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  • 1.1.3 Jailbreak Goes Public!
    Per NateTrue's blog, the 1.1.3 jailbreak is official! UPDATE: The jailbreak is now for Windows and OS X both. Here's the OS X jailbreak download. (non-member mirror)

    You must have a 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 jailbroken iPhone already for this to work (or jailbreak yours).

    Here's the brief details, before we get our full guide up:

    - Start with a 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 jailbroken phone with Installer.app installed.
    - Plug in your phone via USB to your computer.
    - Download, extract, and run iBrickr Special 1.1.3 jailbreak edition (non-member mirror) (ibrickr.exe in the archive).
    - iBrickr will determine what firmware you are running on your phone and make sure you can run the update.
    - iBrickr will then guide you through the process of obtaining and modifying the 1.1.3 firmware (make sure to read everything thoroughly).
    - iBrickr will upload the new firmware image to your phone. Note that this only puts the file on your phone and does not modify it at all, yet.
    - When iBrickr finishes (should take about 10 minutes), it will tell you to go to Installer and install the "1.1.3 soft upgrade" package. Do that.
    - When the installer finishes (this should take another 10-15 minutes), your phone should reboot with a fresh activated 1.1.3 firmware.
    Note: There is a bit of controversy surrounding this release. It seems NateTrue and the iPhone Dev Team have parted ways over this release - they believe the legality is questionable, NateTrue believes it is within rights. MMi remains neutral until more info is released. At the moment, it seems there's a rumble in the Bronx, so to speak.

    Update: from NateTrue:
    And zdziarski thinks there's more in the patches than there really is. It's just identifying pieces, so that the patcher software knows where to cut and paste and modify. And some kernel caches. Nothing big.
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    1. kriffer's Avatar
      kriffer -
      ok well i was at 1.1.3 unjailbroken, so i downgraded, to 1.1.1 which i had troubling getting out of recovery mode, so i downgraded down to 1.0.2 then used ibrckr to get out of recovery mode, now its at the activate iphone screen but also says
      "Incorrect SIM" etc etc.... thing is, i dont have an unlcoked phone, its the right sim, so i dont get it... sry if someone mentioned it already, but 15 pgs is a little much to go through... help please... trying to get to 1.1.3 jailbroken
    1. grantmaier687's Avatar
      grantmaier687 -
      Doesn't anyone read? We've known that all the 3rd party apps would need to be modified to work in 1.1.3 because they run in a new directory. And who came up with the idea that this just adds 1.1.3 features to 1.1.2? This is a soft upgrade to 1.1.3. You're not running 1.1.2 in any way, shape, or form when you upgrade. Take the time to read before you start asking questions that have already been answered, some of them in the same thread!
    1. hormigo's Avatar
      hormigo -
      after 1.1.3 jb i get no sound phone. It only happens with the ringtones (marimba...), not with any other sound or text message sound.

      Any idea?
    1. penmoid's Avatar
      penmoid -
      Posting to confirm that iSolitaire (pretty much the only app I use anymore) works fine in 1.1.3.

      Also posting to say that I'm a Mac user and installed this through Parallels and it worked just fine.

      I'm going to echo the sentiment that you should uninstall all your old apps before you run this jailbreak.

      Thanks NateTrue!
    1. bigcat's Avatar
      bigcat -
      Could any one confirm that starting with a 1.1.2 OTB upgraded to 1.1.3 via iTunes to get new baseband, then downgraded to 1.1.2, and upgraded back via 1.1.3 jailbreak, will get all functions including Phone, google locator, new itunes, etc. I dont need unlock. AT&T customer.

      Someone posted it did not work him/her. Has anyone been successful?
    1. kmac1622's Avatar
      kmac1622 -
      It works but Summerboard cannot be unistalled and Customize cannot be Installed but all other apps are fine
    1. whot's Avatar
      whot -
      ok, i read through 17 pages of this thread, but i still havent found an answer im looking for. Does the next sim, stealthsim solutions work? i'm using a china 3gpp card, would that work as well?
    1. A_SWELLGUY's Avatar
      A_SWELLGUY -
      download nate trues ibrikr for 1.1.3 and follow directions carefully. be sure to uninstall all apps prior to your 1.1.3 jailbreak so that the can be installed in the correct folder. if you skip this process you will have all your apps in the wrong folder and will not be able to use them. If you run Ibrickr for 1.1.3 you will be promted with the instruction you need be sure to read the post and im sure you will have no problems. do the research and everything should work fine. your phone will be able to stay unlocked if it was unlocked prior but you will not be able to use google location due to the fact that you are not upgrading your bootloader/baseband if your on att you should be able to use it. customize needs to be installed via ssh but be sure to uninstall your app prior to all this upgrade stuff! iphone has created a app folder with the 1.1.3 update and prior to that installer had to create one thats why we needed springboard for scrolling and what not. now that apple has created features to add apps the springboard is all set up and new folders for apps have already been created..

      summerboard was created to add scrolling and to add themes and what not now that the 1.1.3 version adds scrolling and other options summerboard had to reconfigure their files to be able to work with the new upgrades it should only be a matter of time before apps are updated for the 1.1.3 changes

      This is only info that i have come up with so it might not work for everyone but be sure to thank me if it does! thanks for the info everyone!

    1. bigcat's Avatar
      bigcat -
      who are you replying to?

      Quote Originally Posted by kmac1622 View Post
      It works but Summerboard cannot be unistalled and Customize cannot be Installed but all other apps are fine
    1. DVB+'s Avatar
      DVB+ -
      This is big step foward...We got 113.102 and it is still premature, Nate u the man...U got some balls ... After reading this 17 pages i decide to take a nap and do this tommorow...Is it worth the hype, sure it is...But i still need a condom for my 112oob (as far as i understand) so far what is the point ? My advice for everyone is to read before u do anything u have not done before...Good Luck
    1. kuhnesito's Avatar
      kuhnesito -
      Hey one question, why after all this, (working fine btw) in my iTunes it shows that I have6.70gb free and 497mb used of "Other" stuff
    1. eurom3r's Avatar
      eurom3r -
      Yessss! Im finally 1.1.3 jailbroken!
    1. Knolly's Avatar
      Knolly -
      Is anyone else not able to download/install the soft upgrade from Installer? I've been trying for the last two hours with no success...
    1. khaledelfeki's Avatar
      khaledelfeki -
      Quote Originally Posted by Happy Noodle Boy View Post
      You two need to learn how to type and use your shift key. Your rampart disregard of basic grammar rules is just offensive at this point.
    1. A_SWELLGUY's Avatar
      A_SWELLGUY -
      "whot" from what i have read it does work for your next sim or stealth sim the ibrickr software update does not change your baseband/bootloader. so technically your running a 1.1.2 with 1.1.3 features im really not sure on the exact specs because i havent jailbroken a iphone with next sim of stealth but you shouldnt have any problems I reccomend that you wait for the dev teams full version of the jailbreak before you do unlock if you dont have a att sim because restoring your bootloader/baseband is a pain if all you have is a next sim or stealth..
    1. nkoul_96's Avatar
      nkoul_96 -
      Sp thers a 1.1.3 jailbreak but not a unlock software for 1.1.2 ootb yet ?
    1. anthonyeads's Avatar
      anthonyeads -
      Quote Originally Posted by madethisaccount4ibricker View Post
      how can i get 1.1.3 soft upgrade its not in the sources. and to add to that, i havent had ANY new sources for a whole week.
      When you are in installer go to your sources list and hit the refresh button. After that go to recently added and it should be in there.
    1. kuhnesito's Avatar
      kuhnesito -
      OK I found out that there "image" was still in my phone, i went in thru SSH and deleted the folder called "soft upgrade" or whatever. now I deleted 300 mb but I still have 196mb used and I dont know where those are
    1. robgomz's Avatar
      robgomz -
      i Have finals too! it sucks i just checked the site and im very excited!! i would do it if i didnt have HW.
      responsability comes first!, thats how i got my iPhone in the first place.
    1. law111's Avatar
      law111 -
      Quote Originally Posted by kuhnesito View Post
      Hey one question, why after all this, (working fine btw) in my iTunes it shows that I have6.70gb free and 497mb used of "Other" stuff
      Why does it even matter? Sorry I mean this in a nice way, i just think that's irrelevant, sorry.

      Edit: Sorry, if you're before the 1.1.3 soft upgrade, ignore.