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  • New Google Voice Search App for iPhone

    Google researchers have added sophisticated voice recognition technology, adept at understanding human speech, to the company’s search software for the Apple iPhone. Google is expected to introduce a free application as early as today and experts say it could almost eliminate the need for the keyboard entirely.

    New York Times' John Markoff writes, “The service can be used to get restaurant recommendations and driving directions, look up contacts in the iPhone’s address book or just settle arguments in bars. The query “What is the best pizza restaurant in Noe Valley?” returns a list of three restaurants in that San Francisco neighborhood, each with starred reviews from Google users and links to click for phone numbers and directions.”

    The query results will turn up in just seconds on a fast wireless network, and will take of advantage of features that let the iPhone determine its location. The voice recognition quality is supposed to be superb. Systems that can recognize any phrase said by almost anyone have recently started making their way into commercial products, and the new Google app is supposedly one of these.

    Raj Reddy, an artificial intelligence researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, says, “It’s important to understand that machine recognition will never be perfect, the question is, How close can they come to human performance?” Mr. Reddy continues “Whatever they introduce now, it will greatly increase in accuracy in three or six months.”

    Furthermore, the new application also takes advantage of the iPhone's built-in accelerometer to determine how users hold the handset. It will only go into "listen mode" when it seems you've raised the phone to your ear, and this is good because it will reduce unintentional queries.

    While experts say the Google app will definitely make its way into other phones, it is first being introduced with the iPhone.

    Sounds awesome! Whoever downloads it, let us know how well it works.

    Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/14/te...in&oref=slogin
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    1. vhicke's Avatar
      vhicke -
      One of the best apps that i have seen........
    1. mrblader's Avatar
      mrblader -
      I would like to set this app up by double tapping the home button... I cant seem to find a program to program to set the double-tap for FW 2.1.... can someone point me in the right direction?



      Edit: did a little more research and found out, Erica Sudan's "AppFlow" lets you set ANY APP to doubletap launch....
    1. bk6039's Avatar
      bk6039 -
      it wd be nice to see a REAL voice dialing feature using Googles Voice Recognition
    1. T-Will's Avatar
      T-Will -
      I'm trying to use the Google Voice app on a 1st gen iPhone with T-Mobile, but whenever I attempt to voice search, it gives me an error: "Voice search not available. Check network or try again." I don't get the little twirly network access icon in the top bar either, but when I manually type a search in, it works fine.

      Any way to fix this?
    1. albior's Avatar
      albior -
      and here I was, thinking I had a decent northern American pronunciation... Google voice search thinks otherwise... Almost comical the results I'm getting from it.