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  • Jailbroken? DON'T upgrade to 2.2 when it hits.

    The iPhone Dev Team (yup, they're still around) has been a bit quiet of late, noses to the grind stone and fingers typing speedily into their respective Terminals... seeking a 3G iPhone software unlock. While they have made progress (running unsigned code on the 3G baseband, among others), a software unlock for the 3G has yet remained elusive.

    With the 2.2 firmware being released soon, Apple again has set things in the update to nix the jailbreak-ability of it. The best thing, as always, for jailbreakers is to WAIT UNTIL ITS SAFE TO UPGRADE, then use the guide which we'll pop out to do so. This has typically been within days, sometimes hours, of the new firmware release.

    The dev team warns:

    Now for something a bit more serious, we’ve explained about the pros and cons of applying Apple’s updates in the past and we’ve warned against the immediate installation of these updates without knowing what they do to your device.

    This is indeed true of the iPhone 3G’s upcoming 2.2 release. Installing 2.2 straight away on the iPhone 3G using the iTunes auto-updater could affect your chances of any software unlock in the near future (should one be found and released), so when you see an update in iTunes await our instructions first!

    Please don’t blindly install the update and then complain about it later ;-)
    Thanks for the work, dev team, and to all you hundreds of thousand of jailbreakers - and those waiting for 3G software unlocks - keep on keepin on.
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    1. mohitler's Avatar
      mohitler -
      Hi Guys,

      after coming from a life of nokia’s and moving to Apple its hard!

      Im not a very technical person and iv just about managed to get used to my jailbroken iphone 3G on firmware 2.1. This jailbroke was done by a friend so i just picked it up from him and strted using it.

      Iv just about got used to the phone started using its features after visiting forums etc etc.

      Now i hear that new firmware is out which is the 2.2 which obviously is the latest with bug fixes and i wana update this but because my phone is jail broke and i have loadsa apps, cydia, installer, winterboard how do i keep everything on the phone and update to 2.2

      Please could someone help as iv been googling this for weeks and scared that if i do it myself i wil end up loosing all data on the phone.


      Hope that makes sense. Thanks GUys

      my add is [email protected] (hope someone can mail me in simple english lol)