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  • Apple Hires Unofficial iPhone Developer
    Lucas Newman of Delicious Monster has been hired by Apple, presumably to work on the Apple SDK slated for release in February.

    Lucas Newman is known for the first natove iPhone game, Lights Off, a 18 page instructional guide for downloading and installing the toolchain, an x-code template along with some sample native apps.

    Its great to see Apple taking on someone instumental to iPhone development thus far; maybe he can inject some new ideas into Apple.

    [via iphoneatlas]
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    1. Trent J.'s Avatar
      Trent J. -
      Maybe he can inject some common sense into them =]

      That seems pretty cool though.
    1. DoerrFan's Avatar
      DoerrFan -
      Least they got a good guy for the job!
      Good luck and sneak us a peak at new firmwares
    1. pxpx's Avatar
      pxpx -
      Maybe he can code a 1.1.2 OTB Unlock for us all :P
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      Encouraging to see that Apple will be using smart people that could potentially improve their product.
    1. Bill69's Avatar
      Bill69 -
      I wonder if he is a member to MMi and if he would give us the inside scoop!
    1. jayc7176's Avatar
      jayc7176 -
      That is Good!!!
    1. JedixJarf's Avatar
      JedixJarf -
      Freaking Awesome.
    1. Dash-2's Avatar
      Dash-2 -
      Very cool!
      Can't wait for the bug he injects for us =D

      Haha, just kidding of course!
    1. patrickj's Avatar
      patrickj -
      I think this is a really good omen too. I hope he is given a role where he can help Apple find ways to embrace all the existing talented apps developers out there, all the folks who have been producing apps already. Keep hearing that the upcming SDK is getting leaked out to massive companies like Google, Adobe etc. - hope Newman can help ensure it gets out to all the grass roots folks too ...
    1. benne's Avatar
      benne -
      He is running AquaticPrime - maybe that's the way 3rd party apps (replacing what Apple left out are going to be safely integrated.

      The AquaticPrime framework is a secure registration method for your shareware applications, released as free open-source software.

    1. IriQuel's Avatar
      IriQuel -
      released as free open-source software.

      I like that very much.