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  • More 2.2 Features. Podcast Downloads (rip-off?) and App Rating Popups (flawed)
    A couple more features have been revealed in addition to google street view in the latest firmware 2.2 beta.

    It has all become clear. Apples rejected the awesome app Podcaster under the premise that "... Podcaster assists in the distribution of podcasts, it duplicates the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes," forcing Podcaster distribution via Cydia instead of the AppStore. Turns out that might not be the full story.

    Evidentally Apple has included the buttons in the latest build of firmware 2.2 to "Get More Episodes" hinting that firmware 2.2 will be able to subscribe to Podcasts without having to connect to iTunes. It is easy to make the assumption that you would also be able to download new Podcasts directly from the iPhone. Both of those are features previously unavailble on the iPhone and first made possible with Podcaster. I wonder if Apple took a look at the Podcaster source code and did a copy here and a paste there for their new feature.

    Another new feature (or annoyance) in firmware 2.2 is a nice little popup every time you remove an AppStore app. The popup asks you to "Please Rate the app you are deleting. This is most likely in effort to get more reviews flowing into the AppStore since the amount and frequency of AppStore reviews has decreased since they made purchasing mandatory for reviewing AppStore apps.

    The problem with this new little popup is that the thinking behind it is just flawed. If someone is deleting an app do you think they liked it? If you thought and app was awesome would you delete it from your phone? I think not. If this feature goes live with the public release of firmware 2.2 it will undoubtedly create an unfair bias of negative app reviews.

    [via macnn and tuaw]
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    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      Quote Originally Posted by tetrion View Post
      Glad to see Apple's got their priorities right in this firmware upgrade... Hmm, ability to wifi transfer podcasts with the already implemented feature of doing it via usb, street view, and japanese sms icons...

      Yet people are screaming for C&P, MMS, Bluetooth file transfer and A2DP, video recording...

      Thankfully Jailbreaking gives me 90% of these features, albeit having to PAY for them!

      Who here thinks that once Android comes out, ALL these features will magically appear in the next firmware upgrade???
      android is out so under your theory we should see all those features in firmware 2.2

      Quote Originally Posted by bladednuisance View Post
      I disagree, I dont think that making you review an app when deleting would give an "unfair" rating, like you said, if your deleting it its not very good, therefore posting a bad review would bo perfectly fair.
      uh easy. Only people that don't like an app will be reviewing it. Some people hate an app while others love it. You'll only see the opinions of the people that didn't like it making a negative bias.

      I.E. You like solitaire and think its a great game. I hate it. I delete it give it one star and say that it is retarded. You don't delete it never rate it so your opinion of solitaire being a great game is never shared. People only read that I hate it.

    1. Sparblaze's Avatar
      Sparblaze -
      Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
      A simple fix would be to have the app rating popup after maybe 1-5 days of having the app installed... DONE, not difficult at all. Why would you force people DELETING an app to rate it? That is just not thinking...
      As perfect as that sounds those pop-ups to rate it would annoy me a lot. My solution: revert to the old way.
    1. tetrion's Avatar
      tetrion -
      Hmm, I stand corrected... so why do you think Apple didn't include all this basic functionality? I for the life of me can't understand why only included half-baked phone functionality... I doubt the 'not impressed with the apps performance' line they give, as the jailbroken apps work very well.
    1. cricketlang's Avatar
      cricketlang -
      Apple is just anal about owning things. They want to claim all the good ideas as there own. if they want to release a great idea...why dont they freakin release copy and paste?! this whole ordeal is no surprise to me at all.
    1. xXxRomero's Avatar
      xXxRomero -
      I have a feeling Apples gana announce something HUGE when they do make the copy/paste fix.... just to get more sells....
    1. vandy1997's Avatar
      vandy1997 -
      Yes, along with copy/paste, they will announce cut/delete!! You will get four options for the price of two, and the sun will shine again all over the world - but not at the same time because it will be nighttime in some parts of the world when it is daytime in others!!

      Quote Originally Posted by xXxRomero View Post
      I have a feeling Apples gana announce something HUGE when they do make the copy/paste fix.... just to get more sells....