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  • Want GPS on your 1st Gen? Coming Soon for $75

    In the past various companies have claimed to be developing a GPS module to plug into the bottom of your 1st generation iPhone. Finally after all the wait Orange Gadgets is preparing to release the first GPS plug-in for the first gen iPhone.

    Included with the GPS module is a 6ft USB-A to micro USB-B cable for on-the-go or at home charging. With this cable you will be able to charge your iPhone or iPod touch while the module is plugged into your handheld device. A suitable USB car charger, USB wall charger or USB desktop/laptop port is required for this functionality (not included). The cable and the GPS device come together for the price of $75 + shipping.

    It appears the GPS module will communicate with a 3rd party app along with google maps if the images on their site are any indication. It is currently not clear whether or not you need to have a jailbroken phone to use the GPS module but if I were to take a shot in the dark I'd say probably yes.

    For those of you interested in this product you can pre-order here.

    [orangegadgets via theiphoneblog]
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    1. cricketlang's Avatar
      cricketlang -
      What about the ipod???? is this going to be compatible with the first generation ipod??? that would be nice considering ipods are left out of alot of the cool stuff nowadays
    1. chi_towner1's Avatar
      chi_towner1 -
      @ cricket lang
      yep even the ipod touch both old and new (if it ever gets jail broken :/ ) but yea the i pod touch works with it as well i ordered mine im just waiting for it in the mail..........
    1. cmeyer3's Avatar
      cmeyer3 -
      I just dowloaded the Cydia source into my 3G. So far actually seems a bit better than factory the maps system(not sure what to call it). There is a option for what maps to use.

      I would say play with it and see what we can do with it, Seeing that its free might as well.
    1. mrsidewayzz's Avatar
      mrsidewayzz -
      sounds too good to be true
    1. cmeyer3's Avatar
      cmeyer3 -
      Ya I just noticed there is no driving directions in this version
    1. hostchecker's Avatar
      hostchecker -
      That seems pretty awesome
    1. chi_towner1's Avatar
      chi_towner1 -
      i just got mine anybody wanna see it let me know and ill post pics and a video!
    1. crazymobile007's Avatar
      crazymobile007 -
      Good idea, maybe you can insearch one like this, i believe one day !!!!!
    1. CaptainChaos's Avatar
      CaptainChaos -
      Quote Originally Posted by heath_rox View Post
      its never coming apple wont let them
      That is not true. Apple will allow it after the legalities are hammered out. They have already stated so.
    1. benfica88's Avatar
      benfica88 -
      Apperently G-map will be released around Nov 20 so we will see...
    1. chi_towner1's Avatar
      chi_towner1 -
      hey i know u guys already posted on this but there seems to be ALOT of doubt on the iGPS360 SO i took some pic with my device and everything hopefully we can spread the word so 1st gens iPhone can have TRUE GPS =) tahnks and here are the picts