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  • The Rumor Wagon Rolls Out the 1.1.3 Update
    According to CNet France we can all expect version 1.1.3 to be released by the end of the week.

    What is it supposed to include?
    • a dictaphone (i.e. voicenotes)
    • disk mode storage (like all the ipods -- should have been there from the beginning)
    • The normal array of anti modder updates setting everyone back for a week and just cause a headache.
    thanks Great_Pumpkin
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    1. nycdiplomat's Avatar
      nycdiplomat -
      when this new iphone rolls out, Are the ones we all know and love now gonna be extinct? or will the updates be available for them?
    1. Napoleon_PhoneApart's Avatar
      Napoleon_PhoneApart -
      Quote Originally Posted by vinko View Post
      One of the most desirable feature for me would be "Copy and Paste" throughout.
      Absolutely necessary in a phone of this stature!
    1. wearemany's Avatar
      wearemany -

      Windows Mobile 5 forces you to use the COPY/PASTE function during the turtorial before you can use the phone.

      Apple Forgot to include this on there phone.

      But Apple's Point of Sale comptuers ARE WINDOWS MOBILE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      i agree, If they don't want us hacking the phone let me buy apps from apple. I have thrown countless dollars at my X360 I would be happy to do the same with the iphone. its not a matter of money. the community uses hacked phones only because they do not give the means to do it with purchased items.

      Being a OTB112'er i would just like to use my damn SIM on the phone. forget the apps!. i thought it was illegal to make a phone Unlockable?

      damn..8gig itouch
    1. lito's Avatar
      lito -
      hey can any one tell me how to download this themes in my iphone please?
    1. mofolo's Avatar
      mofolo -
      Where the hell is the update!!?
    1. HotStuff2's Avatar
      HotStuff2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by wearemany View Post
      ...i thought it was illegal to make a phone Unlockable?
      No, and that's a common misconception. There is no "law" that makes it "illegal" to lock a phone to one carrier. The law you're thinking of is the DMCA, which is actually pretty broad, and the oft-misquoted portion that deals with cel phones states that it's not illegal for a consumer (i.e., the end user) to unlock their phone. Technically speaking, unlocking a cel phone is does require reverse-engineering portions of the code, and that's illegal under DMCA rules & regs. The cel phone provision was added to protect consumers from litigation by carriers. However, it's still illegal to SELL an unlocking solution...just not illegal to BUY it. Go figure.

      But there's nothing "illegal" about a company making a device, and only allowing it on one carrier. We can only hope the Dev Team comes up with a way (maybe with 1.1.3. if it ever comes out, with a new BL), or if one of the two cases going on in CA pan out and the courts find of favor of the plaintiffs (who are suing and saying that Apple's refusal to subsidy unlock the iPhone amounts to unfair trade practices, and could be considered illegal) and forces Apple to offer an unlocking service to consumers who request it. If that happens, except AT&T to countersue, and possible break their deal with Apple. (But don't hold your breath, those cases could take 3-5 years to be completed.) Both are seeking class-action status, however.
    1. esko032's Avatar
      esko032 -
      ok so where is this update because i just got my av cable from apple and i want to put .avi movies on the phone so its better quality on the tv
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      This is all fake. lol
    1. korsow's Avatar
      korsow -
      lol apple is probably not gonna post 1.1.3 because they read this site :-p
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      Lmao ^^
    1. ///Maybach's Avatar
      ///Maybach -

      i check the news on MMi every day just for this update!!

    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      Yeh Same^^!!!!!!!
    1. blast7's Avatar
      blast7 -
      Quote Originally Posted by diem0n View Post
      i hope they (iPhone developers) read this threads. they'd better think about their customers to make them more happy with all features every >$200 phones have. need a list? y do we have to mod our iPhones? we just need this f*** features... if not - iphone for sell - i'd better buy sony or nokia where it comes with tons of features loaded &free ringtones
      ... about bricking - mr jobs, do u really think its good? we paid a lot of greenies... no words...

      iPhone developers have absolutely no say in the features they implement.... that I can guarantee you. So please don't come down on the devs at Apple just because they work there. These lame *** decisions are being made by upper management at Apple (ie: Steve Jobs) and the devs can either do what they are told or lose their jobs.

    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      Are the DEVS working on the unlock. Or they have finished it and its gonna be their christmas gift for us?
    1. straightryder's Avatar
      straightryder -
      Quote Originally Posted by yowiphone View Post
      Are the DEVS working on the unlock. Or they have finished it and its gonna be their christmas gift for us?

      I THINK SO..... I think very... very... very so.

      I wonder what the message will be?

    1. st3v3y's Avatar
      st3v3y -
      Well I'm giving it one more month. Then I'm selling my 8gb itouch and grabbing me the N95 8gb.
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      Quote Originally Posted by straightryder View Post
      I THINK SO..... I think very... very... very so.

      I wonder what the message will be?

      Thats what i thought.
    1. straightryder's Avatar
      straightryder -

      Then again, it would be good PR for the Dev Team to have a release for Christmas. Just think what all the news/ gadget sites will be running in the Headers...

      "Dev Team Gives the most coveted present of the year - 1.1.2 software Unlock"

      I can see woman across the country happy to give they're man a 50' plasma and have him not giving 2 $hits about it or the kids opening the the gifts because he's going to be sitting in front of his computer unlocking his iphone.

    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      I BID its going to be in Xmas!
    1. Sidetalker's Avatar
      Sidetalker -
      did this thread turn into a "can't wait for the 1.1.2 unlock" thread? My god they're everywhere!!!