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  • gMail goes IMAP!
    Check it out, gMail goes IMAP!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ22euWXYog"]YouTube - Gmail IMAP for the iPhone[/ame]
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    1. seiko000's Avatar
      seiko000 -

      I was following the instructions on gmail.com but I am having problems sending messages. I could receive all of my emails but it wouldn't let me send at all. I have selected both incoming and outgoing using SSL with password authentication. However, whenever I typed my password on the smtp password field, it keeps changing it back to"Optional" after I left that page. Please Help!

      Keep saying i need to change the smtp setting. I am using the iphone on my wifi network.
    1. IriQuel's Avatar
      IriQuel -
      F-ing sweet!! My main account finally rolled over to IMAP!! ;-)

      Oh happy day!
    1. truenorth's Avatar
      truenorth -
      I'm jealous!
    1. lifesmymachine's Avatar
      lifesmymachine -
      sweeeeeeeet! mine just switched within the last hour! glad to see google do some midnight updating for my benefit
    1. Kruejl's Avatar
      Kruejl -
      Mine just switched as well
    1. mofolo's Avatar
      mofolo -
      WOO I Got IMAP Today! Thanks Gmail!
    1. truenorth's Avatar
      truenorth -
      Got mine, too, finally! My first time to use IMAP. I like it!
    1. redcard's Avatar
      redcard -
      Quote Originally Posted by scottvalentine View Post
      this could be a random coincidence, but on one of my gmail's it was accidentally set as language (english UK) when I switched it to (english US) my IMAP instantly became enabled, didn't work on my older gmail account though.
      Thanks for the tip! That sorted mine too
    1. itsjdmyo's Avatar
      itsjdmyo -
      just set up my phone for IMAP! does anyone know how i set it to where when i send an email from my computer, it won't send a copy of it to my iphone?
    1. Geigerslave's Avatar
      Geigerslave -
      I had to email gmail support from my school email address to get imap enabled fully. Oddly, GMail's web interface was declaring IMAP enabled on my account but the iPhone disagreed. I emailed GMail and although they sent me a boilerplate response about their online knowledgebases, my phone suddenly alerted me to waiting mail on my IMAP GMail account setup that had previously not been working. That leads me to believe my account was bugged in some way (reporting enabled but not listening on imap ports or something) and google staff had to fix it before my phone could connect.


      Now that IMAP GMail is working on my iPhone? Sweet... works like a dream now, this kind of slickness really improves my opinion of MobileMail.app

      Now for some real Exchange support, that would be awesome...
      (Hopefully my friend Mr. Gates can come to an agreement with Mr. Jobs about that soon. Fix exchange imap handling or write a translation tool for mail.app and mobilemail.app...

      ...and while I'm dreaming I'd like a pony...
    1. Kruejl's Avatar
      Kruejl -
      IMAP really affected my battery life, so I went back to POP and everything is back to normal now. Oh well, IMAP is cool but not worth the shorter battery life.
    1. truenorth's Avatar
      truenorth -
      How does IMAP shorten battery life?
    1. iphoneunlockaustralia.com's Avatar
      iphoneunlockaustralia.com -
      If you don't have IMAP yet, change language from US to UK, or UK to US
    1. Kruejl's Avatar
      Kruejl -
      Quote Originally Posted by truenorth View Post
      How does IMAP shorten battery life?
      I would assume because it transmits and receives, either via EDGE or WiFi, everytime an email is sent/deleted/received, etc.
    1. truenorth's Avatar
      truenorth -
      But POP does that, too.
    1. j3d's Avatar
      j3d -
      anyone else having trouble sending emails using imap?

      I've done everything on gmails guide and it still giving me the unable to locate server error when I send messages thru my iphone....but i can retrieve fine.

      i dunno, and I really dont want to go to pop...imap is much better. any help will be appreciated...thanks
    1. drflaco216's Avatar
      drflaco216 -
      Mine works fine!
    1. l3o's Avatar
      l3o -
      work for me 2 realy nice
      POP3 realy sucks with pop i had the problems that my iPhone downloads every msg also this which i allready read on Mac and mails wich i sended from Mac also i couldnt see my spam folder also bad

      i got an US gmail account but i had change language to german and in german language u cant see IMPA settings so 4 all that dont see IMAP setting change ur language to Englisch(US) then u got IMAP
    1. savagewinter's Avatar
      savagewinter -
      PERFECT!! Love this as now my emails are in sync with eachother. Wish I found this thread earlier ugh. Now all I have to figure out or wait on is a fix so that my upgraded 1.1.2 won't crash all the time.
    1. truenorth's Avatar
      truenorth -
      savagewinter, if you're outside the US, Germany, or UK, 1.1.2 crashes because you don't have an authorized SIM. Download, install and run iWorld to fix your problem.