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  • iTunes 7.6 + iPhone update 1.1.3 Out!!!

    need i say more?

    update - here's what you want to know:
    • Its not jailbroken. You WILL lose all your 3rd party apps if you upgrade.
    • Its not unlocked. With any method. If you're not using your iPhone with AT&T, and you upgrade right now, you will not have a working phone, and may not be able to fix that for a while.
    • If you've already upgraded to 1.1.3, downgrading to 1.1.2 does NOT work. Supposedly, downgrading to 1.0.2 works, so if you still want a jailbroken iPhone, you'll have to go down to 1.0.2, and follow the usual guides to upgrade to 1.1.2 and jailbreak etc.
    • iTunes 7.6 has no ill effects on 1.1.2 and lower iPhones. Yes, you should upgrade iTunes. Unless you have some other non-iPhone related reason to want to stay on 7.5.
    • ReVan Confirms: After downgrading to FW 1.0.2 using iTunes 7.6 on Windows XP/Vista, AppTapp, wInstaller & iBrickr fails to Jailbreak & Activate the iPhone.
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    1. MOSHO92's Avatar
      MOSHO92 -
      Quote Originally Posted by chrissurra View Post
      Id remove your phone # from there

      Thanks, done...
    1. mjmills's Avatar
      mjmills -
      Hey, really trying not to be the noob of the year! Has anyone tried this with an unlocked and jailbreaked iPhone, or is it just jailbreaked ones so far?
    1. Hondamaker's Avatar
      Hondamaker -
      Quote Originally Posted by chrissurra View Post
      You have to install the new itunes to get the 1.1.3 update. Im downloading 1.1.3 now its getting slammed right now.
      Not correct--I downloaded the new 1.1.3 update, then discovered and downloaded the new iTunes update.
    1. screamforme02's Avatar
      screamforme02 -
      did it remove 3rd party apps or wht happened? details man details.lol
    1. cybergeek2021's Avatar
      cybergeek2021 -
      is 1.1.3 stil jailbroken???
      plz tell
    1. Micara57's Avatar
      Micara57 -
      Alright, so if we update to the new itunes, and update the firmware our phones are still Jailbroken and we can use them (meaning not bricked). And nothing has changed or effected the phone. Right? Please answer if you have already updated with a previously jailbroken iPhone.
    1. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
      Bernie-Mac -
      If you used Make It Mine does your custom carrier logo make it through the update?
    1. influence22's Avatar
      influence22 -
      were is the link on itunes for the 64 bit edition?
    1. jasunto's Avatar
      jasunto -
      i just want to know if i update over my 1.1.2 jailbroken first made iphone if it will be fine and if it does stop jailbreak i dont want it to leave the apps on the hard drive wasting space as other in itunes
    1. Adamos's Avatar
      Adamos -
      Now let the hacking begin! Hopefully the dev team won't just rest on their laurels...
      A lot of us have been waiting for an otb 1.1.2 unlock since ages. I personally don't really care about itunes update and not much about the new fw either but i can hardly wait to get rid of my Nokia and use the phone funct within the iPhone. Dear community please keep up the good work!
    1. jasunto's Avatar
      jasunto -
      could do hypersim, i did it for this girl and she loves it
    1. cybergeek2021's Avatar
      cybergeek2021 -
      i am downloading the itunes 7.6 now
    1. Micara57's Avatar
      Micara57 -
      Alright so when someone knows this:

      If we can upgrade withut restoring.
      And if we upgrade is everything still ok?

      If someone knows this please let me know or post it here

      Thank You.
    1. Greenkirby21's Avatar
      Greenkirby21 -
      I had a modded, jailbroken iphone (not unlocked). I didn't have to restore. I just hit "update", and everything went perfectly fine.
    1. agentfubu's Avatar
      agentfubu -
      I think I may update later, I have my apps moved to /private/var so I don't think it'll delete them.
    1. Andbert's Avatar
      Andbert -
      Is it possible to upgrade a jailbroken iPhone with firmware 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 without that the Phone get locked?(Just emergencycalls?)
    1. MOSHO92's Avatar
      MOSHO92 -
      Ive seen too many posts asking these questions. Lets clear it up for good so we don't fill fifty pages asking the same questions over and over.
      • iTunes version 7.6 doesn't ruin anything for jailbroken 1.1.2. Free ringtone workaround sill works. Syncing still works on jailbroken and modded 1.1.2 iPhones.
      • Free ringtone workaround DOES work on 1.1.3
      • There is currently no jailbreak solution for 1.1.3. Erica Sadun has tried oktoprep and a symlink, but neither look too hopeful in their current form.
      • I was able to do a simple upgrade to go from jailbroken 1.1.2 to jailed 1.1.3, a restore doesn't seem necessary to get the upgrade.
      • Jobs was wearing a brown, not black, turtleneck for the keynote and did not come back with a 'one more thing...'. He has obviously been replaced by a robot.

      Best of luck devs.
    1. pingwhen's Avatar
      pingwhen -
      Seriously y is everyone asking the same questions???? If u upgrade everything will stay there but it will be locked were gonna have to wait for a jailbreak. Unless it stays jailbroken whitch I highly doug because no one has said other wise.
    1. UV RAYS's Avatar
      UV RAYS -
      yow, is there an unlock method yet????
    1. aaauustiinnn's Avatar
      aaauustiinnn -
      i have a 1.1.2 att jailbroken fone and if i update to 1.1.3 will it brick my phone or will it still work with my apps

      Quote Originally Posted by colbyb25 View Post
      Was your iphone Jail broken? Loose Installer? Any Issues with updating from a jailbroken iphone?
      yeaa for real what happened when u updated with a ajailbroken 1.1.2