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  • Free and Easy SMS backup program for OSX

    Have you wanted to backup your iPhone sms messages to your computer? Micromat has created a free program for OS X (universal) to do just that. The program is called Syphone.

    What does it do?
    • View synced iPhone SMS messages on your Macintosh
    • Archive SMS messages
    • Import/export SMS messages
    • View SMS messages offline in an iChat-like interface with selectable colors
    • Open Address Book contacts
    • View the number of sent and received messages for each contact
    • Support multiple iPhones
    you can get it here

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    1. juanito979's Avatar
      juanito979 -
      anybody run the program?

      I want to save my messages in my mac, and return to other iphone...
      It´s possible?
    1. jrlederer's Avatar
      jrlederer -
      am i the only one who is having difficulty in getting this program to work? I haven't yet tried to use it now that I have freshly installed 1.1.1 and used the method posted on the homepage here that jailbreaks w/ Installer 3.0 app via the webpage wwwjailbreakmecom (which is fantastic, for those who are curious...much, much easier than the methods required in iPhone's infancy, ie. iPhoneInterface / iPhuc, etc...).

      but, when I attempted utilizing this program when I had a modded (not unlocked) v1.0.2, I could not get my iPhone to be recognized by this app. I tried rebooting the phone, having iTunes open, closed, activity monitor close iTunes Helper, ... to no avail. oh well, but if anyone knows why this was so, it would put closure to this insignificant mystery that I ended up just ignoring and restored my phone so I could get on with my upgrade.

      have a nice day and happy halloween...
    1. enodeer's Avatar
      enodeer -
      In the developer site's Forum, there is some solution for this problem, just check: http://www.micromat.com/index.php?op...=4737&catid=20

      In preferences, turned OFF 'Run helper app in the background' and turned it ON again - effectively ( I assume!) restarting the SMS Daemon.

      Worked like a charm. SMS messages appeared immediately on disconnect!
      Hope that's help
    1. juanito979's Avatar
      juanito979 -

      now, my iphone is detected, but I have new question

      I can export my iphone´s messages to my mac, but I can´t import it again to the iphone

      The program only save the sms in mac, but is possible resend the sms to the iphone?
    1. Remwe11's Avatar
      Remwe11 -
      ok now who is going to make it for my PC?
    1. hawee's Avatar
      hawee -
      i would love to see one for PC
    1. srbug's Avatar
      srbug -
      This isn't working for me i have an unlocked and jailbroken 1.1.2 and i plug the phone in and it detects it. Says "iPhone connected; waiting until removal to fetch new sms"

      Then i disconnect the iPhone and it said "iphone removed; fetching any new sms" but it doesn't get anything? i have like a 1000 sms in there.....

      Any ideas?