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  • gMail goes IMAP!
    Check it out, gMail goes IMAP!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ22euWXYog"]YouTube - Gmail IMAP for the iPhone[/ame]
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    1. lilaustino's Avatar
      lilaustino -
      so should i just delete the old gmail POP account off my iphone?
    1. schwartzki's Avatar
      schwartzki -
      yup def not working on my account yet
    1. bmai's Avatar
      bmai -
      Come on guys, you can't see the advantage of having IMAP as opposed to a POP3 setup? For those of you that spend a large amount of time behind a computer, you'll now only have to delete the emails on your iPhone that you haven't already read on your computer. I dont know about you, but I hate spending the end of my day deleting 20 or so emails from my iPhone cause I've already checked, deleted and responded to them on Gmail.com.

      I also am unable to select IMAP under my gmail settings, they are probably slowly introducing this to all their clients.
    1. antonio@cmtapparel.com's Avatar
      Hey, I dont have gmail, however I am using my ISP in the states and I cannot send the fricken mail. I can receive them all day long. I checked the information that I have to put in and it just tells me that the connection failed and I cannot send mails. Any ideas? Also I am using a POP3 account.
    1. arthursdomain's Avatar
      arthursdomain -
      if you cant see the difference between pop and imap in gmail, you aint using gmail right. Currently my account does not support imap, but my friends one does, and all of your labels are there, so you can move email into those labels really easily, basically you get gmail in your pocket, the full power of gmail. its awesome! i cant wait to get my account changed, if anyone knows how to speed up the process PM me! thanks
    1. fussball's Avatar
      fussball -
      Wow. IMAP on Gmail is SO MUCH better. This is just what I've been waiting for since, oh... when I got my Gmail account in late '04.
    1. DoocesWild's Avatar
      DoocesWild -
      I was cruising gMail the other day and saw this was coming, I got so extremely excited.

      Before this was introduced, I wrote a tutorial on my webpage for a workaround to using IMAP and gMail.

      Basically, what I had to do was this: forward all new mail to a private email address that supported IMAP from my server, and archive all mail (this way, I still get to use my gMail-esq server search stuff). Then I set up my incoming mail to be used from my private email, and my outgoing was gMail. I had to create a filter on gmail to delete all mail sent from myself.

      It was a hassle. So now that it's coming, I'm super excited. I've checked about a hundred times now, and it's gotta be here soon!

      And, no special treatment for those of us who've been with gmail forever!
    1. lifesmymachine's Avatar
      lifesmymachine -
      you know, it seems like they implemented it on the newer server

      because my primary email that ive had since the early beta testing doesnt have the option, but my newer one does... and it seems this is a common theme on this forum as well

      as iphone modders we hate being patient, but it will come soon (or at least ill keep telling myself that)
    1. Kruejl's Avatar
      Kruejl -
      damn, no IMAP for me yet either.
    1. davalos's Avatar
      davalos -
      WOW. My imap appeared today and let me tell you, it is AMAZING. I was on the gmail account on my computer and my iphone, deleted files from iphone and magically saw them dissapear from my computer.

      Also, and most importantly. I had a email with a single mp3 file. My mobilemail showed a link to the mp3, so i clicked it, and it downloaded it rather fast (im on wifi). And then "quicktime" (looks just like mobilemusic with a quicktime wallpaper) and the song played at an excellent quality. And i believe that song is in my phone somewhere because it still plays while in sleep mode as well as being extremely quick to pick up music after moving the time cursor. I am running a 1.1.1 jailbroken phone with imap gmail.

      Is this some secret accidental feature? Is the mp3 somewhere on my phone, if yes, where? I wanna hear some comments.

      *edit* song stops playing when i press the home button to exit mobile mail.
    1. xfsasx's Avatar
      xfsasx -
      its not available for me! argh....

      when will we get it!
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Just got mine. Nice. I put Gmail back on the iPhone.
    1. mofolo's Avatar
      mofolo -
      COmplete IMAP rollout should be done within 2-3 days.

      Good work Google
    1. DoocesWild's Avatar
      DoocesWild -
      I just need to stop wanting it I guess. Then maybe it'll come. Seems around the web I've seen more people saying "hey I got this new thing, what's IMAP?" than the people who've been waiting for it forever.
    1. smonice's Avatar
      smonice -
      Anyone have any idea why im getting a "invalid credentials (failure)" message when i try to connect to my gmail via imap? I have imap enabled in Gmail and everything setup as it says and same error everytime. i thought it was my password and re-entered it a few times and still nothing. Any ideas?

    1. scottvalentine's Avatar
      scottvalentine -
      I have been checking in my Gmail settings every hour on the hour to see if my account had been updated with imap,
      I was reading through a thread at /. and someone said just put in the imap settings and give it a try.

      Worked for me

      My Imap is now working even though it hasn't been enabled in my account settings!
    1. jwcrash's Avatar
      jwcrash -
      Quote Originally Posted by scottvalentine View Post
      I have been checking in my Gmail settings every hour on the hour to see if my account had been updated with imap,
      I was reading through a thread at /. and someone said just put in the imap settings and give it a try.

      Worked for me

      My Imap is now working even though it hasn't been enabled in my account settings!

      Just gave this a shot and no luck. But I'm gonna keep trying based on your success!
    1. Geigerslave's Avatar
      Geigerslave -
      I can't get it to work at all, I followed all of google's instructions to no avail. My phone reports that it is unable to connect via SSL and even if I force it to save and check my mail I get failures every time. I followed the instructions precisely, IMAP is enabled on my Gmail account, and I still get these stupid errors. The mail application has given me the biggest problems on my iPhone by a huge margin, I'm starting to hate email altogether.
    1. jwcrash's Avatar
      jwcrash -
      This has become my daily reality:

    1. scottvalentine's Avatar
      scottvalentine -
      this could be a random coincidence, but on one of my gmail's it was accidentally set as language (english UK) when I switched it to (english US) my IMAP instantly became enabled, didn't work on my older gmail account though.