about such issues apple will continue to exploit the consumer. Yes, I said exploit!
    1. ahmadj's Avatar
      ahmadj -
      well, i guess good thing we have jailbreaks.
    1. s2k's Avatar
      s2k -
      i loled at people when they are like sdk is coming out no more need for installer
    1. ryan christopher's Avatar
      ryan christopher -
      pretty much expected this.

      installer is where its at
    1. macintoshpie's Avatar
      macintoshpie -
      DUUDDDEE that SUKS! i was so looking forward to this but i guess that since we do have jailbreaking. oh well : (
    1. Malik.1st's Avatar
      Malik.1st -
      guys I knew it from the beginning . Apple and steve are completely out of it . If one of us was the owner of Apple , he would of made the iPhone in everyone hands and around the universe . People do not want to be BLACKMAILED what so ever But I see That we are all blackmailed (((Legaly))) and we ca not do anything about it .

      I believe sometime when the nokia S60 released I myself will give up the iphone . Imagin having a phone full option phone(bluetooth , download anything from the enternet , camea atlest 5M , music with high and load voice , flash enabled , etc ) and touch screen from the leader (Nokia) .

      P.S. how many hours did you guys search the enternet for ways like jailbreaking , unlocking and to find fixes for bugs ?
      I believe that was waste of our time and we should of invist that time for anything useful other than aphone device .
    1. .:MirrorminD:.'s Avatar
      .:MirrorminD:. -
      I agree with everyone in "saw this coming" but the interesting thing in the article is.......

      SDK we see next week will be an incomplete beta, with the full version rolling out in June to coincide with the WWDC
      I knew it wasnt going to be full throttle next week but June?

      WWDC= What Will Devs Create?
    1. kuhnesito's Avatar
      kuhnesito -
      It's apple. what do you expect, if apple made cars they would have the car shut down if you weren't driving it in the type of road they want you to.

      If it weren't only for the fact the iPhone is actualy a pretty good device, I wouldn't use anything apple..ever.
    1. robbpell's Avatar
      robbpell -
      yea i think most of us realy knew this but just hoped for the best but with a jailbreak apps will run much smoother now as they will have to develop the phone to run native apps from now on so our Hack'd apps are realy just getting a performance boast not like any of us where expecting to buy apps just to try them out imagine if you paid for every app you've downloaded through installer/ibrickr even if it was 5$ id be out like $1000
    1. Malik.1st's Avatar
      Malik.1st -
      Quote Originally Posted by kuhnesito View Post
      It's apple. what do you expect, if apple made cars they would have the car shut down if you weren't driving it in the type of road they want you to.
      I am Sure 100% the would do it smiling .
    1. Core627's Avatar
      Core627 -
      Quote Originally Posted by s2k View Post
      i loled at people when they are like sdk is coming out no more need for installer
      I have a friend who keeps telling me I am stupid for jailbreaking and acts as if the SDK is the savior of the iphone.....from the looks of it jailbreaking will continue to be the savior of the iphone...

      I quoted to say that i too loled when reading this and hearing those same words.....
    1. qdabean's Avatar
      qdabean -
      I guess I am right in assuming that because software will only be released on iTunes then for us living in countries outside where the iPhone is officially released will not be able to access this software via iTunes ... that is unless we can somehow obtain a U.S. iTunes account.
    1. pcguysam's Avatar
      pcguysam -
      The irony is that ANYONE who is computer literate in ANY way already has as many 3rd party apps as they will ever need with more coming along every day. I just think that it's funny that Jobs refuses to acknowledge the community of users that has made his product the most popular smart phone on the market meanwhile making him richer than he already was. It's just one more example of corporate America, A.K.A The Man, doing everything in their power to hold us down. If Jobs was very smart, he would employ these people so that they can make his product what it should be OTB instead of what it is.

      As much as I dislike Zibri's past attitudinal issues, thanks for ZiPhone! You really are the man.
    1. mikenificent's Avatar
      mikenificent -
      From a consumer view this sucks, but from a company view this makes perfect sense and is what I expected.

      I also believe once SDK takes off 99% of the free apps we love and feel makes the iphone what it is will disappear anyway. If I had to choose between relying on donations or a payment required and I'm putting a lot of effort into something I'm going with payment required.
    1. Switch07's Avatar
      Switch07 -
      Personally, I'm alright with this. Yes we're all dissapointed that it won't be completely open, but if you didn't expect this, you don't realize you're dealing with apple. But I find people complaining about the iphone and all its faults because apple wants to keep a stable platform and product crazy. People are getting spoiled by the phone. Take a look at other phones in the price range, nothing can even touch some of the things our phone can do. It is revolutionary. Have you tried going back to a regular phone since you got your iphone? It blows!

      Also, Jailbreaking is getting easier and easier. Its literally down to 1 click and waiting a few seconds. Even computer illiterate people can do that. The information is out there and easily available. Developers are putting out better and better apps as time goes on.

      If apple were to completely open up the iphone straight off, we would most likely end up with 80% crap applications that were buggy and that would turn people off to it. Instead their going to let the professional big budget developers in first to set the path and quality standards.

      We will still be able to jailbreak our phones and have all the apps we want. Just on top of that we will be getting quality apps that (SHOULD) be worth paying for.
    1. LGgeek's Avatar
      LGgeek -
      Well seems like a very good reason to keep donating to the folks that have delivered us from evil into the land of the unlocked. Although I haven't used it yet I am donating to Ziphone tonight.
    1. paul_simplifymedia's Avatar
      paul_simplifymedia -
      Hopefully, there will be enough information next week to shift the conversation from the speculative to the concrete. However, what I am wondering most is whether a condition for submitting an app to Apple for release will be to make Apple the sole distributor of that app. We'd prefer not to have to choose between Installer and iTunes.
    1. sailorguido's Avatar
      sailorguido -
      Apple never learns. They never open their stuff and they are terrible at partnering. As much as I love Apple this is why they lost to Microsoft for so many years. I can buy a Windows Mobile phone and put whatever I want on it FOR FREE, because I BOUGHT THE PHONE AND OWN IT. Apple is delusional to tell people what to do with a device THEY paid for. If you want to deny them warranty thats fine, but don't not let them put what they wish on their phone just because you have an ego complex, Steve.
    1. djames04's Avatar
      djames04 -
      I think that you would have to be a complete idiot to believe that any company would allow a product of theirs to be 'Open' to anything not approved by themselves first! What better way to do that than to use iTunes as an installer for the iPhone.

      Even if all Applications are not free via iTunes, at least iTunes is the installer! Think about it. If we can find a way to Jailbreak this phone, don't you think there will be a way to install free applications through iTunes? I would much rather use iTunes than Installer.app.

      And what really makes me upset at every obliterating idiot that expected Apple to make 3rd Party Apps 'open' is this letter from Steve Jobs himself; Posted October 17, 2007:

      PS. Whoever stated Nokia allowing anything on their device, make sure you read the first line on the third paragraph.

      PSS. I also think it is funny when people believe all these 'Inside Sources'. With a company as secretive as Apple, people lose their jobs over this kind of information. I don't believe half of the rumor RSS feeds.

      PSSS. Switch07 makes a valid point. The iPhone is revolutionary, keeping the phone as tightly woven as possible prevents unwanted problems. How about the iPhone knock-off in Japan or wherever that is. Would that have been possible if the phone wasn't capable of being Jailbroken?