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  • Rumors of iPhone OS v2.2 to be released on November 21st

    iPhoneHellas is claiming to have confirmed from a credible source that iPhone OS v2.2 will be released this November 21st, although they say they cannot identify who their reliable source is. Some expert sites say that iPhoneHellas has made accurate predictions from credible sources in the past, others are unsure because they have not had experience with iPhoneHellas.

    Anyway, here’s how the rumor goes;

    First off, the supposed reliable source has indicated that the iPhone firmware v2.2 will NOT be available to Greek keyboard or Greek menu.

    Also rumored, according to iPhoneHellas,

    “- New look for the Safari with the Google search bar now occupying its own space on the title bar
    - Toggle On / Off to disable the auto-correction
    - 461 Japanese emoji icons
    - Support for new languages.
    - Line-in audio is activated and can be used through the headphone jack
    - Google Street View, Google Transit information - Routes public transport, Walking directions, Location sharing.
    - App Store: 'Categories' now shows the icons of the applications instead of the list, In each page of the application has been added by a button 'Tell A Friend' & 'Report A Problem', Added the possibility of scoring the application when the user chooses to delete from the device, Added the possibility for direct downloading of podcasts from the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store”

    Well according to the rumor, the feature list remains the same as on the beta. Maybe a surprise copy/paste function will be added last minute? At any rate it seems that the futuristic versions of the iPhone that will turn on your coffee maker and lock the doors to your house that AT&T Chief Ralph De la Vega described in a recent interview are a long way off.

    Source: Translated version of http://www.iphonehellas.gr/3454/iphone-os-v22-to-be-released-on-21-november/
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    1. BenzoHartt's Avatar
      BenzoHartt -
      i'm curious about some things in the 2.2. Sine we already know kinda what it doesn't have lets talk about the pros/cons of what is gonna be there.

      A:Google is in Safari now?
      so that deletes my google App. Thats kinda good right? I can roll with that. Are there any other differences?

      B: Disable Auto Correct:
      i'm fine with the auto correct but a lot of my friends have been asking about it.

      C: 461 emoji icons
      Will iphone users be the only ones who can see these? Can my girl with a regular text see a smiley face when i send it to her. If not its kinda pointless isn't it.

      D: The line in Option?
      this is for recording only right? Who could possibly use the phone as an amp. and what exactly will it be recording? how is this good for business?

      E. Google Maps update
      i've got no real complaints about the current one. it could always be more accurate but with that said we'd be better off getting an actual GPS system. i'm excited to see how thing will work and i welcome any POSITIVE adjustments.

      F: APP Store ETC.

      Everyone knows the best way to do things is through the Itunes Store on your pc, so restructuring the APP store seems more like putting up a display at the end of he grocery aisle.lol

      IN CLOSING..... maybe there will be a surprise or two.lol They couldn't get any worse right??? OH yeah, how long do you think it'll take on the QuickPwn. :-)
    1. mailandrew's Avatar
      mailandrew -
      The wife has a G1 and hates it. I swear, even tho she is a hater, I see her envying my phone all the time.

      Crashes? I don't have phone crashes. What is that all about. Once in a while, an app will crash here or there, but it's rare. And I have a ton of apps in there...

      My first iPhone is unlocked, so we actually CAN use her T-Mo sim in there whenever the G1 refuses to find a signal.

      MMS people. MMS. Why? It's just irresponsible that MMS has not been implemented. That is the one place that the wife has me beat hands down. I mean- a crystal clear picture of her friend drinking a gigantic margarita in Portland. What do I get? A horrendously implemented flash website that takes 10 minutes to load. Seriously- PFFT does not even begin to describe my annoyance at this omission.

      And Video recording. Seriously! It's a trick that every $100 phone out there can do! (again... the old iPhone has video recorder, but the 3g is not jailbroken yet)

      Copy and paste... well... it would be nice, but until I can edit Google Docs on the iPhone- what am I gonna copy and paste? (P.S. they can't edit google docs on the G1 either. TeeHee!)
    1. heath_rox's Avatar
      heath_rox -
      MY list since october last year
      -podcast download
      -official apps
      -copy past
      -video recording
      -street view
      landscape texting
      almost the perfect phone apple just a few more updates
    1. imagine engine's Avatar
      imagine engine -
      Quote Originally Posted by enjoylife View Post
      all useless.

      WHERE IS JAVA AND FLASH.. i could careless about the rest
      Adobe is what is holding up getting a Flash plug-in for Safari on the iPhone. Supposedly their mobile version runs sluggish on the iPhone 3G which is the reason Adobe hasn't released it to the app store.

      Quote Originally Posted by lookatthemonkeys View Post
      I don't care about anything else other than turn by turn GPS navigation! Why is it so hard? Why should have have to keep pressing the "next" arrow on google maps when you know I just made a turn!
      It was already leaked that Tom Tom has a working turn by turn GPS navigation app for the iPhone 3G though it hasn't been released. It's possible the delay is due to waiting for Apple to update the iPhone 3G to have GPS recognize which direction the device was pointing so as to give a more accurate indication of where it is at any given time. I would definitely find this useful since I do a lot of driving.
    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      Streaming video (like TV) would be nice on whats supposed to be the multimedia phone to shut down all others....and since AT&T offers it on a few of their other phones....well.....
    1. jonathanp2008's Avatar
      jonathanp2008 -
      would like to see it in my iphone, great firm
    1. raxelsen's Avatar
      raxelsen -
      Quote Originally Posted by danvicente View Post
      We created apps first! Then apple comes along with their appstore.. Copy and paste has already been created, as well as MMS. We are just waiting on apple to steal the code, modify it, and incorporate it with the newest firmware.
      What you are saying is that there is an application in App Store with copy and paste functionality? Or am I misunderstanding.

      If there is, I cannot see why it is not more widespread knowledge! Comment please
    1. D@D3CoUnTy's Avatar
      D@D3CoUnTy -
      Yes where is mms we need mms!!!