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  • gMail goes IMAP!
    Check it out, gMail goes IMAP!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ22euWXYog"]YouTube - Gmail IMAP for the iPhone[/ame]
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    1. PhatheadWRX's Avatar
      PhatheadWRX -
      This is great!!! The only problem I see is that if I delete a message off the iPhone, its gone. Would be nice if there was a way to have the iphone garbage can just archive the mail

      edit, nevermind... I realized that when you set this up it creates two new Labels in your Gmail. One for Sent (from iPhone) and one for Deleted (from iPhone)
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      excellent! works great! i can even access all my "folders" now!
    1. SupahDave's Avatar
      SupahDave -
      Try this iPhone config link. You have to use different port settings than what the iphone defaults to...

    1. dahkness's Avatar
      dahkness -
      For those of you who don't have it, it's true, Google has not rolled out imap support for all it's users. Keep checking though!
    1. arthursdomain's Avatar
      arthursdomain -
      no imap
    1. eg6motion's Avatar
      eg6motion -
      nice, works great for me. now I don't have to deal with the weird gmail reply messages showing up in the inbox on my phone
    1. memaddog's Avatar
      memaddog -
      For everyone who's unfamiliar with IMAP email, get familiar with it - it's the best thing since... well gmail. I have an IMAP account for my work email. I have a desktop, laptop and the iPhone. With IMAP, when I read, delete, move, etc an email on any of computers (or phone), the changes are reflected everywhere. Everything stays in sync. No more dealing with "unread" emails on the laptop when I've already dealt with them earlier on the desktop. The thing that bugs about pop is that when I'm at my computer and I receive or send a gmail email, I have to deal with it both on the phone and the computer. To me, "unread" should mean unread - IMAP lets me live the way I like to live. I'm thrilled about IMAP gmail (possibly more than the iPhone itself).

      Now if only IMAP would show up as an option on my gmail account. ...still waiting.
    1. jwcrash's Avatar
      jwcrash -
      We have three gMail accounts and the only one with IMAP available is my wife's...and she couldn't care less. PLUS my account is from the Alpha period, too. So no preferential treatment for gMail "elders".

      Murphy's Law, I guess. Doesn't mean I won't be checking my primary every hour, on the hour until I see it up and running!

    1. alpawa's Avatar
      alpawa -
      When I try to configure taking all the steps required, I get a message that says "Cannot Connect Using SSL Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL? I try yes and No and either way it cannot set up the acoount. Please help...
    1. cipher0925's Avatar
      cipher0925 -
      goodbye yahoo =)
    1. Stephenstudios's Avatar
      Stephenstudios -
      FINALLY!!! Now ( on my iphone) I don't get emails from myself in the INBOX every single time i send an email! Also, any emails i read on my iphone are marked as read when i go to gmail on my computer or when I read it on my computer it shows up as read on my iphone!
    1. jwcrash's Avatar
      jwcrash -
      Quote Originally Posted by cipher0925 View Post
      goodbye yahoo =)
      Yulp...I'm also going to kick AOL mail to the curb.

      LOVE consolidation.
    1. Giies's Avatar
      Giies -
      wow, thank you. this work for me, now i don't have to delete them twice.
    1. Sirhc35's Avatar
      Sirhc35 -
      Just started using imap after I had been using POP3 with gmail. I gotta say I like imap on the iphone much better then pop3. Instead of only being able to your see inbox, you can see every folder that you would see when using a pc or mac, plus it seems that messages download much faster with imap.
    1. lostmimic's Avatar
      lostmimic -
      anyone know how to archive gmail msgs on the Iphone?
    1. Bleh5's Avatar
      Bleh5 -
      Quote Originally Posted by lostmimic View Post
      anyone know how to archive gmail msgs on the Iphone?

      "If you prefer your deleted email client messages to archive in Gmail rather than go to the trash (which seems like a more Gmail-like solution), there's one change.

      Rather than mapping your Trash folder to Gmail's Trash, you'll want to select the "All Mail" mailbox—effectively removing the email from your inbox but not deleting it from your Gmail account altogether. "
    1. MetroGT's Avatar
      MetroGT -
      I tried using IMAP version earlier, but I had to turn it off. It started setting every email in my archive to my phone. They were coming 25 at a time with about 1800 total. Any way to fix that?
    1. xplod4202's Avatar
      xplod4202 -
      Say no to IMAP!!!!
    1. bayloc's Avatar
      bayloc -
      damn, i dont have the imap option in my account, must check my one other account, cause i hate the way mail works right now
    1. jwcrash's Avatar
      jwcrash -
      Quote Originally Posted by xplod4202 View Post
      Say no to IMAP!!!!
      Oh, okay.