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  • iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware Preview Gallery
    From Gearlive:

    "Looks like the soon-to-be-released iPhone firmware 1.1.3 has quite a few surprises. We were able to get a look at it, and here is what we found:

    New Features sighted:
    * Edit Home Screen
    * Drag Calculator App
    * Drag Mail App
    * New Google Maps Menu
    * New Google Maps Options
    * Google Maps Locate Me Feature
    * SMS Multiple People
    * New Bookmarks Menu
    * Add Bookmark to Home Screen
    * Bookmark on Home Screen

    That is all we have found for now. We also know that is you used AnySIM to unlock your phone, you can expect the 1.1.3 update to brick it. Good times.
    Take a look at our iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 Gallery for a photo tour of the new stuff.

    Additional pictures:

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    1. macky801's Avatar
      macky801 -
      I have a question. Pretty simple, but just wanted to ask.

      If someone has an iPhone legit with AT&T and you take their sim out and plug it into your iPhone, will your iPhone unlock permanently? Or as soon as you take out that sim it relocks..

      I assume it will relock, but hey, whatever..
    1. Iman07's Avatar
      Iman07 -
      Quote Originally Posted by theone77 View Post
      ANOTHER SCAMMER POST..1st post and screwed messages...
      SHUT UP U FOOL! someone is paranoid? it was a legit question dude.

      and to the guy above me:

      no i dont think it will relock it. cuz on my iphone under the carrier settings. it gives the option of ATT or Tmobile. so putting a att sim wont lock an unlocked iphone. if thats ur question.
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      Dude it wont unlock nor work you have to activate via itunes first.
    1. macky801's Avatar
      macky801 -
      Forgot the 1.1.3 Firmware Preview, ITS HERE!

    1. Heromanni's Avatar
      Heromanni -
      is turbosim always needed to make sms and calling possible in finland? is it enough just to unlock the phone? someone told me that i still have to have the turbosim to make phone features work. so im not sure what i need to do.
    1. kaiks's Avatar
      kaiks -
      wat will happen if i update my 1.1.2 jailbricken fone to 1.1.3
    1. abhishekkhurana's Avatar
      abhishekkhurana -
      Quote Originally Posted by kaiks View Post
      wat will happen if i update my 1.1.2 jailbricken fone to 1.1.3
      you will die
    1. ajl917's Avatar
      ajl917 -
      Quote Originally Posted by kaiks View Post
      wat will happen if i update my 1.1.2 jailbricken fone to 1.1.3
      If you have AT&T, it will be stock, if you its unlocked, it will be unusable until there is another jailbreak method released(After the SDK is released)
    1. kaiks's Avatar
      kaiks -
      so it will no longer be jail bricken?
    1. A Retired Mod's Avatar
      A Retired Mod -
      No it will be bone stock.
    1. kaiks's Avatar
      kaiks -
      cool thanks is there a way that i can get the multiple sms text feature for my fone now?
    1. lifesmymachine's Avatar
      lifesmymachine -
      I assume people have already discovered this, but just in case:
      When you are rearranging icons, you can drag them to the next page in springboard, and therefore you can sort your screens. On mine I, I have one screen with the main icons, the next with 5 games, the next with various tools, and the next with my safari homescreen bookmarks (each page doesn't need to have 12 icons, if you wanted to you could have a page with just 1)
    1. ZipZapp's Avatar
      ZipZapp -
      Just to be certain. The 1.1.3 jailbreak is a one way deal if you have a week 45 phone or later?

      Meaning once done you cannot downgrade back to 1.1.2?
    1. siron's Avatar
      siron -
      Hi guys,

      As you all know I had been trying to upgrade to 1.1.3 from my jb 1.1.2, I used installer many times to do it, it was fine at 1.1.3, tested the wriggling icons, sms and all... Good! But when I did a COLD reboot, it will start up with the connect to iTune logo!

      So I restored my phone back again 1.1.1 to 1.1.2

      So I decided to try the manually method to do the upgrade to 1.1.3! And the outcome.. SAME!!!!!!!!!!

      But this time... I kick the phone out of boot using ibrick, and there I have a 1.1.3 working phone! BUT WHEN I COLD reset again.. Its back to the connect to iTunes logo!! And only way to get out to working phone is , yeah using ibrick to boot the phone.

      What did I go wrong?? I can't possibly do a cold restart and use iBrick to boot it to springboard all the time.

      Any ideas?
    1. sinister's Avatar
      sinister -