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  • v1.1.2 UNOFFICIAL Change Log
    The following changes have been observed after upgrading to the new v1.1.2
    • Faster and smoother operatability, you don't feel the lag anytime during a screen change
    • Apps, including 3rd party, respond to functions must faster.
    • 98% of the Apps for v1.1.1 work (they all haven't been tested yet)
    • The volume of the speakers is more louder and does not tear the speaker on high volumes or pitch sounds.
    • The International support with AppSupport makes it now possible to: Receive service SMS's from banks and other operators which are now readable without the gabbled text
    • The Caller ID works without mentioning the country code before the number in the Address Book.
    • VM Notification now works! (Concurrent problem with Rogers and Fido customers)
    • Processing speed and bus frequency of the processor has been bumped up to 412 MHz CPU Freq. and a 103 MHz Bus Freq. (Originally 400 MHz CPU Freq. and a 100 MHz Bus Freq in v1.1.1). This is documented by SysInfo
    • MUCH BETTER Battery Management : -
      - Wi-Fi life is improved as it now switches into a less power hungry standy mode
      - New standby modes for EDGE and Wi-Fi. EDGE standby icon indicates a blue block instead of "E" and Wi-Fi standy icon indicates grey signal strength instead of blue. In turn, the iPhone now searches for EDGE or Wi-Fi only when prompted by the user (opening Safari, Youtube, etc).
    • When entering a password, the shift key acted as CAPS LOCK in 1.1.1. This has been fixed.
    • When you turn off the phone and turn it back on, it goes straight to the home screen instead of the slider screen.
    • A smooth transition is noticed when switching between the Album cover screen and list screen in iPod.
    • Photo Library being a lot smoother, faster scrolling through pictures.
    • Removed the extra 'Contacts' option from Settings.
    • APN SETTING are not deleted after reboot
    • Custom ring tones are not deleted.

    Please update this thread with your discoveries of the new v1.1.2 change log.

    Keep this thread clean by only adding new Changes found in the update. Please keep it free from ANY Jailbreak/Activation/Unlocking discussions.
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    1. JedixJarf's Avatar
      JedixJarf -
      Quote Originally Posted by dtvk1978 View Post
      Im new to this thing. Can anyone tell me how do I download this v1.1.2?
      In iTunes press update.
    1. 1_iPhone_Lovin_Canadian's Avatar
      1_iPhone_Lovin_Canadian -
      So if we change to 1.1.2 from a unlocked 1.1.1, do we need to re viginize the phone, or can you just update right from 1.1.1 and unlock unlock when we get the anysim??? and jailbreak with that oktoprep??

      This relates to 1.1.2 changes because i want to know if i can do that process to acquire the new changes of 1.1.2

      If this isnt the thread can someone private me as to how to go from 1.1.1 unlocked to 1.1.2 unlocked? or a thread to this as i cannot find one
    1. MOSHO92's Avatar
      MOSHO92 -
      One minor thing I noticed:

      When I entered a password (where the text was masked) in 111 the shift key acted as caps lock. Seems to be fixed in 112.
    1. jadajada's Avatar
      jadajada -
      Quote Originally Posted by muccaeppollo View Post
      I didn't see this info around here:

      also in 1.1.1. you can type latin characters and special keys:

      keep holding on the keyboard, for example, the "e" key and see what happens; for spanish: try with "?" key and see .... an so on.
      I don't see why this is so difficult to answer... I have asked this question in several other forums aswell. No answer... I don't get it.

      Can someone with 1.1.2 please try this? Press and hold 'a' or 'o'. Do you get access to "special characters" such as ''?
    1. RickyGervais's Avatar
      RickyGervais -
      yes you do!
    1. jadajada's Avatar
      jadajada -
      Thank you, Ricky :-)
    1. RealRitzcracker's Avatar
      RealRitzcracker -

      If you have a locked SIM and you restore or update you have to go to AT&T and get a new SIM

      If you have a locked SIM and you restore or update to 1.1.2 it allows you to unlock the SIM at the activation screen.
    1. ninepins's Avatar
      ninepins -
      I don't think I read this yet in this thread:
      A minor one- When you turn off the phone and turn it back on, it goes straight to the home screen instead of the slider screen.

      UIctl isn't working for me. Is anyone else having this issue? It could be something else.
    1. soulboy's Avatar
      soulboy -
      If you have the UK keyboard enabled, when you hold the .com button .co.uk comes up
    1. RickyGervais's Avatar
      RickyGervais -
      Quote Originally Posted by soulboy View Post
      If you have the UK keyboard enabled, when you hold the .com button .co.uk comes up

      That doesnt work for me?
    1. redcard's Avatar
      redcard -
      Quote Originally Posted by RickyGervais View Post
      That doesnt work for me?
      make sure English(UK) keyboard is enabled, and make sure you change the keyboard to English UK using the globe button on the keyboard when inputting an address.

      It always defaults to the US keyboard, so you gotta do it manually each time
    1. the_unknown's Avatar
      the_unknown -
      Probably something useless: but the Weather Icon has changed from 73 degrees to 23 degrees.
    1. noar's Avatar
      noar -
      Quote Originally Posted by yowiphone View Post
      yeah thats good but im waiting for 1.1.2 unlock. So i can operate my phone here in AU
      here is the tutorial of how to unlock

    1. a.le's Avatar
      a.le -
      hi, sorry to be posting this here but does anyone happen to have itunes 7.4.2 dmg file for mac, i recently just reinstalled my os and can only upgrade to 7.5 which won't work with independence, so if anyone has it or knows of where to download it that would be great thanks. alot
    1. HORTON16's Avatar
      HORTON16 -
      GREAT! im upgrading now
    1. toys's Avatar
      toys -
      good news. waiting for the unlock sw..... :P
    1. westferrycircus's Avatar
      westferrycircus -
      As a follow up to the change that lets you see if our getting EDGE or GPRS depending on the 'E' symbol or not. As the device now knows if your only getting GPRS, it won't let you play YouTube videos, comes up saying you can only play them with an EDGE or Wi-Fi connection.
    1. k0mpresd's Avatar
      k0mpresd -
      going from 1.1.1 > 1.1.2 was the only upgrade where i didnt have to restore first and then update f/w

      it just upgrade...all nes roms, s/b themes, ect were still on the phone

      my phone is revirginized as well..itunes would not activate 1.1.1 even after restoring the imei #...1.1.2 activated w/o issue

      i was afraid i was going to end up w/ a brick and it turned out to be the easiest upgrade yet
    1. bilsta57's Avatar
      bilsta57 -
      1.1.2 in my opinion is the best upgrade yet EVERYTHING works (for once) anyway its faster better MUCH more responsive and much more safe as well as having tonnes of international languages it is worth it oh and all the apps such as nes summerboard and installer.app etc work a hell of a lot faster and there is like NO crashes... jailbreaking/activating without ATT..its not for beginners (yet) soon though..
    1. cWanja's Avatar
      cWanja -
      So if you used iPhoneSIMFree to unlock back at 1.0.2, can you upgrade and be ok?? How do you activate?