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  • Democratic Bill to Require U.S. Sale of Unlocked iPhones
    Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), the chairman of a House telecommunications and Internet panel, doesn't seem to be fond of the AT&T exclusivity of the iPhone here in the U.S. if you live in massachusetts you should keep voting for this guy ^_^

    If you think back a few months you'll remember when unlocked iPhones went for sale in Germany by T-mobile and in France by Orange.

    Following the European rule which requires unlocked versions of phones to be sold if this U.S. Bill passes you'll see unlocked iPhones sold by law. This is because Bill's the draft has the wording providers " . . . shall offer to consumers the opportunity to purchase subsidy-free wireless customer equipment." If you would like to read the Bill in full check out the 27 page pdf.

    Of course if such a Bill passes AT&T will be sure to fire up and find a loophole to the law just as T-Mobile did in Germany in order to retain their exclusivity.

    If this Bill passes it would be great news to those that want an unlocked iPhone but are afraid to mod and unlock or are unwilling to switch carriers to AT&T.

    I wonder what Apple's reaction would be if this Bill passes. I would guess they wouldn't be too pleased considering that AT&T purportedly pays Apple in excess of $400 per iPhone per two year contract. Odds are that if this bill passes the unlocked iPhone will cost significantly more to make up for the loss of this revenue.

    [news.com via iphonealley]

    thanks meisterlumpi
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    1. ddfilms's Avatar
      ddfilms -
      Quote Originally Posted by dale1v View Post
      I think I should say: its perfectly legal to unlock a phone. Apple will do the same thing as they did with France; they'll make it unusable outside the country of origin... So, not really "unlocked".
      It already is legal in the US to unlock any cell phone, the provider is just not "Required to help" you.
    1. defmute's Avatar
      defmute -
      The iPhones that were unlocked came locked and were unlocked when they were connected to iTunes. (I believe)
    1. surfer01's Avatar
      surfer01 -
      I think this bill should pass i have att but would drop them in a hurry if this goes through, i can not stand there customer care or there high rate plans i have been debating for a while now on unlocking my phone and dropping them anyways but im scared about the whole warranty issue. my coworker has t-mobile usa and he has been happy with them, that tzone hack thing is pretty cool saves him alot of money. anyways just my 2cents.
    1. japunlock's Avatar
      japunlock -
      i dont want iphones price to be 1k$
      apple is not that hurt as att since apple is getting exclusivity earnings unitl the bill passes if it does
      about international iphones i got an iphone and im in bolivia it works great on 1.1.3 and Movil GSM network it is already in spanish so i think as far as im concerned iphone is already international
      PS dont forget that apple always learns about their mistakes next time theyll strike harder
    1. travelbytommy's Avatar
      travelbytommy -
      Quote Originally Posted by kpavery View Post
      Isn't this what they did when they were forced to sell unlocked iPhones in either France or Germany (can't remember which)? They charged 999euros instead of 600euros.
      Although I am not a huge fan of AT&T, I did switch to their service since you can't get an iPhone with CDMA (I was with Verizon). On the bright side though...AT&T really gets screwed on this since the unlocked iphones, even if sold for more, would benefit apple and not the carrier. (Minus apple's $18 per month cut or whatever it ended up being)
    1. GenghisPhlip's Avatar
      GenghisPhlip -
      Here we go again. For some reason people want a big government to punish big business for being successful. Butt out senator! If we want our phones unlocked then we'll unlock them. Why is it that so many laws are passed to protect the ignorant?