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  • 1 in 5 French iPhones Sold Unlocked
    Orange recently debuted the iPhone in France, at a price of 399 euros ($586.65), or 749 euros ($1,101.25) without a contract.

    In the first 5 days, Orange sold 30,000 iPhones, 20% of which were unlocked, and 48% of which were new customers to Orange.

    [ BBC, thanks, JVOC ]
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    1. wannagotopopeyes's Avatar
      wannagotopopeyes -
      wow. I guess people really will do whatever it takes to get a factory unlocked iPhone. Even if it involves paying a LARGE sum of money that is obviously not worth it to some people, but I guess they can do what they want. I personally dont even think the thing is worth $400 unless you put 3rd party apps on it
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      APPTAPP is what makes iphone an iphone