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  • Installer.app 3.0!
    Posted by Ste.
    “LG”, of Nullriver Software, just told me that he hopes to release Installer.app 3.0 shortly, perhaps as early as today. He just has one last piece to complete first. He says “The new installer is just so much better. [There’s] really no point keeping people on the old one anymore.”

    I have been testing the new version for a while now. New features include, but aren’t limited to:

    -Redesigned UI
    -Collapsed groups on the Install page
    -“Recents” category on the Install page, for “Today”, “Yesterday” and “Older”
    -Ability to easily add/remove Sources
    -Abilty to easily install all available updates
    -A “Featured” page that currently is used as an info page
    -“More Info” no longer opens Safari

    This is SO awesome!

    UPDATE: It's out!

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    1. Tavillo's Avatar
      Tavillo -
      Quote Originally Posted by iitycoocii View Post
      same here im also on 1.1.2
      thats maybe cuz u already spend all the space avaliable to the app...

      you can move the app with the big boss tool in his installer source, try to unistall some app first...
    1. FREEDOMiphone's Avatar
      FREEDOMiphone -
      i update installer app other day (v 3.0b9) so i notice update refresh has stop working!!! which i check (recent packages) everyday for new app but nothing been add for 3 day???? it is something wrong with installer or iphone???

      my iphone is uk and unlock v 1.2
    1. cybergeek2021's Avatar
      cybergeek2021 -
      no it was an intentional update to lighten the load on the servers. you can refresh by going into the "sources" page in installer