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  • Keynote - 1.1.3 rumors true!

    Turns out the 1.1.3 rumors are true. Steve just announced
    • Maps with locations
    • Webclips
    • Customizable home screens
    • SMS multiple people at once
    • Chapters, subtitles, and language support in video
    • Lyrics support in audio.

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    1. tuomas92's Avatar
      tuomas92 -
      Sweet. I hope this doesn't break ***SIM-solutions...
    1. nate94gt's Avatar
      nate94gt -
      Quote Originally Posted by tuomas92 View Post
      Sweet. I hope this doesn't break ***SIM-solutions...
      it will.
    1. mikenificent's Avatar
      mikenificent -
      Looks like update will be available today.

      would be more tempting if there was an included ichat. I don't know though.
    1. cWanja's Avatar
      cWanja -
      It will break the SIM unlocks it just depends on what company you used to unlocked it. Hopefully iPhoneSIMFree unlock keeps.
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      ipod touchers get the opportunity to pay $20 for the apps that should have already been there: mail, stocks, notes, weather, maps
    1. hosies's Avatar
      hosies -
      at last! do u start praying for an unlock for the 112? or am i old news? hope not!
    1. praz's Avatar
      praz -
      i can predict the future .... i can see more of 1.1.3 unlock? threads coming up very soon :P
    1. ep3hatch03's Avatar
      ep3hatch03 -
      maybe its' time to pick up a 1.1.2 from the store before the new one comes out.

      and it donesn't seem like it's going to have 3G or bigger hard drive?
    1. ballaholyk84's Avatar
      ballaholyk84 -
      iTunes Movie Rentals launches today in the U.S. International will launch later this year. Software updates for iPods and iTunes will be forthcoming
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      Touchstone, Miramax, MGM, Lionsgate, Newline, FOx, WB, Disney, Paramount, Universal, Sony all on board with itunes movie rentals, which you can watch from anywhere including your iphone and ipod touch
    1. jerrykid323's Avatar
      jerrykid323 -
      does he mention what time it will be available!!!
    1. cWanja's Avatar
      cWanja -
      Dudes, this needs to stay on 1.1.3 talk.
    1. hosies's Avatar
      hosies -
      although im a bit skeptical. after revealing all what is needed in the new update to be able to unlock the older version, will apple be so kind and offer all what the dev team has asked for in 1.1.3? (new baseband..etc etc... dunno the rest)
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      AppleTV Take 2 sounds awesome. And loving the iPhone update, now if it just updated
    1. macky801's Avatar
      macky801 -
      So from what I hear, Nate True did give a copy of 1.1.3 to the Dev Team..so did they found a jailbreak or any implications for it?


      I know this is a little off topic, but PF, I have always been curious, what does the <> and BABA stand for in your signature?
    1. B1naryBand1t's Avatar
      B1naryBand1t -
      Not that im planning on it any time soon, in the event someone was wanting to update their jailbreaked 1.1.2 would they have to restore 1st and then update or just fire the update in?

      Now if only the 1.1.3 came with a version of summerboard, then i MIGHT be slightly tempted

      Its going to be an interesting next few days
    1. RaMod's Avatar
      RaMod -
      Still no MMS?! What is wrong with Apple and Jobs? I can't see why not. And what about the camera zoom and video?!

      Ehhh...I give up!!

    1. Hardwired's Avatar
      Hardwired -
      Not that great of an update. 1.1.2 was a good update because of the proc speed and bus speed increase.
    1. cWanja's Avatar
      cWanja -
      Just have to wait and see if the 1.1.3 offers a new baseband.
    1. dallasnights's Avatar
      dallasnights -
      Well now if someone can HACK the APPS for Putting Favorites on the Springboard automatically and the GPS via GOOGLE we wont need 1.13

      anyone getting started