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  • Now available.. Mod your Keypad
    Yes. Created right here on MMi. You can Mod your keypads now.

    View the creation tread here.. > iPhoneShop tools

    Get the ones we have created! Here > KeyPadMods

    pf edit: we now have a guide up on editing iPhone artwork files here!
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    1. nhba74's Avatar
      nhba74 -
      Thanks Poetic!!! You were right, it was much easier to use the SFTP to transfer the file then iFuntastic. Thanks for your help!!!!

      Also, I tried using Fugu today but was unable to do so....why? I was able to use it yesterday.
    1. wannagotopopeyes's Avatar
      wannagotopopeyes -
      well were you able to connect with fugu and just not addthe file? Or no connction with fugu whatsoever?
    1. quahog_convo's Avatar
      quahog_convo -
      Did this with iBrickr on Windows. Great stuff and it looks lovely.
    1. randyg's Avatar
      randyg -
      Quote Originally Posted by jordan310 View Post
      Looks good.
      I always like your iPhone stuf Lor, but this blue skin was a bit rushed eh?
      It installs perfectly, but you really didnt pay attention to detail here. The extra white around the bottom of the keys is really ugly, and distracting.

      The blue is just too BLUUUUUEEE.. A metalic black, or gradient silver or something more clean would kick booty.

      As it is, I have to put my old file back. This is just not done right.
      I personally am looking forward to your "perfect" entry into the keyboard hacking arena!
    1. jordan310's Avatar
      jordan310 -
      I dont have the time for it, and nobodys saying perfection, just color pleasing choices.

      Actually the new inverted black is not that bad. What about a gloss black non-inverted scheme.
      That would rock.
    1. nhba74's Avatar
      nhba74 -
      Ok, I gave up on Fugu...can't connect today neither. Had to try Cyberduck last night..today it won't connect. WHY!!!???? Please help someone!!
    1. jordan310's Avatar
      jordan310 -
      Dude, just use the file manager that is located here in this site. ...
    1. nhba74's Avatar
      nhba74 -
      What file manager? Help please?
    1. cbenz000's Avatar
      cbenz000 -
      Quick question, I went into librarys and then into frameworks but did not find iphone what do i do
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Read the guides. They say how to set up SFTP for drag and drop modding.
    1. CyberGreg's Avatar
      CyberGreg -
      Keyboards are now available in three places, besides here on MMi in the downloads section.

      1. On my Installer source
      2. Available in the new version of iSwitcher (1.45)
      3. On the iSwitcher web site (pxl packages)

      Links are in my signature below
    1. j5468's Avatar
      j5468 -
      how do you install this?
    1. LoringStudios's Avatar
      LoringStudios -
      Everyone update
      ok here's the deal. Yes I have fixed all of the keyboards. Yes I have found out how to color theme the ENTIRE phone. It looks amazing
      BUT major issue... The computer all of my modmyi photoshop scripts and files has fatally crashed.
      What does this mean?
      I might have to start from scratch depending on how the pros can salvage the computer. (at least I have everything memorized.) also I might discontinue some of my iconsets and start with some fresh ones.
      I'm not happy about this but it will only make my stuff come back stronger.

      See you guys soon..

      if i have to buy another internet computer.. It might be a month or so. As i will NOT hook my design comps to the net.
    1. justdan0227's Avatar
      justdan0227 -
      Anyword on adding this to installer.app ?
    1. Hollywood's Avatar
      Hollywood -
      What does it mean and how do you place the file: /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework.


      Thank you anyone :-)
    1. HORTON16's Avatar
      HORTON16 -
      i had the keyboard for a few days until i did 1.1.1 (the devil)
    1. musicpenguy's Avatar
      musicpenguy -
      I must say: that the black with white lettering is amazing.

      I can actually type faster and see letters easier with the white coloring on the keys.

      Could more people start working on different keyboards with white letters please!!?!!!!!!

      This actually has improved my typing much easier to read!
    1. Blackwidow74's Avatar
      Blackwidow74 -
      loring that happend to me before and microsoft had me do a parallel instal of windows so i could get all my files off the computer then you just format and reinstall. hope this helps
    1. arnel408's Avatar
      arnel408 -
      Does this work for 1.1.1 ?