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  • Your iPhone Listens to Music Too? Listen.app
    Erica Sudan has come up with another little ingenious app called Listen. Believe it or not, just hold your iphone up to some music, and your iphone will happily list the song, artist and album! Never again will you have to ask everyone around you "what's that song again?"

    For now you can visit Erica's Site to download and then install manually but Ste Packaging should have it on their installer source very soon. Very Cool App!

    [via tuaw] thanks Erica for the tip . . . and the app of course

    edit: Ste has it up on his installer source now
    second edit: if you like it give it some digg love

    third edit: the service is disabled for good it looks like. the owners of the music db apparently don't like people freely accessing it.
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    1. asma123's Avatar
      asma123 -
      what are the permissions I need to set it to and which files?
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      its on installer now
    1. mnmx32's Avatar
      mnmx32 -
      WOW, it successfully guessed God is an Astronaut, The Advantage, Orbital, and Cursive. Amazing new app.
    1. DisownedPenny's Avatar
      DisownedPenny -
      ya i cant get this to work either....

    1. jaredb03's Avatar
      jaredb03 -
      not working so good for me, it thought "30 seconds to mars - attack" was "Kelly Clarkson - since you've been gone".
    1. Daerid's Avatar
      Daerid -
      For those of you having issues making this work, try holding the iPhone farther away from your speakers. I have found that if you hold it >2" from the speaker you will get better results. I would guess that it is distorting the sound, thus not able to match it to any music on the servers, if you hold the phone too close to the speakers...

      My 2 cents...
    1. DisownedPenny's Avatar
      DisownedPenny -
      what firmware are you guys running?
      im on 1.1.1
    1. iMacMar's Avatar
      iMacMar -
      This app is the most amazing thing ever.. I went through my music collection on itunes for about an hour it got all song except maybe four and those were like mixtape songs.. I cant wait to show this off to all the iPhone haters i got.. This app made me feel like i was playin with one of those Q20 toys i doubted this and 90% of the time it work wow this is just amazing

      Oh im running 1.1.2
    1. stefman's Avatar
      stefman -
      Can't seem to find it on installer.app and I do have the STE source. Maybe I'll wait.

      Sounds like a great app!
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
    1. se7endreams's Avatar
      se7endreams -
      Lovin' it, basically recognized almost all of the songs I played.
    1. fuzzy's Avatar
      fuzzy -
      I assume you have to be online - wifi or EDGE/GPRS for it to work, correct?
    1. mesallem's Avatar
      mesallem -
      does this app work with the t-zones hack, i can only get it to work on wifi
    1. marwantayan's Avatar
      marwantayan -
      I tried it with an old songs, it worked fine, it is great, but it won't working with non-English song ???? I think !!!!
    1. simonsix's Avatar
      simonsix -
      She is really something.
      god bless you Erica
    1. benne's Avatar
      benne -
      Listen crashed after a few tries on 1.1.2 and now the speaker doesn't work anymore (earphones do). Anyone else got the same problem?

      edit: After 1 reboot he was still off, but 3 solved it. He is on again. Never had a speaker issue before. I don't know whether it was associated with Listen (besides the time it did happen).
    1. Rustynuts's Avatar
      Rustynuts -
      omg this app is awesome, just instaled it while at work and first song I tried it on it worked straight away..

    1. rugbrn's Avatar
      rugbrn -
      wow....speechless.... this works flawlessly for me..
    1. stefman's Avatar
      stefman -
      managed to install it. It works great! It's amazing! Erica, you're a godess!
    1. zajaco0's Avatar
      zajaco0 -
      I wish mine worked. It is stuck on contacting info server forever. Maybe I'm not giving it a good quality sample. Does your music have to be really loud?

      The idea behind this app is INSANE. Erica and others...great job!