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  • 3G iPhone next year, says ATT CEO
    The Churchill Club in Santa Clara includes ATT CEO Randall Stephenson, and at a recent meeting he said in regards to the 3G iPhone - "You'll have it next year," speaking of '08.


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    1. reppin4you's Avatar
      reppin4you -
      so the 3g iphone will just have faster internet?? is it really worth it to sell the current one and buy a whole new one, i dont think so for me but will see wat happens
    1. macky801's Avatar
      macky801 -
      so the only upgrade to v2 will be 3g...

      i doubt it. apple is very particular in moving up a whole digit in their product versions... it might be v1.5... or if it actually is going to be announced as v2 there will definitely be other changes...
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      meh i could care less about 3G
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      Quote Originally Posted by Freshboiii View Post
      Yeah...not happening. The only update we are getting is 3G. Fact.
      Well camera quality would have to be improved and more features will have to be added; they won't be able to beat competitors a second time in 2008 purely on "hype". If its much different not different from the first gen iPhone (feature-wise), the phone will be left behind by Nokia and LG as they develop more and more advanced phones to try and take down Apple's sales. Multitouch, hype, usability and beauty sold the 1st iPhone, they will definitely have to add onto that for the second 1; otherwise people won't fall off their seats at the press conference for a second time. Eg. the Xbox360 and Xbox360 Elite: 1 HD output and a bigger HDD doesn't make people run out to buy it especially if both consoles play the same games, do the same thing, and one is cheaper does it? Just adding 3G and 3G alone to a 2mp, 8gb iPhone that doesn't record video and requires constant hacking and fights with Apple in order to expand its capabilities will not be smart.
    1. Haole's Avatar
      Haole -
      Quote Originally Posted by bensen View Post
      in the current iphone v1 the 3g is just disabled by software.
      Like below, I also disagree.

      Quote Originally Posted by Gamunda View Post
      I don't think this is true as I'm pretty sure the iPhone has been disassembled and confirmed that there is no 3g antenna (hardware) in the v1 iPhone. But please correct me if I'm wrong...
      Here ya go:

      AnandTech's article showing the difference between Samsung's Blackjack(with 3G) vs. the Iphone(without 3G)
    1. Nefarious's Avatar
      Nefarious -
      I'll likely look at one for myself when it comes out. I bought my wife an iphone and have modded it. After using hers, I want one now. The hard part is waiting.
    1. eg6motion's Avatar
      eg6motion -
      I will have a good laugh if all the same idiots line up at launch day again.... you were hosed badly the first time and yet you are willing to jump right back into submission for apple....aka isheep
    1. listenclose's Avatar
      listenclose -
      It's probably 3G with no wifi
    1. cruid's Avatar
      cruid -
      Quote Originally Posted by eg6motion View Post
      I will have a good laugh if all the same idiots line up at launch day again.... you were hosed badly the first time and yet you are willing to jump right back into submission for apple....aka isheep
      LoL... That's funny because I'm sure somethin will happen with this release also. Apple doesn't seem to have their **** straight lately.
    1. listenclose's Avatar
      listenclose -
      I'll wait till the iphone v3 before I upgrade.
    1. auburnguy32's Avatar
      auburnguy32 -
      The only reason I would update would be for a hard drive or much larger flash based memory, like 30 gigs or more. This is all a pipe dream of course seeing as they would need a car battery to power that and the new 3G, but I'm just saying those two things would be my conditions for upgrading. That and until they figure out how to make the new ones work w/ T-mobile.
    1. loujob's Avatar
      loujob -
      i doubt you will be getting hard drives because they take up more energy than flash. I'm pretty sure qualcomm produced 45nm 3g sometime between 1-3 months ago.
    1. Qubichi's Avatar
      Qubichi -
      someone had told me our phones now support 3g , that its just not enabled and could be