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  • Google Earth Available on AppStore

    If Streetview coming in firmware 2.2 isn't enough for you and you need something Google-made to play with grab a copy of Google Earth from the AppStore. Google sure has been busy lately.

    Google Earth is a nice little bit of technology allowing you to view the world via a combination of satellite and aerial images. This port by google to the iPhone has been done quite well and it's an entertaining little app.

    Just search for a location or place on the Earth or click locate me and Google Earth takes you to the corresponding part of the world showing you pictures or 3d rendering of the area. Controls are pretty simple to use. Pinch and pull to zoom, move around with the flick of the finger, etc. It is all fairly intuitive.

    A really neat feature is the ability to look at places in 3d by tilting your iPhone to vertical. Check out what Mount Everest from the comfort of your home!

    What are those blue dots all over the place? When you click a blue dot you get a popup with info for that dot. It could be a place to eat or information about the location etc. For example one of the little blue dots on Mount Everest gives you a picture of that location.

    This app is pretty fun to play with on the iPhone and I'm enjoying going around at looking at different places around the world. I might even find something interesting in my area that I wasn't already aware of by clicking these blue dots.

    You can also use it to search for various things in your area like places to eat or shop and Google Earth will look them up for you which is a lot more interesting than looking them up via Maps.app or phone directories -- basically Google Earth on the iPhone is a combination area viewer and directory all in one super tool.

    It's a free download and you can grab it here free. Enjoy.
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    1. cricketlang's Avatar
      cricketlang -
      I downloaded this app the INSTANT it came out and it is very impressive. its impressive that google is working on thier own OS for mobile phones and yet is STILL able to provide iphone users such high quality apps
    1. Eurisko's Avatar
      Eurisko -
      Quote Originally Posted by dontshiver View Post
      This crashes on me constantly, but when it does work, it's completely awesome. How long until we can download all of google earth to the iphone and not need the internet anymore?
      When the iPhone comes with a few hundred Tera-bytes of memory.
    1. muazdurrani's Avatar
      muazdurrani -
      Could someone please upload on FTP for global audience? it's not available to most of the countries on ITunes
    1. san9jay's Avatar
      san9jay -
      This app unfortunately is not available for a number of countries.

      Even if you install it manually it doesnt work. I think it is checking your current location and disabling itself.

      Te app starts and immediately exits for me in India.