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  • Camera Pro brings Zoom, Timer, Burst Mode, and more to the iPhone Camera

    Clever cats Makayma Software have developed an app which allows you to have a much fuller set of features on your iPhone's camera. Meant as a replacement app to the iPhone camera, this app runs $19.95 (you can use it free, but you don't get all the features), and includes the following features:

    Free Features:
    • Digital Zoom
    • Black and White
    • Image Size
    • Auto-orientation

    "Premium" Features (stuff you get if you pay the $19.99):
    • Self Timer
    • Burst Mode
    • Silent Shutter (for when you want her to think you're just sending a text )

    "Premium" Features Coming Soon (price will go up to $29.99 then, supposedly):
    • Manual Exposure
    • Shutter Speed
    • Scene Mode

    All in all, a very cool app, stuff Apple should have included from the beginning.

    Available via Installer.
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    1. medafor's Avatar
      medafor -
      this app is not worth paying for. very unstable and buggy on 1.1.2. the zoom is not useable for the fact it blurs and pixelates the hell out of the picture. it's not a true zoom. picture do not save properly. The only cool feature is the black and white which you can do yourself with free photo editing apps. . there are many more useful apps that are free. why would you charge money for something that runs on a firmware hack. It should all be free as it is illegal(violate apples rules) in the first place.
    1. simonsix's Avatar
      simonsix -
      Quote Originally Posted by echo View Post
      The update that was released today (v1.06) has gotten rid of the nag screen and launches straight into the app.

      Auto rotate/landscape orientation still seems to be not working properly. Glad to see the developer is working on it since its "shareware".
      you are right.
      imo they should name the versions 0.6 or something.

      did you replaced the original Camera app with the CameraPro,
      i mean did you make it your default capera app?

      Happy new year All

    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      Rip off. Way too much for way too little. I can turn off the shutter sound myself it's called the photoshutter.caf file.

      Cut your highest price into a third and we'll talk.

      At this price it should come with a tripod to take advantage of the self timer. Just what am I supposed to use to hold the camera up anyway?
    1. zozodouce's Avatar
      zozodouce -
      Rip off is what apple did to us all,they sold us a phone from 600$ to 400$ with none of these features,and now they keep playing with us by given us garbage updates once every ten years.what a joke apple is playing on us all.
    1. blazingangel1986's Avatar
      blazingangel1986 -
      nice seems to be a good imporvement on the stock cam
    1. fat x nub's Avatar
      fat x nub -
      i always wished my phone could do this...i might buy
    1. pixelation03's Avatar
      pixelation03 -
      That's stinkin' awesome. And for right now, would be the first reason I would Jailbrake an iPhone.
    1. javiert30's Avatar
      javiert30 -
      I already have this app on my iPhone and it works great, no problems with 1.0.2 firmware
    1. jrentzke's Avatar
      jrentzke -
      v1.07 does not seem to have the iris closing & the camera button seems overly sensitive.

      Otherwise, I like this a lot!
    1. simonsix's Avatar
      simonsix -
      2many updates,whats going out there?
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      pretty buggy for me... and $20? nope, no thanks. a great attempt... but is going to need some fixing up before i put any money into it.
    1. j3wbagell's Avatar
      j3wbagell -
      liked the idea great idea in fact but it doesnt always send it to your photos i dont kow where it goes but not to your photos
    1. lisa-marie's Avatar
      lisa-marie -
      Where did the pictures save?
    1. skitz's Avatar
      skitz -
      Quote Originally Posted by zozodouce View Post
      Rip off is what apple did to us all,they sold us a phone from 600$ to 400$ with none of these features,and now they keep playing with us by given us garbage updates once every ten years.what a joke apple is playing on us all.
      You only feel that Apple ripped you off because you purchased a product without first knowing (or choosing not to know) the full features of your phone. It isn't Apple's fault that you bought the phone; it's not as though they have the only music playing camera phone on the market. And also, try to not to be so dramatic about the updates. The phone has been out for half a year, and they've released more updates than most cell phone manufacturers do.
    1. DirtyDan's Avatar
      DirtyDan -
      There's really only one thing wrong with this software...

      It doesn't have horizontal support. Apple's camera app takes not of whether the phone is vertical or horizontal, so that when you view the picture later, if you had taken it landscape style, it doesn't show it sideways.

      CameraPro doesn't do this and that is a big concern of mine, because I like to take most of my pictures landscape style.
    1. Altima04onDubs's Avatar
      Altima04onDubs -
      I am interested in gettin this on my iphone, but I am confused as to how this gets on the phone. Do i need to jailbreak, etc.
      I would appreciate help in this manner

    1. drunknbass's Avatar
      drunknbass -
      my video recorder app will also have a camera side to it and will have the same functions as this and more.
    1. KingRedmer's Avatar
      KingRedmer -
      Hey drunknbass, thats good to hear. How's that app of yours coming along, anyways?
    1. blazingangel1986's Avatar
      blazingangel1986 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bill69 View Post
      OK i hate this it is just another person who is trying to become like apple! IM not going to spend money on something that should be free and allready on my iphone that is the point of iphone hacking to make free programs to fufill our needs its like that game labryth what was that guy thinking to charge what a jerk its not even that good of an app. EVERYTHING should be free as of now and once apple releases everything in febuary THEN things can start to cost but mods should still be free. I HATE SELL OUTS
      i agree couldnt find better words for it
    1. hoits2000's Avatar
      hoits2000 -
      I agree. Why would we pay to mod our iphone?