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  • Gameboy Advanced Emulator for iPhone/iPod Touch
    For all of you that want to play gameboy advanced games on your iphone, the time has come!! The folks at zodttd.com have released gpSPhone, a gameboy advanced emulator.

    This should be available via installer now. If you want to install it manually here is the link

    Place gba_bios.bin (GBA BIOS) in /Applications/gpSPhone.app/ do not ask for or share for links for this . . . you will be banned if you do
    Place your roms in /var/root/Media/ROMs/GBA
    we will not provide roms here, or link to them, so don't even ask, don't post links to roms . . . . once again warez = banned here.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ix9tHzDiO-g"]YouTube - gpSPhone GBA emu on iPod touch![/ame]

    Things that still need work:
    - Compatibility is lower than usual but many games are playable. This is being worked on as a high priority.
    - Sound output is disabled, but it IS being emulated. So performance will only get better as this feature gets worked on.
    - Auto frameskip might be off. Switch to manual frameskip if needed.
    - GUI and instructions need a lot of work.

    be sure to check out the developers site for updates on the project.

    thanks realisticmind1
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    1. Teamster's Avatar
      Teamster -
      Hey guys, first post.

      I've been using gpsPhone for a good while now, but I just realized something. Say I wanted to put one of my own saves (Pokemon Emerald, if it matters) on the emulator. Where would I put it, and what would I do?

      Also, fantastic work on the application, it's truly fantastically made, and I use it every day. Keep up the good work!
    1. akim125's Avatar
      akim125 -
      try putting it in the /ROMs/GBA/ folder. that seems to be where all the save files from gpsphone goes. let me know if that work.
    1. ph0bolus's Avatar
      ph0bolus -
      Hi, I don't know whats happening, but every time i try to play a GBA game i get a message at the top saying something i can't quite remember right now. But it freezes at that screen and i can't do anything except hit the home button and gpSPhone makes a tempsave file in the saved games tab.
    1. hybrid_fx2's Avatar
      hybrid_fx2 -
      ph0bolus make sure you have the gba_bios in the correct folder
    1. cjuprotennis's Avatar
      cjuprotennis -
      can u install ROMs using finder and ishare? If u can a guide would be helpful
    1. purepimp053's Avatar
      purepimp053 -
      hey do u think you can help me put roms on my gba im so confuse i really want put a pokemon rom
    1. cjuprotennis's Avatar
      cjuprotennis -
      O.K. I figured it out. Install WinSCP(just search it on google), and then search "Install the GameBoy Advance emulator on your Ipod Touch!!" on youtube. As of right now its the first result.
    1. purepimp053's Avatar
      purepimp053 -
      hey cju i hear this gba is bad *** and i altealst tried a bazzilion times i dont even know anymore its hurting my had i think i might just go get a nintendo ds
    1. Turbo's Avatar
      Turbo -
      Quote Originally Posted by cjuprotennis View Post
      O.K. I figured it out. Install WinSCP(just search it on google), and then search "Install the GameBoy Advance emulator on your Ipod Touch!!" on youtube. As of right now its the first result.
      Nice I'll check it out later tonight... how are the controls? I mean is it as responsive etc when you're holding down a direction and pressing a button over and over?
    1. cjuprotennis's Avatar
      cjuprotennis -
      Its pretty responsive, it might miss a tap or two, but its still pretty responsive.
    1. hanzuke51's Avatar
      hanzuke51 -
      I have a problem with the bios. Im pretty sure I have the correct one but it still wont play. any ideas?
    1. cjuprotennis's Avatar
      cjuprotennis -
      did you change the permissions?

      I mean to 757.

      I mean to 757.
    1. cartman13's Avatar
      cartman13 -
      Has anyone noticed that the control pad seemed slightly shifted? I have to press on the very point of the right side to go right, but only the middle of the arrow on the left side to go left. (looks like the control pad is shifted to the left slightly). Okay when you get used to it, but makes me miss the D-pad sometimes. Anyway to calibrate this?
    1. macky801's Avatar
      macky801 -
      My menu bar shows up underneath everything... anyone know why this is?
    1. eurom3r's Avatar
      eurom3r -
      thanks a bunch guys!!
    1. andypropaganda's Avatar
      andypropaganda -
      SWEET!! Thanks for the tips guys!! Greatly Appreciate it!
    1. redskull15's Avatar
      redskull15 -
      I'm not going to give a direct link to the Roms, but theres an interesting comment here regarding how to get Roms on the iPod/iPhone a lot easier. It seems theres a repo for it

    1. Xenotime's Avatar
      Xenotime -
      The games are so slow on the GBA games... Any smooth ones? PM me... Golden Sun doesn't work apparently. (lags a lot)
    1. ripped53's Avatar
      ripped53 -
      any to make the games show up as video output with the apple cable?