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    From the maker of GPsPhone comes psx4iPhone, a Playstation emulator for iPhone. Its not quite a release yet, but zodttd, the developer, says a release could be only a few days away.

    From zodttd:

    What can you look forward to in the first release of psx4iphone? Depends on how the beta testing goes. I will be working on the existing dynarec (cpu emulation) quite a lot to improve performance as it will be required. The screen scaling and screen placement will be drastically improved over the above images. Memory card support will work, and save states might work. Sound will be implemented as well. The interface/gui will be very similar to gpSPhone's just with 4 hard buttons instead of just A+B, and L2 and R2 buttons. A rough estimate would be about 75% of games will be compatible. With such a large library of games, this may or may not include your favorite game. Performance will have to be increased about 25% to get a good portion of games running smoothly. This can be done.
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    1. RoxRiot's Avatar
      RoxRiot -
      Umm, when the heck is it coming out, cause its definitly been more than a "couple of days". (not complaning or anything, its just the suspense is killing me!!)
    1. bxbrova718's Avatar
      bxbrova718 -
      OMG say word.....buster bros...man i use to love that game...i was always in the corner store playing it on the arcades...aww man cant wait for it
    1. akim125's Avatar
      akim125 -
      the compatible games on it is realllly low. Some games will load but when you try to actually play it, it throws you out back to the springboard. the controls are kinda questionable too.
    1. auburnguy32's Avatar
      auburnguy32 -
      this is retarded, how could anyone use this? It's just one of those things where you can go up to people and say, "Hey, I have a PSX on my iPhone."
    1. stlcaddie's Avatar
      stlcaddie -
      akim...you got the app...share it ole buddy....we can all test.
    1. wePhone's Avatar
      wePhone -
      Go donate, and don't be a leakier. Idiots.
    1. jonnyraincloud's Avatar
      jonnyraincloud -
      this app has gone public,
      peep the homepage or google search gpsphone and its the first link
    1. ajl917's Avatar
      ajl917 -
      Its now on Installer...
    1. esko032's Avatar
      esko032 -
      can we get a list of games that work with this? and is there a bios needed?
    1. dooley19's Avatar
      dooley19 -
      Quote Originally Posted by esko032 View Post
      can we get a list of games that work with this? and is there a bios needed?
      i played some times with no bios needed, I think it comes with the SCPH1001 file, im not sure.
    1. ima80baby's Avatar
      ima80baby -
      Just so that we're clear, the size of the "games" should be big files. Correct?
    1. stlcaddie's Avatar
      stlcaddie -
      not all are.....it all depends.
    1. iphone003's Avatar
      iphone003 -
      Hi i am new here. Thats cool i want to do that for m iphone when i unlock it!!!
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      PS sucks!!!
    1. AcuraKidd's Avatar
      AcuraKidd -
      this should get interesting in the future
    1. b3nny's Avatar
      b3nny -
      this is ALREADY interesting! if you go www.zodTTD.com and click forums, then click "try the new donation system" or whatever, you can donate to become a beta-tester (i only donated 2 bucks, although i wish it could have been more...) and you get immediate access to the newest beta version of psx4all, which is already updated and faster than the public release. PLUS you get access to the gpSPhone beta which is ALSO faster than the public release. In fact, some GBA games are now FULL speed WITH sound. zodTTD is THE MAN!

      Quote Originally Posted by auburnguy32 View Post
      this is retarded, how could anyone use this? It's just one of those things where you can go up to people and say, "Hey, I have a PSX on my iPhone."
      whatever man, i thought the same thing because of the lack of hardware buttons, but seriously, this is actually a LOT of fun, and i've wasted HOURS everday playing these. only problems are that i don't even touch my other apps anymore, and i'm always killing my battery playing games zodTDD seems to be pretty dedicated to continuing work on these projects, and the progress is very evident. lately i've been playing: tenchu, tony hawk 4, spider-man, and intelligent qube on PSX. all run slow, but with the newest beta, they're playable (except tony hawk, newest beta wasn't happy with it, but these things happen and i'm sure it won't stay that way). On GBA, and in near full speed (with full screen and sound on, and adjustable volume in the latest beta) i'm rockin' driv3r (GTA sandbox style 3d gameplay), both metroids (really awesome), mario kart, f-zero, mario world, etc. etc. etc. The controls work a lot better than you'd think once you become used to them.
    1. auburnguy32's Avatar
      auburnguy32 -
      Yeah, I wasn't trying to flame or anything, but That was before I gave it a test run and now that I have been able to beat the first world on Crash warped, my faith is restored in the app. Platformers probably won't be a real viable option, so I might star playing that whole FF7 game. I hear people like it..... Any other recommendations for playable games? GT would prob. be usable.