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    The web browser Opera has been rejected from the AppStore. Some may see this as unfortunate since on other mobile devices Opera Mini and Opera Mobile replace the typically shoddy mobile browser with a nice, stable, easy to use, and quick mobile browser. In this case I don't think it's a huge loss for Opera to be rejected since the built-in Safari browser is pretty excellent in the iPhone. On the other hand it would have been nice to see if Opera did any better with their iPhone browser. Oh well.

    Unlike other AppStore rejections of apps that violate no rules like Podcaster (now on Cydia) it is no surprise that Opera was rejected. The iPhone SDK Agreement does not allow you to write your own Java Interpreter which Opera did with their iPhone browser. Whether or not this restriction is good or bad is up for debate but Opera should have known the whole time that what they were developing wouldn't make it.

    [via daring fireball and the new york times]
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      heath_rox -
      i thought you were talking about oprah the talk show host -_-
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      Quote Originally Posted by f_itunes View Post
      This is quite a dissapointment. I can't stand the safari browser on the iPhone. At home I've sworn by Opera for 8 years now. It's hands down the best browsing experience there is. Opera Mini on my old Nokia was amazing even if it was still browsing the web on a 50 dollar flip phone. Opera actually made it doable. Screw Safari screw Firefox, Opera for life.
      I was about to say the exact same thing. I've also used Opera on PC for many, many years and I also had it on my Pocket PC and Phones. It is the number 1 browser.

      Apple dont really like anyone taking away focus from thier crappy products so I didnt think Opera would be coming to the iPhone but it would be an awesome app if it did.

      Who in thier right mind would say Safari is good? It's one of the worst browsers out there. I would rate from worst to best as Safari, Netscape, IE, Firefox, Avant, Opera.
    1. alaiwy's Avatar
      alaiwy -
      Safari crashes on me all the time. When I am browsing fantasy football stuff and any webpage that has ANY java script on it whether it's supported or not it crashes relentlessly on me.
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      WillyDavidK -
      I do have Safari crash every now and then, but no more than any other app on the iPhone. It's just a matter of memory management, when an app takes up more memory space than is available sometimes the program doesn't have time to compensate by releasing other pools and when an app runs out of memory - it is terminated! In really bad cases where an app gets so out of control it uses up all of the memory available to the phone itself, that's when your phone ends up restarting (really common in 2.0 and 2.0.1)

      Anyways, I don't really have a problem with the Safari browser - it's not exactly fast, but works great considering that it is a mobile browser afterall. Plus, it's really no surprise that it was rejected, clearly it attempted to 'duplicate the functionality of Safari' just like podcaster and pwnplayer did with the iPod app (even tho podcaster was duplication functionality that was still being developed...)

      Give it a couple weeks, they'll say eff the sdk requirements, do whatever they want and we'll get a much better version in Cydia. That's why we're on this website afterall, isn't it??
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    1. sziklassy's Avatar
      sziklassy -
      While I do agree the Safari is great on the iPhone as it currently stands, Apple's rejections under the "duplicates something already on the iPhone" statement sure does seem more like "we have that and YOU GUYS might make it better than our native app and we don;t want to be showed up"... why should the iPhone OS be any different than OSX and Windows in that you can download and use freeware even if it duplicates what is already available in the OS? If Safari is good enough, nobody will waste their time with Opera right? Why should Apple care then?
    1. yahoowizard's Avatar
      yahoowizard -
      How about like, Firefox or Chrome for the iPhone. Google already got Google Earth, and now it should also put its wonderful Chrome on it...
    1. WillyDavidK's Avatar
      WillyDavidK -
      Hey guys, it appears that this may be more speculation than actual news. It's possible that Opera may have never even been submitted to the app store.

      See this article:
      Daring Fireball: Regarding Opera Mini and the App Store
      and this slashdot news post:
      Slashdot | Opera Mini Not Rejected From IPhone (Yet)
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      Quote Originally Posted by riku98523 View Post
      Meh I am glad I hate Opera lol. I don't have any problems with safari and I never have it crash. (I installed the Dark safari and I love it ) If they made FireFox mobile though I would make worshiping firefox my new religion X-D.
      Bleh, Firefox is too featureless after the base install. To get anywhere near the functionality of Opera out of FF you need to spend the time to search and install countless plugins. FF is terrilby slow compared to Opera in both general browsing and downloading. The interface isn't nearly as customizable, it's a huge resource hog, and once again FF is just plain way to god damn slow to be considered a decent browser.
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      superdude101 -
      FF is too slow?? You must be having a giggle!
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      dale1v -
      My firefox is faster than opera for some reason.
    1. WillyDavidK's Avatar
      WillyDavidK -
      Firefox tends to be fairly slow for me as well on my mac. It was always blazing on my pc, but that may have just been because all I had to compare it to was *cringe* IE6 (and from what little of IE7 i've used, it seems to be even slower)

      I still default to Safari on my mac, but I keep firefox on the dock next to it, because there are still a lot of pages out there that Safari just doesn't interpret correctly, and some even flatly refuse to load on Safari. Also Safari has a level of integration with the OS that you can't get with 3rd party browsers. And like someone said before, Firefox is a big resource hog.
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      Sparblaze -
      That sucks. i would have liked to see if it had cool new features.
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      Can a mod remove the spammer????
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      Just an FYI, Opera-mini was not Submitted nor rejected at this point, according to an article on macrumors.com

      Opera Mini Not Rejected? [Updated] - Mac Rumors