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  • GUIDE: Accessing iPhone Straight from Finder (AFP)
    For those of you who weren't sure how to use AFP, or what it was, we've got a new guide up. For OS X users this pretty much negates the need for any 3rd party apps while accessing your iPhone.


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    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      I will add to our official source and update guide. Will update this thread tomorrow.
    1. afinite17's Avatar
      afinite17 -
      Can anyone suggest why if I am dropping ringtones in the ringtones folder through this afp connect, why they arent showing up in the list on the phone? I restarted it too. I dont mean to jump out of the forum with this but....
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
    1. kloan's Avatar
      kloan -
      How can I get AFP to start? I installed that Ulcpl thingy, but where/what do I use to start AFP? I clicked the second last one, and clicked Start... is that the right one to click? Cuz it's still not connecting....

      edit: nevermind... had to "Load" first... working now
    1. oxeneers's Avatar
      oxeneers -
      I can't get this working on 1.1.2 .. anyone?
    1. gshaviv's Avatar
      gshaviv -
      Note that if you mount the iphone via AFP the finder leaves a .DS_Store file in every folder you've browsed. At 24Kb a pop, having browsed several directories you end up clogging your flash drive, especially the application partition which is so dire on space.
    1. surfgeek's Avatar
      surfgeek -
      what is the best way to change the password from alpine to something else ?
    1. Eurisko's Avatar
      Eurisko -
      Quote Originally Posted by surfgeek View Post
      what is the best way to change the password from alpine to something else ?
      Use mobile terminal on your iPhone, and type: passwd

      If you don't have the command already on your iPhone, I think you can get it from Erica's Utilities or More BSD.
    1. p3yro's Avatar
      p3yro -
      Right shoot me down for this but how do i know what ip to put in?
    1. exNavy's Avatar
      exNavy -
      Quote Originally Posted by glrs5 View Post
      Is there a Window version of AFP app available?
      Sorry but I laughed when I read this. AFP stands for APPLE file protocol, of course there is no Windows version of an APPLE protocol.
    1. Genocide51's Avatar
      Genocide51 -
      i followed your guide to accessing my iphone through finder, and successfully connected once. i tried to reconnect again and now it wont work. instead of the basic pop-up asking for username and pass, it says registered user or guest. i've tried a million times to put my name and pass in and it tells me its invalid. i've tried goin to ultcl and shutting down the server, then starting it back up to connect, but still..nothing. can someone please help? by the way im running 1.1.4 - thanks to anyone who can help!