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  • iDemocracy 2.0 Officially Released - So many new features, it just might kill you!


    The day has come at last; iDemocracy 2.0 has just been released! (cue angelic choir singing)

    MMi Edit: to continued development

    What's new, do I hear you ask? Well...

    1. Slick new interface in Expression Blend
    2. Quick, WiFi-Less Jailbreak of 1.1.1
    3. 1.1.2 Jailbreak support.
    4. Built-in activation for all firmwares.
    5. Built-in virginizing for 1.0.2!
    6. Built-in baseband downgrading to 3.xx
    7. Ringtones for 1.1.1/1.1.2 (for free)!
    8. Applications for 1.1.1/1.1.2!
    9. Wallpapers for 1.1.1/1.1.2!
    10. Other media, SSH functions.
    11. iDemocracy File Browser.
    12. Revised, detailed steps.
    13. Installation of MobileStack.
    14. Manage, edit, add and remove from MobileStack.
    15. Included Installer.app Fix, DropbearSSH Removal, Unpatching Springboard.
    16. Included fixes for YouTube, some Putty errors.
    17. Projects embedded like CARNAVAL, Dev Team 1.1.2 Fix.
    18. Quick links for donations, Digg, etc.
    19. Lots and LOTS of bug fixes.
    20. Plenty more! It's a whole new experience!

    Here are some screenshots for your enjoyment:

    The iDemocracy 2 Jailbreak screen:

    The iDemocracy 2 Media Manager:

    The iDemocracy 2 File Browser:

    If that hasn't convinced you to hurry over and download it, I don't know what will!

    You can grab your own copy and test away from the Google Code Site. MMi Download Section. MediaFire Mirror.

    Be sure to send lots of feedback and leave in a good word

    Thank you all for your immense support, and keep it coming! Don't worry, iDemocracy 2.1 will release someday soon and add support for unlocking OTB UK iPhones (as long as it's humanly possible ).

    Also, please Digg it if you have an account!



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    1. Alperovich's Avatar
      Alperovich -
      nevermind, i found it

    1. leigh1201's Avatar
      leigh1201 -
      i dont need to virginize my 1.0.2 right? i just go directly with process, right guys?
    1. robbpell's Avatar
      robbpell -
      Quote Originally Posted by ultimatexpka View Post
      heh i thought idemocracy was for mac the whole time. never knew it was for windows either... thats pretty nice =P
      from the picture it looks like its for mac but i the - [] X at the top right give it away
    1. ShadyBeagle's Avatar
      ShadyBeagle -
      umi cant open the file it says .rar and not .zip how do i open .rar files
    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      This is the link to the framework on iDemocracy's site:

      @leigh1201: If you're 1.0.2 is unlocked, you HAVE to virginize it or you'll get bricked. Use iDemocracy to virginize (with SSH installed, of course), before proceeding.

      @shadybeagle: Get WinRAR.
    1. giojane's Avatar
      giojane -
      Well I want to but I'm confused on the steps to take.
      Do I just press the virginize button in independence then upgrade? (I'm guessing I'll go up to 1.1.2) or should I download the unpatched 1.1.1 and shift-restore?what about the activation and unlock?
      Edit: I don't have SSH involved nor am I familiar with it. Always avoided command lines (used automated scripts)
    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      @giojane: Sorry, I'm getting so many messages I forgot what you were trying to do if you're trying to get to 1.1.1 and you're on unlocked 1.0.2, you want to virginize first (with iNdependence or iDemocracy2) and then upgrade to 1.1.1, then run iD2's short method to get jailbroken, at which point you can continue on to jailbreak 1.1.2 if you really want to.
    1. viperrepiv's Avatar
      viperrepiv -
      my iphone has already been jailbroken in 1.1.1... will i still be able to use the file/media management with this?
    1. giojane's Avatar
      giojane -
      Thank you for answering anyway
      I'm sure you're overwhelmed now. I'll let the storm calm down for a few days. I'm sure someone thoughtful will post an unlocked 1.0.2 to 1.1.2 tutorial within the ease of independence.
      It's very thoughtful of all these devs to offer solutions for illiterate folks like us when they could just fix their phone and move on.
      Again, thank you!
    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      @viperrepiv: As long as your 1.1.1 has OpenSSH or DropbearSSH installed, and the password is still "alpine" you're good to go.
    1. jdbmac20's Avatar
      jdbmac20 -
      My iPhone has been unlocked before so do I need to virginize my iPhone before I try to unlock it? Can I virginize it with iDemocracy? I'm on 1.1.2
    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      @jdbmac20: If your iPhone is currently unlocked you need to virginize. If it was previously unlocked but now isn't, you don't need to worry. iD2 can virginize, but only on firmware 1.0.2 (not safe on other firmwares yet). If you're not unlocked, don't worry. Is your iPhone upgraded to 1.1.2 or did you buy it with 1.1.2? If you bought it with 1.1.2 and it came with bootloader 4.6 you're not going to be able to unlock it.
    1. jdbmac20's Avatar
      jdbmac20 -
      I upgraded it to 1.1.2 but on 1.1.1 it was unlocked. So should I downgrade to 1.0.2?
    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      Hm... wait, you upgraded to 1.1.2 while you were unlocked? And you didn't get bricked?!
      Anyway, I would assume your unlock got at least overwritten so you're probably a virgin anyway. If you want to be safe, downgrade to 1.0.2 and virginize. I assume your 1.1.2 is not jailbroken?
      You might just want to stick with 1.1.1, it's a lot easier.
    1. thrasher9898's Avatar
      thrasher9898 -
      This guy is awesome. I had trouble and he was right there to help me. Definetly one of a kind.
    1. wannagotopopeyes's Avatar
      wannagotopopeyes -

      i upgraded to 1.1.2 when i was on unlocked 1.1.1 FW, but im not bricked. well it wont let me downgrade it just stays in restore mode, but i can restore 1.1.2 and i just need the right sim card. so can iD2 help me out? i really just want to get the thing activated right now.

      Jail/unlock would be GREAT but i just want to know if i can activate cuz i dont have an ATT sim
    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      @wannagotopopeyes: You can't downgrade? That's a new one... Did you go into DFU restore mode (i.e. Hold down Home+Sleep, let go of Sleep, wait until iTunes sees recovery mode)? If you're in DFU you should be able to downgrade. After downgrading to 1.1.1, iD2 can jailbreak it for you, then help you get to a jailbroken 1.1.2. If your iPhone didn't ship with FW 1.1.2 you can use anySIM 1.2 to unlock it.
    1. niftymu's Avatar
      niftymu -
      Awesome program, ringtone syncing works like a charm.

      Firmware 1.1.1 unlocked 2 t mobile

    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      Come on people, Digg it 13,000 downloads and 5 diggs...?

      @Nifty: Glad the ringtone syncing works. Good to have that confirmed.

      Oh, and on a similar note:
      If anyone would like to make a YouTube video of iD2 in action, send an email to [email protected]. This would be greatly appreciated and earn you a spot in our Acknowledgment pages
    1. w9cae's Avatar
      w9cae -
      I have seen no mention about the password for root ? Or is "alpine" still working for FW 1.1.2 ?