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  • Keynote - 1.1.3 rumors true!

    Turns out the 1.1.3 rumors are true. Steve just announced
    • Maps with locations
    • Webclips
    • Customizable home screens
    • SMS multiple people at once
    • Chapters, subtitles, and language support in video
    • Lyrics support in audio.

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    1. deadwilder's Avatar
      deadwilder -
      What about MMS? Seriously, that should have been on the first version of the iPhone.
    1. imnotfunny's Avatar
      imnotfunny -
      apple is so busy tryin to lock out the hackers that they are not giving us decent updates..... the super retarded irony is that we are modding our phones for the apps promised.... i think we are all test dummies for the sdk..... smh
    1. macky801's Avatar
      macky801 -

      possible hardware unlock
    1. ajl917's Avatar
      ajl917 -
      Quote Originally Posted by macky801 View Post
      Its a step...
    1. xfsasx's Avatar
      xfsasx -
      i noticed if you double tap on a zoomed in page it kinda does a "page down" feature

      If you go near the bottom of the page and double tap it will scroll down a little or if you go near the top it scrolls up a little. I never noticed that before so im not sure if thats new but just so people know!
    1. NetMage's Avatar
      NetMage -
      Double-tap scroll was in Safari before.