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  • MMi Public Service Announcement - Malicious Installer Source Warning
    It has come to my attention that the people responsible for the JMCO source jmwiki.com have intentionally created a malicious source with the sole intention of mucking up people's iPhones.

    This source adds an app in installer that pretends to be an update of erica's utilities. The app appears in installer as 113 prep.

    Once installed all this app does is it says "shoes." When uninstalled this app removes a lot of files from the /bin directory on the iphone, breaking valid apps like sendfile and other erica utilities.

    ModMyI recommends that you DO NOT install 113 prep. We further recommend that you abandon the use of the JMCO source and remove it from your installer app.

    It is a shame to see that people in our community are set on causing problems for others, their actions are not admirable.

    Help us get out the word to everyone as quickly as possible and Digg This

    Edit: You might note that when I say your bin directory i of course am talking about var/root/bin/ --- Also this source is installed when you instal the Blaze Source.

    Will be updating a list of things this messes up
    • Erica's Utilities
    • OpenSSH
    • Launcher
    • Doom

    After STE (most of the .xml was taken directly from STE packaging but used in a malicious manner) called the number listed on the domain registration it turns out the person who is responsible is actually an 11 year old. STE has talked to his father and has been assured that the site will be removed tonight.

    Update #2:

    The Site hosting the malicious source has been taken down.

    Update #3:

    Symantec has listed this as the first sighting of a malicious iPhone attempt.

    thanks francis and deathhobbit
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    1. kim1406's Avatar
      kim1406 -
      thanks guys for noticing this and informing everyone to take care and becareful when installing apps to the iPhone.
    1. korsow's Avatar
      korsow -
    1. r00t4rd3d's Avatar
      r00t4rd3d -
      LOL @ 11 years old.
    1. Digitol's Avatar
      Digitol -
      11 years old? ZeroCool. :P LOL
    1. mofolo's Avatar
      mofolo -
      hmm! Did Prof. Steve Jobs NOT TELL YOU THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!


      Pfft, c'on seriously..shoes? they've been watching that stupid youtube video.
    1. DVB+'s Avatar
      DVB+ -
      My son will be 5 on Jan31....I was thinking about getting him iPhone...but now i will have to think about it
    1. colacao82's Avatar
      colacao82 -
      If you are one of the people who's iPhone has been damaged by this kids actions is there any chance of being able to sue him/family for damages if we have whois information and address and name details. (Which btw I do).
    1. ajl917's Avatar
      ajl917 -
      Quote Originally Posted by colacao82 View Post
      If you are one of the people who's iPhone has been damaged by this kids actions is there any chance of being able to sue him/family for damages if we have whois information and address and name details. (Which btw I do).
      I was actually wondering this even though my phone is fine. 3rd party apps are usually used at your own risk, but this was made for malicious intent only, so Im assuming you could
    1. florjan's Avatar
      florjan -
      hey guys,
      i understand this is a wtf situation, but please calm down first and think. if the information is true, this was a child.

      please don't start that "i will sue him to hell" program. we can be very happy that it went off like this. let's be glad, that it was no real malware.

      sooner or later we would have to learn that it can be dangerous to install every recent crap from the installer.

      let's stop surfin the web night and day for something new about 1.1.3 and our beloved iPhones. let's get up, take some time for friends and families, a book, a walk or some sport. those of us who installed this "1.1.3 prep" already know who was the idiot in this story. please don't feel offended by my words, but one more time: this was a kid.
      he will have learned something afterwards, we too. perhaps we will be thankful next time something like that happens and we are already warned.

      special "thanks" to those who messed up their iPhones with that - without you others would have experienced the stress you have now. hundreds and thousands of other users are lightning a - virtual - candle for you exactly now.
    1. godzillas14's Avatar
      godzillas14 -
      Yesterday i had to restore myn iphone , this sources F***ed up my phone.
      this source is not good.
    1. skitz's Avatar
      skitz -
      Quote Originally Posted by colacao82 View Post
      If you are one of the people who's iPhone has been damaged by this kids actions is there any chance of being able to sue him/family for damages if we have whois information and address and name details. (Which btw I do).
      3rd party applications, especially in this situation, come with a level of risk. It's up to the user to choose whether or not to install it, and with that choice should come the logical proper research into whether or not the application is a safe one. As far as damages to the iPhone, if I'm understanding correctly, it simply removes files that render other 3rd party applications unusable. If that's true, a simple restore/re-jailbreak would fix the problem, correct, or possibly just re-installing the applications that were damaged?

      Are you suggesting that people should be able to get money out of the perpetrator for losing the functionality of applications that wouldn't be on the phone at all had they not modified the files on their iPhone to begin with?

      Don't get me wrong, I have my iPhone jailbroken and have plenty of 3rd party applications installed, BUT I would never think to sue anybody over any damage done to the iPhone because of 3rd party applications. This is because, as I stated before, it's up to me, the user, to verify the validity of the application before I install it.

      I really hate the "Who can I sue" mentality that most people I've encountered this far in life have, for whatever reason, adopted.
    1. afinite17's Avatar
      afinite17 -
      A shame yes, but are you surprised at this world we live in?
    1. JurisHP's Avatar
      JurisHP -
      Well, I am one of those who mistakenly installed this--I am reluctant to uninstall it because I obviously don't want or mess-up my iPhone--any suggestions? Should I just keep it? How can I uninstall it w/o screwing everything up?
    1. jayc7176's Avatar
      jayc7176 -
      I have 2 words for these Pucker!!!

      "F*%K You"

      Even thought i never installed this but still wtf ! look how much had this community given to one another....

      If these guys have iphones m sure they have come online for a lot of help.! and look what they r doing!! "" if u reading this right now
      "F&%K you "

      May their saczones and their basbands stay F***ked up
    1. shawnie53's Avatar
      shawnie53 -
      if you added this app and are scared of removing it, ssh into your phone to the Applications directory and remove it from there without causing damage to your phone.
    1. JurisHP's Avatar
      JurisHP -
      I tried that, but it doesn't appear in the Applications directory--where exactly is it?
    1. EffeXTC's Avatar
      EffeXTC -
      What a little **** head!

      I'm curious how many apps from the community he has on his phone. Better yet, what's he doing with an iPhone to begin with? He's 11! I wouldn't trust my kid with a $400 phone.

      To go and break the trust of the community is a big no no. We've got guys out there that we trust to mod our basebands and such, and this kid goes out and throws a piece of **** like this out there.

      On the other hand, IMHO, anyone that installs an app aimed at prepping a phone for 1.1.3 right now, kinda had it comming. But still, the trust factor alone is what pisses me off.

      @Digitol: I love the ZeroCool reference! "You took down over 100 iPhones in one day! You crashed the iPhone market."
    1. blazingangel1986's Avatar
      blazingangel1986 -
      why are there always idoits out there ruining a good thing
    1. francis's Avatar
      francis -
      What this 'app' does is it install's Erica's command-line utilities which are all binaries inside /bin/. On uninstall, it will remove these exact same binaries whether or not your had them before. Quite a few apps rely on these binaries so if you uninstall it will possibly break those apps. You do not need to uninstall it, or remove any files as suggested. What you need to do is browse to /private/var/root/Library/Installer/ and look for LocalPackages.plist, download that file to your computer then open it with notepad or TextEdit (never with Microsoft Word), and remove the record for 1.1.3 Prep. If you are unsure how to do this, pm me on the board or contact me on irc.moofspeak.net in #modmyi (or just click the IRC link at the top left of this page) and look for 'francis' (< thats me) and I'll help you get rid of it safely.
    1. DoerrFan's Avatar
      DoerrFan -
      Guys its an 11 year old!
      Says so on TUAW, his dad was notified and its been taken down.
      Hope his dad beats him with a belt.