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  • Awesome instant Jailbreak for iPhone and iPod Touch
    Wow... this is an incredible new development by hdm/metasploit, rezn, dinopio, drudge, kroo, pumpkin, davidc, dunham, and NerveGas both jailbreaks AND installs Installer.app on your 1.1.1 iPhone or your iPod Touch all in once click!

    Its as easy as opening Safari on your iPhone/iPod Touch, and browse to jailbreakme.com. Thats it! Scroll down, and hit "Install AppSnapp". Safari should disappear, and pop you back to the Home screen. Wait patiently for a minute - don't touch anything til it pops you back to the Slide to Unlock screen.

    Slide to unlock, and Installer.app will be installed on your iPhone/iPod Touch! You should prob install BSD Subsystem, Community Sources, and OpenSSH, and upgrade Installer.app if needed.

    Erica Sadun from TUAW also refreshes the good tip that combining Open SSH and sshfs (part of Mac Fuse) allows you to drag and drop files to/from your iPod Touch/iPhone directly from Finder.

    Thanks to all who worked on this - its a great development!

    UPDATE (thanks, mofolo): It now picks up whether the phone is activated or not..and if it isn't it'll activate it for you!

    If your already activated, it'll know and wont touch anything!

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    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      Yeah it worked i used this to UNLOCK my iphone and add APPTAPPm installer!!!
    1. Debeq's Avatar
      Debeq -
      Would someone please explain on to "restore" a modified Slovix non-syncing iPhone that will not sync....
    1. 808mp5's Avatar
      808mp5 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Debeq View Post
      Would someone please explain on to "restore" a modified Slovix non-syncing iPhone that will not sync....
      yup had the same problem....

      Hold the sleep and home button and put the phone into restore mode. iTunes will then see it. And you can then restore.

      Just do the Jailbreakme.com method... it works perfect though you should use wi-fi. If it doesn't work the first time just keep clicking it. They updated it so you know if its working or not. Also there is full read write access now without using winSCP... You can now use iphonebrowser and ibrickr for file read/write access. Awesome development.
    1. Debeq's Avatar
      Debeq -
      808MP5....that worked like a charm! Thank you very, very much. I've been "seriously" looking for that piece of info for some time...(2 days). I appreciate you taking the time to post the fix here.

      I knew about the holding both buttons.....but what I didn't figure out until your post was that it needed to be in the cradle!! Thanks...
    1. jbeau's Avatar
      jbeau -
      worked perfectly. Thanks!
    1. smitjo's Avatar
      smitjo -
      Worked as advertised in ~30 seconds. Great!

      (now what do I do? Ringtone? SSH? Can't wait to see the possibilities)
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      App has been updated.
    1. Renatox's Avatar
      Renatox -
      Is there any guide to download and app the Jailbreak on your ihpone 1.1.4? i have been looking for one but cant find anything =(