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  • The first Peer to Peer iPhone game.
    What? Yeah its true there is finally a p2p iPhone game allowing you to play real live people instead of an AI. What is it? The classic game battleship.

    The game works just how you think it would. Hop on your phone, place your ships, and then play. You hop into the public game and you are automatically connected to someone else waiting to play.

    What else? A live chat is included so you can talk smack to an opponent.

    I know I know ya'll hate web apps, but I personally find this refreshing. It's about time the iPhone's capabilities were put to use and a game was created to compete against a real live human. Also for you diehard web app hates the developer has mentioned that if this is a success he might take the time and energy to code this up into a Native App .

    I for one hope to see more peer to peer iphone native and web app games in the future.

    You can play the game by pointing your iPhone's browser to http://www.teamtpfl.com/iPhone/

    of course this will be added to our web app bookmarking program soon.

    -cash out!
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    1. dictionary's Avatar
      dictionary -
      I saw someone talking about this earlier .. haha .. I'm going to sink you're battleship .. watch.
    1. iPhoneHero's Avatar
      iPhoneHero -
      i know its a silly question...but does it work over edge?
    1. whizkid's Avatar
      whizkid -
      i m loadin this game on my edge network its saying not found

      (i got it thanks the actuall link is teamtpfl.com/iphone not teamtpfl.com/iphone/)
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      probably messed up the url loads fine on my edge
    1. Dash-2's Avatar
      Dash-2 -
      Awesome game!
      I'm playing against a "andrewE" right now.
      Chat works beautifully.
    1. jonnyraincloud's Avatar
      jonnyraincloud -
      heheh how cool.
      im bookmarking.

      "Best web app since duck hunt" hahah
    1. frogmella's Avatar
      frogmella -
      can't find any damn opponents!
    1. jacobzking's Avatar
      jacobzking -
      i found the "invincability" hack, lol. you could sure irritate the hell out of someone with this (keeping it a secret)
    1. Zealth's Avatar
      Zealth -
      it works pretty well over edge, and were working on optomizing it even more with smaller file sizes and better code structures. Finding opponents is kind of tough right now which is why we are building a vs comp version. If your invisibility hack was done in ie or safari please let me know how its done. I know its possible in firefox but it will be fixed asap. I didnt think people would want to play in their reg. Browsers but I was wrong
    1. manwayvan's Avatar
      manwayvan -
      Great game.
    1. kandl2004's Avatar
      kandl2004 -
      grreeaaat neewwwssss......now it's time to show my opponent who's there daddy....if I can get the game to load...lol
    1. dcr1256's Avatar
      dcr1256 -
      There's a bug that only allows one player to hit the others ships! I would guess right and it would say miss.
    1. Chandler86's Avatar
      Chandler86 -
      Quote Originally Posted by dcr1256 View Post
      There's a bug that only allows one player to hit the others ships! I would guess right and it would say miss.
      haven't we just played together and had this bug? thats funny

      and yes, this game has this bug. i tried to play it a couple of times and always the same...
    1. sLevin1fo's Avatar
      sLevin1fo -
      You have to Upper Case the letter P in "iPhone".

      Yes it does work on the EDGE Network.

      Just beat Sk8er from So Cal..

      GG By the way!
    1. Hackme's Avatar
      Hackme -
      anyone want to play me in a private game?
    1. e39m5's Avatar
      e39m5 -
      Hey Guys,

      I developed this game with Zealth. Can you go a little more in depth with the bug where you hit your opponent but it says you missed?
      Were you playing on your iPhone?
      Otherwise, what browser were you in?
      How did you know you hit?

      I'll be sending you PMs as well.

      Regarding the "invincible" bug, we'll have a fix for that uploaded soon.

    1. fat x nub's Avatar
      fat x nub -
      sounds like fun
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Quote Originally Posted by e39m5 View Post
      Hey Guys,

      I developed this game with Zealth.
    1. verbalist's Avatar
      verbalist -
      yeah me 2 i was missing every time but my openent was hittign me but i selected 45 precent of his squares and not hits
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      excellent, bookmarked it.