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  • OS X GUIDE: Get your iPhone to 1.1.3 easily, Unlock/Jailbreak/Activate

    Pretty much the only guide you need at the moment.

    NOTE: When this was written, 1.1.3 was the current firmware version. This does NOT work with 1.1.4 yet. Wait for a 1.1.4 solution if you're already on 1.1.4.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: OS X GUIDE: Get your iPhone to 1.1.3 easily, Unlock/Jailbreak/Activate started by Kyle Matthews View original post
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    1. stefman's Avatar
      stefman -
      Worked like a charm! Thanks to all that made this happen
    1. ihole's Avatar
      ihole -
      Has anyone found a way to fix the youtube and locator?
    1. maXimus's Avatar
      maXimus -
      Great guide!
    1. percusso's Avatar
      percusso -
      It worked like a charm. Jailbroken unlocked iPhone running 1.1.1 with 3.9BL successfully upgraded to Jailbroken, unlocked iPhone running 1.1.3. The only apps I've noticed so-far that don't work in 1.1.3 are AudioAmp and SwirlyMMS. Everything else I use works fine so-far: AFP, Apollo, BossPrefs, BSD Subsystem, Community Sources, Installer, MobileToDoList, Search, Sudoku, Summerboard, Taskbar Notifier, VNSea, VoiceNotes. Awesome guys - thanks!!
    1. OutOfMyLeague's Avatar
      OutOfMyLeague -
      there seems to be conflicting answers to this question. but i had a jailbroken iphone with the 3.9 bootloader. i upgraded to 1.1.3 firmware and it is no longer jailbroken. if i am using a mac with tiger os x with this method work yet or are we still waiting for another update? and all i want to do is jailbreak it, not unlock.
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      I believe this is not Tiger compatible, but go to ziphone.org and download the current version and test.
    1. iPhone_Killa's Avatar
      iPhone_Killa -
      I sold my old iPhone and went out and bought a new one sat. 4.6BL and 1.1.3FW. Went home downloaded ZiPone V2.4 for windows and also had to install .NET 2.0 Mobile Frameworks I think it was. Ne ways within 4mins the phone was completely unlocked. Using it on T-Mobile and everything works great.. Figured out how to do Ringtones through iTunes for free and works great also..
    1. empurium's Avatar
      empurium -
      Just wanted to report success! I have FINALLY upgraded from 1.0.2 (BL 3.9) to 1.1.3! Both ZiPhone and anySIM worked without a single error or problem, just as smoothly as your guide.

      Thank you so much!! You made everything easy once again!
    1. khoon's Avatar
      khoon -
      Folks, I used Ziphone GUI 1.1 to jailbreak my OTB 1.1.2 BB 4.02.13_G and BL 4.6_M3S2 (phone was manufactured week 3 in 2008). On the first pass, I just jailbroke and everything worked fine - including Google My Location. Subsequently, I used the same ZiPhone GUI to unlock the phone as well - this time I lost the Google My Location function. I understand that the older releases of Ziphone GUI had an issue with Google My Location. Can someone clarify whether the latest release (2.4) will fix this issue? I am currently on AT&T and only unlocked the phone for an overseas trip.

      Also, if I wanted to revert back to the non-jailbroken firmware 1.1.3 I understand I just shift + restore to the 1.1.3 file through iTunes - how do I lock my phone back again if I decide I want to toe the line with Steve Jobs???? Isn't this also called "re-virginizing" the phone?
    1. maritimeswimmer's Avatar
      maritimeswimmer -
      i cant see how to keep my baseband to 04.03 instead of 04.02 after unlocking the iphone using ziphone is there a way that ziphone can be fixed for this i really want to use my locate me feature straight from google maps!


      Alright lads right after my last post i decided to try the gui for the windows edition. well i tried it on a dell running windows XP, i got some good news it worked and i think that the mac version its kinda not doing the right thing cause my 04.03 baseband stayed the same after i did the unlock using the Windows Version.

      So remember to restore the iphone and then try the Ziphone GUI on a PC instead of a mac!

      cheers, Maritimeswimmer!

      Please thank me if did helped you out haha, lol!
    1. randy182's Avatar
      randy182 -
      Just successfully upgraded from 1.1.1 (OTB 1.0.2) by using Ziphone 2.4 OSX (Tiger friendly) and Anysim 1.1.3. Interesting thing to mention was I got this "Error: iphone returned" message in the status column twice when the phone's already jailbroken and activated...don't know what's up with that but anyways everything worked out fine and thanks for the guide!
    1. Philbert's Avatar
      Philbert -
      Uh, it says it's for mac only, how could it be the only guide I need?
    1. OutOfMyLeague's Avatar
      OutOfMyLeague -
      so i got my iphone june 29th, upgraded all the way to 1.1.3 firmware and am using tiger os x. i downlaoded the 2.4 version of ziphone and using this guide http://www.iclarified.com/entry/comm...commentsanchor i was able to jailbreak and activate phone still on at&t. summerboard works but it seems that not all themes offered from installer work. that is the only thing i have tried so far.
    1. Sbgi's Avatar
      Sbgi -
      hey poetic,
      Thanks for all your help in the past. I have a valid att account but still unlock to use in Canada. Following your latest guide, if i ssh into the phone and upload that lockdownd file do you know if I will be able to switch sims easily? I undestand that itunes puts its own lockdownd file on the phone when it activates my phone after the update, and so I need to replace it.
      And finally which version lockdownd file to use, is there only one? Or does it differ depending on what version firmware the phone is running after I have unlocked.
      The last time I did this was to upgrade and unlock 1.1.1. So i just would like clarification on whether the same lockdownd file procedure still works?
    1. Clay63's Avatar
      Clay63 -
      How Soon will you have it
    1. feverfive's Avatar
      feverfive -
      Has anyone successfully used this GUI version on 1.1.4 yet?
    1. dementho's Avatar
      dementho -
      worked great for me....
      1.1.2 oob and itunes updated iphone now unlocked, jailbroken, activated