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    , and
  • Back up and running.
    We are happy to be back after a move to some new servers. Please post any issues here.

    Keep in mind things still need configuring

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    1. fat x nub's Avatar
      fat x nub -
      FIANLLY! i was going to suggest new servers awhile ago but i didnt want to be rude ...im glad u guys are up and runnign again!
    1. woox's Avatar
      woox -
      hey guys just curious how much do you pay for hosting? I am willing to donate to help out!
    1. DisownedPenny's Avatar
      DisownedPenny -
      is it sad that i felt like i lost most of my iPhone modding/hacking/whatever want to call it skills when this site was unavailable? haha
      wow i just logged on one day and was like WTF????
      but its ok now....=)
    1. y0haan's Avatar
      y0haan -
      Rock on, i'm glad this site is back. It felt odd going to other sites trying to look for stuffz.
    1. Up Sol 7's Avatar
      Up Sol 7 -
      Spent the weekend thinking...
      "what am I missing, why are they so swamped I can't get on...? " MUCH faster smoother log in and page changes. Great job.
    1. Mikeisgjbmx's Avatar
      Mikeisgjbmx -
      OMG the site is indeed loading faster

    1. mikerzt's Avatar
      mikerzt -
      welcome back. i was dying without this place lol
    1. wine_guy's Avatar
      wine_guy -
      Nice, cody. Way faster indeed. You da man.
    1. mofolo's Avatar
      mofolo -
      wee! finnally everything is running smoothly.
      no 30 minute wait to post a reply.

      Thanks for updating the servers!
    1. PeterP's Avatar
      PeterP -
      I know this is most likely a Vodafone issue, but it's odd.

      I can access the site with no problems from office PC, but gat a "Safari can't find the server." error when I try to access the site on my MBP, through a Vodafone (UK) WAN card.


    1. Dimension's Avatar
      Dimension -
      glad u guys are on a new sever major improvement!!!
    1. pcuserforever's Avatar
      pcuserforever -
      WTF? i'm glad you guys are back up. i was ready to slash my wrists and i said to myself........"self, hit refresh one more time!" and there it was, the fastest loading MMI site yet!
      Praise be Cash and PF!
    1. thenamcam's Avatar
      thenamcam -
      glad you are back!
    1. makesmoves's Avatar
      makesmoves -
      I'm glad you're back mmi. I'm glad the community is once again together. Family is important. Sticking it to restrictions on the iPhone is important. There are other sites, but none that feel like home like modmyi.com :::sniff sniff:::
    1. spoofdogg's Avatar
      spoofdogg -
      Spoofdogg does the "Balki Dance of Joy"

      Thanks Guys!
      I spent the weekend going through withdrawals.

      Any news on copy/paste yet? ARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    1. ucim2cute's Avatar
      ucim2cute -
      Yaaaay! Yep! Seriously faster! Weeeeeeeee!

      I'm happy again! Thanks!
    1. DarkMirc's Avatar
      DarkMirc -
      well about time lol anyway new just in 114 released looks like bug fixes check it out
    1. screamforme02's Avatar
      screamforme02 -
      im liking the new servers can actually post and switch pages. good times. thanks alot you guys rule!!
    1. mgarciap's Avatar
      mgarciap -
      For the past few weeks it was becoming quite troubling to access most of MMI pages (specially Home, Forums, and Guides).

      Everything seems to work as of today and the speeds are fast!

      thanks again
    1. dinky's Avatar
      dinky -
      Wow, so much faster today! Yeah!!! Thanx guys. Glad it's better than ever!