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  • online iphone flash converter
    I'm not a big fan of online apps, but this seems pretty cool. Add this javascript bookmark to your iphone and you can now view some flash content.

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    1. mofolo's Avatar
      mofolo -
      Awesome Awesome Awesome!
      Probably the only webapp i'll ever use.
    1. makesmoves's Avatar
      makesmoves -
      So how does this work? Do you load this bookmark when you want to view flash on other sites? How do you incorporate it into everyday use? If I reload the page I have to hit the link again. Can I use it to see flash somewhere else and if so how?

    1. nate94gt's Avatar
      nate94gt -
      doesnt work w/ pandora.
      Cool i guess :shrug:
    1. titeo's Avatar
      titeo -
      nice little webapp.
    1. pianoman173's Avatar
      pianoman173 -
      I tried to just add a bookmark, then change the url to the script and when i clicked it it didnt seem to work. The little grey circle was spinning but when it stopped nothing happened. Has this happened to anyone?
    1. macky801's Avatar
      macky801 -
      cant seem to get it to work...
    1. unplug's Avatar
      unplug -
      same thing
      i dont think i installed it right
      on the google page it said
      drag and then sync??
    1. deadwilder's Avatar
      deadwilder -
    1. yomommah's Avatar
      yomommah -
      wootz! This rokz!
      ps: any way to bookmark this through the iphone?

      Edit: make a bookmark and edit the address to the "working booklet" code on this page
    1. macky801's Avatar
      macky801 -
    1. yomommah's Avatar
      yomommah -
      Omg i figured it out!!! what u do is go to the page w/ the link or whatever and you select the bookmark from you bookmark set and give it a sec and itll load!!! Ive tried it and it works!!! (lil jon) YEAHHH!!!
      ps: it only works if you see the incompatibility icon (the blue lego) it wont work in places like youtube for the computer unfortunatly...
    1. unplug's Avatar
      unplug -
      i still cant get it to work..maybe sum1 can do it step by step...my main thing is i dont understand the bookmark and sync

      also will i be able to watch tv-shows by streaming it/buffer...
      off sites like alluc.org
    1. yomommah's Avatar
      yomommah -
      Make a bookmark of anything on your pod, then edit its address (after its created) to be the code mackey put up. I recommend using a psp, computer or whatever to look at the address so you dont have to go back and forth in safari. one youve done it perfectly, rename it whatever you want and place it whereever you want. Then when your on a page with an imbedded vid just go go bookmarks, (the folder its in), the bookmark (whatever you named it) and wait a few secs. Then itll give you the link to it in pod format

      Also im pretty sure when it says "%20" you can do space and it will change it for you (i have no clue on this one but %27 might be tab, but i have no clue)

      i think it only works with imbedded youtube vids only
    1. BEEKS's Avatar
      BEEKS -
      i've tried......but i still dont get it
    1. novi's Avatar
      novi -
      helo i did the same thing..i add to my favorites and sync my iphone..there it goes to my bookmarks then i tried to open this page with same icon shown in the page then i go to bookmarks and press it but nothing happened
    1. mofolo's Avatar
      mofolo -
      It easy.

      Go to: http://joemaller.com/2008/01/12/itransmogrify/

      Where it says: On an iPhone? Try it now: iTransmogrify! < Right click and "Save as Favorites"

      Sync your IE Explorer bookmarks with your Iphone.

      You will have a Bookmark saying "iTransmogrify!"

      Click that whenever you see the broken (?) Block on your iphone use it.
      But it only works with youtube flash.

      and of course, if the youtube video has not been converted from FLV to H.264 by the youtube team, it'll just stay Spinning on the Youtube.app
      Best of luck.
    1. ajl917's Avatar
      ajl917 -
      Is there anyway to get the iPhone to just sync to a specific folder in my IE favorites because I have soo many favorites that I dont feel like deleting, but I dont need them. Like I was just going to make a folder, and put iTransmogrify in it and sync, but it wants to sync all of Internet Explorer...
    1. taxbax's Avatar
      taxbax -
      dumb. only works if there is an ipod formatted video on the server. when are we going to get a server side .flv to .mp4 converter for all our streaming tv show sites?
    1. julianqm2's Avatar
      julianqm2 -
      ehh it only works with youtube vids... but its a start
    1. canadoc's Avatar
      canadoc -
      no brackets available on iphone to do this so it means having to sync bookmarks
      but i hava gazillion bookarks on my puter i dont need or want on my phone.
      only want the one for ths!!!1